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Growing traces on objects of daily use: A product design perspective for HCI
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Growing traces on objects of daily use: A product design perspective for HCI


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Pictorial presentation at #DIS2014, Vancouver, Canada …

Pictorial presentation at #DIS2014, Vancouver, Canada

Published in: Design, Technology, Business

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  • 1. DIS 2014 | June 21st-25th | Vancouver, Canada GROWING TRACES ON OBJECTS OF DAILY USE A product design perspective for HCI Elisa Giaccardi . Elvin Karana . Holly Robbins . Patrizia D’Olivo Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands MakingInteractions Source: Portraits of My Family by Camilla Catrambone
  • 2. MATERIAL TRACES in product design
  • 3. MakingInteractions Gold Wedding Ring by Torafu Architects
  • 4. MakingInteractions Evolving Narrative by Puma
  • 5. MakingInteractions Verderame by Odo Fioravanti
  • 6. MakingInteractions Underfall by Kristine Bjaadal
  • 7. MakingInteractions Beetle Infested Table by Hooker & Co.
  • 8. MakingInteractions Front by Droog Design
  • 9. MakingInteractions Do Scratch by Droog Design
  • 10. MakingInteractions Do Break by Droog Design
  • 11. TRACE AS CATEGORY Rosner et al. (2012) “Designing with Traces” Proc. CHI 2013, pp. 1649-1658.
  • 12. MakingInteractions Stain Tea Cups by Laura Bethan Wood
  • 13. MakingInteractions
  • 14. MakingInteractions
  • 15. MakingInteractions
  • 16. Q: Which role does the aesthetic quality of material traces play in supporting ( or not ) engaging experiences with ordinary objects?
  • 17. “The bond that arises between people and products will have to concern the concrete object in the here and now, and not only the meanings or symbols it carries or the functions it fulfills.” Verbeek, What Things Do, 2005  
  • 18. Study 1: Aging characteristics of daily life products
  • 19. MakingInteractions 12 participants 130 items
  • 20. MakingInteractions M24
  • 21. MakingInteractions T14
  • 22. MakingInteractions C4
  • 23. MakingInteractions C6
  • 24. MakingInteractions Metals Plastics Woods Ceramics Textiles Representation of material traces with pictograms Lighter hues of material family color scratches Bend on material surface (metal only) White annotation part of the material is lost (e.g. broken, torn, etc.) Black annotation contains a trace via another material Bend in material surface (metal only) Lighter hues of material family color (scratches) White annotation (part of the material is lost) Black annotation (contains residue from another material) Representation of material traces with pictograms
  • 25. Study 2: User perception of aged products
  • 26. MakingInteractions 22 participants 3 samples
  • 27. MakingInteractions Shallow nicking (common) M24 P23 W1 C4 T15
  • 28. MakingInteractions Deep linear scratching (common) M23 P19 W23 C8 T14
  • 29. MakingInteractions Material-specific traces M8 P26 W14 C6 T2
  • 30. MakingInteractions MATURITY
  • 31. Study 3: Design exploration of deliberate material traces
  • 32. MakingInteractions
  • 33. MakingInteractions
  • 34. MakingInteractions
  • 35. Concept design: Growing a patina of deliberate traces
  • 36. MakingInteractions
  • 37. MakingInteractions
  • 38. MakingInteractions
  • 39. MakingInteractions
  • 40. MakingInteractions
  • 41. MakingInteractions Computational Part Drill Bits Matrix of Coils Gear Mechanism Metal Sheet Frame Wooden Body Main Axis
  • 42. MakingInteractions This is Josh This is chiocciola This is the app This is the code these are the moments cLICK! "VOILA!” VAI! engrave
  • 43. MakingInteractions
  • 44. MakingInteractions Rich communication with and through objects
  • 45. MakingInteractions How would people engage with the opportunity to grow traces on digitally connected objects?
  • 46. MakingInteractions What form of maturity and which focal practices would deliberate traces provide digitally connected objects with?
  • 47. Thank you And thank you to Segourney Muntslag, Mirsaeid Mousavi, Andrea Mambrini, Ludovica Zengiaro, Pietro Malvezzi and Arianna Antognazza
  • 48. MakingInteractions a collaboration between the Connected Everyday lab and the Materials Experience lab at Industrial Design Engineering