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Michelle Bachmann

  1. 1. Michele Bachmann was born April 6, 1956 inWaterloo, Iowa – a point she emphasizesfrequently in her campaign for the presidency.She was raised in Iowa, and later, Minnesota,before graduating in 1978 with degree from theWinona State University.She later earned her law degree from J.D. OralRoberts University and pursued post graduatestudies at the William & Mary School of Law.Bachmann worked as a tax attorney from 1988-1993 before taking time off professionally tospend time with her husband, MarcusBachmann and to raise her five children, andtwenty-three foster children.Bachmann was first elected to the Minnesotastate Senate in 2000 and was elected toCongress in 2006. During her time in the House,Bachmann emerged as one of the most visibleopponents of President Obama’s healthcarelaw, and founded the House Tea Party Caucus.
  2. 2.  Bachmann grew up in an Evangelical Christian democrat household. This life allows her to understand what democrats want in general, as well as their need of increasing possible jobs. This relationship with democrats allows her to relate to them because of her early democratic home life and build an understanding for their life style. Bachmann decided to run for president because she felt it was the right thing to do. She felt as though it was “tugging on her heart.”
  3. 3.  Endorsers of Bachmann are Wayne Newton, Ryan Rhodes (Iowa tea party founder), Glenn Beck, The Pagan Temple, Bill Clinton, Eric Holmberg, and Steve King.
  4. 4.  Jobs: Michele Bachmanns jobs plan calls for repealing Obamas health care and Wall St. reform laws, along with cuts to tax rates, government spending, and loosened regulations especially on energy production. Taxes: Bachmann would like to reduce the number of tax brackets and make the code “simpler.” She opposed the two year extension of Bushs tax cuts because she is in favor of a permanent extension of those rates. Budget: Bachmann strongly opposes raising the debt ceiling in favor of the “cut, cap, and balance” pledge (cap on level of government spending, balanced budget amendment”. Entitlement programs: Bachmann thinks that Medicare and social security should be preserved for people who are currently retired, but that we should call for reforms for younger Americans.
  5. 5.  Health care reform: Bachmann very strongly opposes Obamacare and wishes to focus on repealing Obamacare and to instead allow Americans to purchase any healthcare policy they want from any state with no minimum mandates using tax free dollars and fully deductable on tax returns. Immigration: Bachmann signed a pledge to build a two layered fence along the whole border between the U.S. And Mexico by the end of 2013. Abortion: Bachmann views herself as 100 percent pro-life, from concept until natural death. Energy/ Environment: Bachmann pledges to get the price of gas under 2 dollar per gallon if elected. She favors new permits for oil drilling, including in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, and would encourage new natural gas exploration. Same sex marriage: Bachmann supports amendments to the U.S. constitution and state constitutions to ban same-sex marriage. Climate Change: Bachmann has called the notion of man-made climate change "manufactured science".
  6. 6. Bachmann participated in the seconddebate in New Hampshire on June 13,2011.She then announced that she had filledout paperwork with the FEC to become acandidate for the GOP nomination.She formally announced her candidacyfor the 2012 republican presidentialnomination on June 27, 2011.Bachmann rallied the base, and won theIowa Straw Poll which secured her a placeas a front runner for the republicannomination. This boost gave her earlysupport, especially amongst the Tea Partygroup.
  7. 7.  National Party  Currently, Convention- national conventions are meeting of laced with important delegates elected events and who assemble to speeches scheduled choose candidates for prime-time for president and television hours, vice president, edit allowing them the platform, elect opportunity to show officers and adopt off the personalities news. of the candidates.
  8. 8.  The keynote address will include the party platform as well as be a very valuable experience. A party platform is a combination of the thoughts and values about national issues that a party holds. Our party platform from our nominating convention would be very conservative, and reflect many of Bachmann’s principals that are included in her platform. The party platform will decide the direction that the republican party will take. After deciding how the party is going to deal with national issues, it is left to the president to try and implement most of it. The keynote address helps add to the value of the convention by making the party come together. By endorsing party programs, everyone bonds, forgets about their hurt feelings from primaries and unite to try and propel their party forward.
