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Augmented Reality possibilities
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Augmented Reality possibilities


Charles Woodward VTT:ltä esitteli augmented realityn eli lisätyn todellisuuden mahdollisuuksia HAAGA-HELIAssa 18.10.2011.

Charles Woodward VTT:ltä esitteli augmented realityn eli lisätyn todellisuuden mahdollisuuksia HAAGA-HELIAssa 18.10.2011.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Augmented Reality Past, Present and Future Applications at VTT Prof. Charles Woodward, VTT Presentation at Haaga-Helia, 18 Oct, 2011BackgroundAugmented Reality Team at VTT AR core technology & applications, 8 people Additionally supporting / application teams AR driven projects > 2 M€ annuallyLeading edge technology First in the world with various AR applications Licensing for independent developers (ALVAR) See www.vtt.fi/multimediaNetworks Multi-disciplinary VTT wide collaboration Strong industry relations and experience International networks, incl. EIT ICT Customers in Europe – USA – Far East 1
  • 2. Introduction Augmented Reality (AR) Related technologies Mixes virtual objects with view of real world Augmented Virtuality C.f. Virtual Reality (completely virtual worlds) Mediated Reality Properties: real-time, interactive, 3D registration Diminished Reality, … <-> Challenges: tracking, accuracy, speed, mobile <-> Mixed Reality (MR) Reality / Augmented Virtual Reality / Video image Reality Computer graphicsApplication Categories Close range (markers, features, objects …) Location based (GPS, compass, gyro …) 2
  • 3. History / Mobile AR Pre-history: backpack & hand held PCs, PDAs Ivan Sutherland, ARPA, "The ultimate display", 1965 -1968 Tom Caudell, Boeing, industrial application using HMD, 1990 Steve Feiner, Columbia University, first outdoors AR system, 1996 Bruce Thomas, Univ. of South Australia, ARQuake game, 2000 VTT ARonPDA, AROnSite, others 2003-2006 Recent history: mobile phones, tablets Mozzies shooter game on mobile phone, Siemens 2003 Nokia MARA, first outdoors AR prototype on mobile phone, 2006 AR browser Layar, first commercial mobile phone system, June 2009 Today In 2009, 20 mobile AR apps available for download In 2010, 500 mobile AR apps (2500 % growth) Layar 3 million downloads by Dec 2010 Layar preinstalled on Samsung devices 2011History / Print Media Magic Book, Univ. of Washington, 2000 ARCatalogue, Lappset (VTT), 2004 Aliens & Ufos, Sci-Fi book, Oct 2008 Esquire magazine, Nov 2009 Zueddeutsche Zeitung, Aug 2010 3
  • 4. Print Media Applications by VTT Dibidogs – 3D animated children’s TV series By Futurecode (Finland) and Blue Arc (China) Launched April 2010, MTV3 / SubTV Junior Augmented TV magazine TV-magazines Katso and TVSeiska, March 2010 3D animations appear augmented from magazine Augmented storybook Kustannus Paasilinna, Aug 2010 Photorealistic rendering etc. Mobile phone implementation at Shanghai World Expo 2010Print Media (contd.) Flash implementation No download required Easy 2,5 D content creation Chroma key characters + videos Public applications Seiska magazine: augmented movie trailers DNV (Det Norske Veritas): Technology Outlook 2020 Augmented business cards 4
  • 5. Mobile advertising Sparkly promotion campaign The new Sparkly Brut drink, which is the newest line extension to Sinebrychoffs Golden Cap range, will be launched in October 2011 Promotion by mobile AR advertisement in Elle Magazine (by Aller) Addressing target customer group for Sparkly & lot of iPhone owners Features Download from AppStore Play with 3D bottle Start AR game Keep the 3D bottle standing for 15 seconds As reward get a mobile discount coupon for Sparkly Share coupon with friends Read product info Find closest bar / restaurant Utilize your mobile discount couponEvent Promotion ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Conference This year in Orlando, Oct 16-20 To be held in Helsinki 2014 Augmented ”Raipe” lynx character Mascot for the Helsinki ITC Event AR promotion at Finnish stand in Orlando Invites people to see Helsinki videos on iPad Credits 3D character: Pinata Oy Videos: City of Helsinki AR application: VTT 5
  • 6. Interior Design VividAR Web based AR interior design system, based on VTT technology Covering > 40 manufacturers, growing over 50% per yearProduction Sites Augmented maintenance, operation, training Plant asset management: Simantics Mobile Robot simulations in real environments Partners: Wärtsilä, Metso, Valtra, Cargotec, Fortum, .. 6
  • 7. Building & Construction Mobile construction site visualization Compare project plans and time tables (4D BIM) with situation on site Provide real time mobile feedback from site to BIM system Photorealistic visualization for architectural applications Client/server solution -> mobile phones Also, as Internet based webcam solution Partners: Tekla, Skanska, Pöyry, Buildercom, …Building & Construction (contd.) Visualization of architectural plans New hotel being planned at historical Billnäs Ironworks site http://www.billnas.fi/en/ Mobile AR visualization was presented to group of 20 municipal decision makers and civil engineers Devices: laptop PC (free viewing positions) and five N900 phones (predefined “hot spot” locations) Positive feedback from audience: viewing the models on site helped to understand the plans 7
  • 8. Virtual Worlds Mixed Reality teleconferencing between real people and Second Life avatars Gesture based avatar control, now as official patch in Second Life Implemented in co-operation with IBM Corp. (USA)Application Examples around the World StreetMuseum iButterfly (Dantsu, Japan) http://gizmodo.com/#!5547236/strolling-through-19th- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEE6M0iW- century-london-today Nw&NR=1eBay Classifiedshttp://techielobang.com/blog/2010/12/16/ebay-classifieds-now-on-junaio-video-within/ MakeUpLive Carlsberg Can Catch http://augmentedrealityoverview.blo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdreyY1SKQk Samsung augmented product package (PC based) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kGyR55dp8A gspot.com/2011/02/make-up.html 8
  • 9. Mobile AR Markets Predictions “One of the one technologies to most likely to alter industries, fields of research, and the way we live” (Gartner, 2008 ... 2011) Market growing from $1,5 million to €1,5 billion 2010-2015 (Juniper Research, 2011) Challenges Addressable market size, public awareness Critical mass requires over 50% of smartphone owners Create meaningful applications, offering rich services and real value to the users AR App Titles split by categories, Dec 2010 Source: Mobile Augmented Reality 2011-2015, Juniper ResearchDiscussion: AR on Gartners Hype Cycle Source: Gartner, August 2011 9
  • 10. Contact Prof. Charles Woodward VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Vuorimiehentie 3, Espoo, Finland Tel: +358 40 500 1514 charles.woodward@vtt.fi http://www.vtt.fi/multimediaVTT creates business fromtechnology 10