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Comic strip
Comic strip
Comic strip
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Comic strip


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  • 1. COMIC STRIP : COPY CONCEPT :PRECUSSOR :Not many people know Sara or Laila in Dubai . It would need a certainamount of exposure of the two girls to have people remember them and then co relate itto the comic strip. In light of this , the least expensive way to raise awareness and buildmomentum would be to do a pre cursor run wherein the two girls are revealed in a fun ,exciting way .The precursor also works as a teaser and can be extended to hoardings ,bus wraps, metro station posters , fast food outlet posters , radio spots etc.TEASER 1: This shows Sara at home , in her room , holding up a letter , lookingexcited, jumping up and down , saying “ Laila ‘s coming! Laila’s coming !! 10 more daysto go . The advantage of this tactic is also yo can determine how many of these to dodepending on budget . The next one could easily be , 9 more days or 5 more days tillLaila comes to Dubai .TEASER 2: Sara in a different setting , maybe in school , with a bunch of her friends ,saying “ Laila’s coming ! 5 more days !!”TEASER 3: Sara in her night clothes getting ready to sleep, hugging herself, saying “Tomorrow!! Toorrow !! Laila will be here tomorrow !!”LAUNCH : LAILA COMES TO DUBAISara[at the airport]: Welcome to Dubai Laila.Laila: Hi !!! Here I am at last !! I am so excited to be here. [looks around ]Oh , isn’t thisbeautiful !![ They stand at the luggage carousel, Laila leans forward and whispers to Sara.Saranods, and they walk towards the washroom.]Laila looks puzzled: Sara , your taps have no water.Sara: laughs : shows her how to put hands under water .Laila looks amazed: oooohhh… that’s magic !!Sara: not magic, science. We save water because it is so precious. No wasting .Laila : yes and no carrying buckets like home either !![They come out to the terminal, see the trolleys , climb on and sara pushes Laila , whothrows back her head and laughs in delight .SIGN OFF : Oasis = water = life _______________________________________________Laila: oh look , it is raining !! I never knew it could rain in the desert !! oooohhhhh!Sara: sure it rains here sometimes.Laila: so why is it still a desert?Sara: a desert is a desert , like a mountain is a mountain.Laila tries to catch the raindrops , Sara joins in .Laila: We catch all the rain and save it up
  • 2. [2] :LAILA : Did you know that we have Something like 326,000,000,000,000,000,000gallons of water on our earth !! That’s like 326 million trillion gallons of the water !!SARA: Yes,but you cant drink all of it .Laila : What do you mean ? If its water we can drink it , right ?SARA : No , its got salt and other stuff in it . In fact 97% of this 326 million trillion gallonsis not drinkable .Laila : huh ?!!!!SARA : Yup, only 1% of all these gazillion gallons is ok for us to drink .LAILA : eeeooowww.. that’s like one drop per person or something …. !!!SIGN OFF ;ALTERNATE 1 : OASIS : Save water . its not going to last forever .ALTERNATE 2: OASIS . WATER = LIFE .[3]LAILA WANTS A RAIN DANCE :Laila: OOOh its so hot today! As hot as it is back home in the village in Botswana .Sara: HmmmLaila: lets turn on the sprinklers in the garden and play on the grassSara: No that’s not a good ideaLaila: why not ? , we can pretend it’s a rain dance …Wont that be fun !!Sara: no Laila, that’s wasting water.Laila: but look , even the flowers look sad and thirstySara: ok, so lets give them a drink of water . We can use the new red can we boughtyesterdayLaila: and then we can make ourselves some lemonade because we’ll be thirsty too !![4]BLOWING BUBBLESLAILA: You know Sara , till I came here to visit , I have never ever seen a bathtub!Sara: un hunh ..Laila: I have to carry a bucket with me home even to drink !Sara: I know and kids here complain when they have to carry lunch buckets !Laila: I’m going to fill the whole big tub with cool cool water and fill it with bubbles and liein it all day …!!Sara: oh no !! that’s such a waste of water. Lets do some other fun stuff instead …Letme think…Laila: oh no .. I love bubbles..Sara: we can do bubbles..come on…
  • 3. [ they run off, make make a little bowl of soap water and blow bubbles .]