  9. 9.  Day 1: Keynote address and speeches take place. This is a vital day to the candidates because everyone tunes to the televisions to listen to their potential commander in chief speak. Bachmann has to play up her conservative side during this day. The only people who she really needs to influence are the republicans because they are the ones who have to chose her to represent them. Day 2: Committee reports, party and convention rules, party platform Day 3: President and vice president balloting. Day 4: Candidates acceptance speech takes place. This is another very important day because it will define them and their candidacy as well as be closely watched. Now that Bachmann has the necessary republican support, she needs to follow Ronald Reagan’s idea of using a quote from a former powerful democrat in order to attract the democrats and independents to follow her.
  10. 10. I would pick Jon Huntsman tobe the vice-presidentialnominee. Bachmann choseHuntsman because he willbenefit our race by helpingattract the liberal andindependent voters becausehe has many more liberalviews. Jon’s foreign policyexperience is vital to helpingBachmann have a strongerstance on issues regarding theUnited State’s relationship withChina.
  11. 11.  Individuals may give $2,500 to a candidate for each primary election. National Party Committee may give $5,000. State, District, and Local Party Committee combined may give $5,000. Multicandidate PACs may give $5,000. Non multicandidate PACs may give $2,500. Authorized Campaign Committee may give $2,000. Candidates can spend unlimited amounts of their own money towards their campaign.
  12. 12.  To mount a serious  This money is used to campaign, candidat make ads and es must raise a lot of influence the public money. to vote for our The more money a candidate. candidate has for their campaign, the better chance they have in the election.
  13. 13.  Michele has raised $14,620,558. Michele has spent $16,589,153. The top donors to Michele’s campaign are Fagen Inc. and Upsher-Smith Laboratories. The top independent expenditures and 527s in Michele’s campaign is NARAL Pro-Choice America.
  14. 14.  Presidential debates have turned into a time for the nominees to simply state their opening and closing statements instead of arguing and debating amongst each other. Presidential debates have proven to greatly influence the general public’s view of each candidate. They are a great time to influence the public by appearing pulled together and speaking with a strong, firm voice. Debates allow the candidates to show off by using fancy words and describing how they are the most qualified candidate for the presidency. Polls have shown that whoever the public views as the winner of the debates, is greatly accepted, and therefore has a better chance of winning the presidency. Michele Bachmann has done well in the primary debates, but has not gotten many questions or time to express her views and platform. Although debates appear to be helpful, in the end they are not the deciding factor in who is nominated, they are simply a possible boost to one’s publicity
  15. 15.  Bachmann’s main strategy is to win not only the conservative voters by rallying the base, but to win the independents and liberal voters. Bachmann has been stressing the point that her home state of Minnesota is not a conservative state. After saying that her home district is a swing district, she says that she has been able to attract a lot of people from different parties to vote for her. Bachmann has been trying to focus on discussing the economy. The problems of our economy has seemed to be the focus of this election, and Bachmann predicts that her view on our economy will attract independent voters to join her in her campaign. Bachmann is also rallying the Tea Party voters by stating that she has been in Washington fighting for what she and they believe is just, for the last four or five years. Bachmann brings up the point that she not only raised the debt ceiling, but she was also the first member of Congress to introduce the full repeal of Obamacare. Bachmann has stated that her strategy is to win. She is going “to take on [Obama] and to defeat him in 2012, because we have to turn the economy around and create jobs. That’s what I’m going to do,” on ABC.
  16. 16.  Bachmann would benefit from following the model of Reagan’s campaign which proved to be highly successful seeing as he was also reelected to office. Reagan had a tendency to not focus on facts, but to talk about issues in a broad way. When Reagan was running for president in 1980, American was in a state similar to the one we are now in. Not only were we facing a recession, but American’s spirits were very low. The public responded enthusiastically when Reagan spoke of being optimistic about America’s future. Lifting the people’s hopes resulted in Reagan winning 50.75% of the popular vote and 90.9% of the electoral vote.
  17. 17.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU- IBF8nwSY