Philippe Granger, Rushey Green: Time Bank


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Philippe Granger, Rushey Green: Time Bank

  1. 1. Co-producing wellbeing, participation, and community cohesion Philippe Granger Reproduction of this material not permitted without prior consent of Rushey Green Time Bank
  2. 2. Our vision is to achieve a cohesive community inthe Rushey Green area, where neighbours knowneighbours and can rely on each other for helpand support. Where people of different ages,cultures, backgrounds and abilities interact witheach other on an equal footing and with mutualrespect and understanding.
  3. 3. Our mission is to empower the residents of Catford(including but not exclusively the patients of theRushey Green Group Practice) to improve theirown health and sense of well-being, and thusimprove the health of the Catford community as awhole.
  4. 4. •  Time banks are particularly effective at engaging people from socially excluded group who can also experience health inequalities.•  Have a positive impact on the health of people with mental and physical ill health – and particularly on people who have a combination of the two.•  Enable people who have been passive recipient of care and services to become active in achieving their wellbeing.•  Provide people who are socially isolated with a caring network of social support.
  5. 5. Time banking impactInfluencing ( Adapted from Daghren & Whitehead, 1991)
  6. 6. Raise your High Challenge support to meet your challenges by Feelings Feelings co-producing Anxiety, fear, frustration, Excitement, enthusiasm, opportunities and despair, isolation, failure, positiveness, power, resources through possibly ‘out of control’ sense of mission, in getting involved in control the time bank Outcomes Outcomes community People may try avoid this type of Achievement, learning. situation and taking risks Positive, hopeful, active. Stamina Low support High support Depression, isolation, recoil. Vision, Wanting to achieve more Burn out, poorer performance Higher self- confidence, self-esteem, Seeking easier way out, short cuts. wellbeing, interdependence Feelings Feelings Boredom? Relaxed, comfortable, easy life! Outcomes Outcomes Apathy, inactivity, lack of Little learning incentive. No learning, no Not motivated or able to adapt to change personal growth. without external help Not equipped for challenging times Dependency©Philippe Granger Low Challenge
  7. 7. “I joined the Rushey Green Group Practice 8 years ago. An important elementin my decision to become a GP partner at this Practice was the presence of theTime Bank - and the role this Practice has played in the hosting and support tothis extraordinary Charity. Over the years, Time Bank has become part of Practicelife, and has established itself as a resource and reassuring alternative to themany options open to doctors and nurses working here in the care they provideto our patients. Time Bank has always been welcoming and supportive, a sourceof advice and help to an increasing number of people, and in many cases hasbecome part of the "treatment" on offer. No matter age, education, socialextraction, cultural background or genre, Time Bank has been there when it wasneeded. By now Time Bank means reassurance, integration, advocacyand reliable support. For many of my patients, Time bank has been, andcontinues to be, the best "medicine" on offer. (Dr Alberto Febles Rushey GreenGroup Practice)
  8. 8. Five ways to mental wellbeing Foresight Report (Oct 2008)The wellbeing equivalent of “five fruit and vegetables a day”:
  9. 9. Rushey Green Time BankC/O The Rushey Green Group PracticeThe Primary Care CentreHawstead RoadLondon SE6 4JHTel: 020 7138 1772/1785Email: rusheygreen@gmail.comRegistered Charity No 1101616. Company limited by guarantee, registered inEngland and Wales. Company registration number 4681564