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lite Legal Translation Services (ELTS) is a translation agency established in Abu Dhabi, UAE with the mission of becoming leaders in the language services industry by delivering top-quality language solutions meeting deadlines to a wide variety of clients, including entities as well as individuals. We translate all types of texts; legal and non-legal as well as provide editing, proofreading and drafting services. Our staff consist of Master degree holders from international accredited universities with majors in translation/interpretation. ELTS boasts professional translators in various fields with higher certificates in translation. Our translation services cover more than 40 fields, encompassing business & trade, law, finance, IT, medicine & pharmacy, machinery, chemical engineering, automobile, architecture, real estate, etc. Quality control is always highlighted in the daily operation of the company. In the actual business operation of the company, prior to the translation services, the company has cautiously analyzed the customer demand and then agreed to a common understanding with them on quality, translated manuscript delivery date and the price, and thus the customer satisfactory index has been greatly improved.

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ELTS Profile in English

  1. 1. Elite Legal Translation Services (ELTS)
  2. 2. Our Profile Our staff Who we are ELTS boasts professional translators Elite Legal Translation Services (ELTS) and editors with higher certificates in is a translation agency established in translation and language from Abu Dhabi, UAE with the mission of internationally accredited universities becoming leaders in the language with extended translation- and editing- services industry by delivering top- related experience and whose quality language services meeting professional and interpersonal skill are expectations to a wide variety of of high levels. This team is supported clients, including entities as well as by administrative and technical staff to individuals. come up with top services meeting clients’ expectations and needs.
  3. 3. Our ProfileWhat we offer Interpretation Translation Editing Simultaneous Drafting Consecutive Revising Legal Administrative/HR Medical Commercial/Financial Technical Websites Media Vedio-tapes Military Publications Other
  4. 4. Our ProfileWhat we offer Typing & Documents Photocopying Emirates ID Services Labour Programme Immigration & Passports Emirates ID applications for nationals, expatriates and children Infinity Services - New - Renew - Replacement
  5. 5. Requisites Translators and admin staff • High qualifications • Proven record of professional experience • Interview-assessed adapability • Ability to observe timeliness requirements • Teamwork Translator and editor Quality Control Toolkit • Consuming all translation steps • Dictionaries • Continuous supvervision and follow-up • Databases (online and personal) • Submitting quality measuing surveys to clients • Translation-specific programmes
  6. 6. Our Metrics • Our official working hours: 8:30 am–9:00 pm • Working for projects, available 24 hours/7 days. • An employment prerequisite for translators is their ability to observe deadlines • We are well known for our observation of deadlines, with a wide open eye on quality.• Our prices meet the expectations of our clients, whether daily customers, organizations or projects• Special quotations are offered in case of projects and term contracts. • All translation and editing staff hold postgraduate degrees • Regular sessions are held for language-specification discussions • Native speakers in both Arabic & English • An employment prerequisite • Translators and editorsare for translators and editors is available to cover all work their ability to adapt with size of all clients organziation-specific terminology • In case of projects, individual translators and editors are • We have a proven history of allocated to each project. adaptability with most intricate and ever-changing situations to the customer satisfaction.
  7. 7. Workflow Drafting Workflow Input Output
  8. 8. Workflow Preparation Execution Delivery Scanning Scheduling Drafting Editing Coordinating Handing over
  9. 9. WorkflowPhase I Preparation Scanning Scheduling Going fast through the document to assess: • Setting a date for delivery • its size • Selecting the translator/editor most • its degree of technicality competent to do the translation/editing • time needed to translate/edit it • Entering into the scheduling programme • Its cost
  10. 10. WorkflowPhase II Execution Translating Editing Coordinating Coordinating the document according to the client’s Starting with the translation by the Referring the translation to the instructions in terms of page setup translator selected to the checker/editor to review and and font size and type and document. revise the draft document. incorporating any figures, tables, etc. to the satisfaction of the client.
  11. 11. WorkflowPhase III Delivery Handing over  Contacting the client to inform of the completion of the work  Handing over the completed version by: • email • Attendance to our office • courier
  12. 12. Our Clients Our clients include, among many others:
  13. 13. Our clients include, among many others, Continued…
  14. 14. Address & Contacts Hamdan St., opposite to Hamdan Centre, behind Lulu Centre Ground and 5th Floors Tel.: +971 2 6277663 Fax: +971 2 6277664 Mobile: +971 50 8159359 P.O. Box: 33413, Abu Dhabi, UAE Email: info@elitetranslation.ae