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E.life United State's Report On Candy Brands Before Halloween halloween report 102810



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  • 1. Buzz monitoring and analysis on candy brands before Halloween www.elifemonitor.com
  • 2. 25,374 Tweets collected from October 20-27, 2010 The Tweets include posts, mentions, hashtags and retweets related to 11 previously-chosen brands. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 3. The most-mentioned candy was… Snickers! TOP 5: Snickers (5303 Tweets) Candy Corn (4592 Tweets) Hershey's (3591 Tweets) Reese’s (3442 Tweets) Twix (2498 Tweets) Followed by: Milky Way (1983 Tweets) Kit Kat (1902 Tweets) Butterfinger (1253 Tweets) Nestle Crunch (285 Tweets) 3 Musketeers (477 Tweets) 100 Grand (48 Tweets) www.elifemonitor.com
  • 4. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Snickers: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 5. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Snickers: Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 6. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: Snickers was the most mentioned brand for a reason. Having a respectable performance on sales since it was created in 1930, the brand has also frequently invested in advertising. After the Super Bowl ad with comedian Betty White, they’ve put out a specific commercial for Halloween. The popularity of this commercial can be seen in the top terms (as “commercial” is the second top term), in the hashtags (#creepy) and in four of the six clusters above. The feeling towards the commercial – in which two dress up in a creepy lady costume to convince mothers to buy snickers – are mixed. Although the use of the word “ creepy” is recurrent, the tweets representing the opinion about the commercial can be defined as scared and laughable, just like the Halloween holiday. It’s also important to note that “Halloween” was the third most used term and the second hashtag, which indicates the boost on sales and buzz around this holiday. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 7. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Candy Corn: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 8. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 9. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: Without talking about a specific brand of candy corn, this type of candy came in second in the Halloween week due to its popularity this time of the year. “Halloween” was the first hashtag and the third word in the top terms. It also came up in 3 of the 4 clusters above. Another piece of interesting data is found under the #ECE Hashtag which stands for Early Childhood Education, proving the tradition of Candy Corn giveaway with teachers and small children. The feeling towards candy corn is highly positive, as the words “ love”, “good”, “eat” and “eating” have made the rank of top words. Other interesting data is that a lot of tweets mentioned the appearance of candy corn on supermarket shelves as a sign for Halloween. A lot of the tweeters mention how nice it is to taste this type of candy even if it just once a year. With no particular strategy, other than popping up everywhere in October, candy corn has become a cultural symbol of Halloween and trick-or-treating. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 10. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Hershey’s: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 11. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 12. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: Hershey’s popularity can be considered very high. With many products to choose from, the brand offers the traditional candy bar, the Hershey Cookies and the bit-sized “Kisses”. It is the popularity of these products that show “Halloween” came up in 8 th in the top terms rank as “Kisses” and “Kiss” came up in 5 th and 6 th and “Cookies” in 9 th . The terms “Kisses” and “Cookies” have also come up in many of the clusters, which can be seen above. “Halloween” was the fourth most-mentioned hashtag confirming the relation of the holiday and the boost on sales based on the candy giveaway tradition. The surprise, however, were the first and 9 th hashtags in the rank. #nonestle and #childlabor. The first hashtag is about an online campaign going on against Nestle (one of Hershey’s most important competitors) due to the brand’s involvement on Child and Forced labor issues. This first tag suggests Hershey’s products as an alternative to the Nestle boycott. On the other hand, the second hashtag deals with serious speculation on whether or not Hershey’s is also involved in Child Labor issues in West Africa., trying to suggest a boycott to Hershey’s similar to the one used against Nestle. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 13. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Reese’s: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 14. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 15. Outcome: Reese’s related tweets have also been influenced by Halloween around the corner. It is the third hashtag right after the obvious #reeses. It is also the 7 th most used term. Its is important to observe that once again #nonestle has come up in the popular hashtags list. The fact is that Reese’s is a part of Hershey’s and this company alongside with Nestle has been involved in some serious speculation about using child and forced labor. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 16. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Twix: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 17. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 18. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: Twix outcome is somewhat similar to Snickers. Although Halloween tweets have ranked high, being “Halloween” the 8 th most used term and the second most used hashtag, the commercials have produced a big buzz about the brand. “Commercial” is the seventh most used term and “#irespectfemaletweets” is the fourth most used hashtag. The feeling towards these commercials are not good. Most of the Twitter users, especially female users, have accused the commercials of being sexist and of promoting cheating and lying. Having feedback through Twitter is a good option as it measures not only how many people got to see the commercial but also how many of them actually liked it. Another related topic that is shoulder to shoulder with Halloween when it comes to popularity is Justin Bieber’s stardom. He has mentioned that Twix is his favorite chocolate and fans have been tweeting about it ever since. This is what the #bieberfacts tweets are about. The tweets that do not involve the commercials or Bieber are in general positive as words like “ love” and “eat” come up often. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 19. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Milky Way: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 20. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 21. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: Milky Way is an exceptional case because the Halloween theme didn’t rank high enough to make the top 10 terms or the top ten hashtags. However, the chocolate is popular and frequently mentioned among other brands. The tweets in general make comments about the taste of the chocolate and give preference to a certain flavor within the options offered by Mars. The most commented flavor is Milky Way Dark, also known as Milky Way Midnight. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 22. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Kit Kat: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 23. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 24. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: Kit Kat is a very popular brand with a powerful slogan: “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.” This shows in the top term list as “break” is the third most-used term, following the obvious “kit” and “kat”. The slogan has also made it to the clusters list as many people used that specific combination of words. As “eating,” “good”, “eat” and “chunky” also appear in the top 10 terms, the feeling towards the brand can without a doubt be defined as positive. The Halloween holiday once again can be seen in the hashtags, as the fourth hashtag is halloween. The hashtag #nonestle is showing again how the Nestle boycott. It is only natural that the boycott includes Kit Kat as it is one of Nestle’s most popular brands. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 25. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Butterfinger: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 26. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 27. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: The outcome of the research on Butterfinger related tweets is similar to Kit Kat’s. The Halloween-related tweets don’t achieve enough numbers to stand out completely. Although “Halloween” ranked as the third most-used term and #giveaway is the first hashtag, the #nonestle hastag is still an important part of the list. Other than the boycott mentioned before and the Halloween-related tweets there is one more interesting result: Butterfinger ice cream is extremely popular. It is in the top terms and can also be seen in the clusters. Aside from the #nonestle posts, the feeling towards the brand can be considered positive. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 28. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to 3Musketeers: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 29. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 30. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: 3 Musketeers is a popular brand in the United States. As part of the Halloween tradition is to give away candy, 3 Musketeers and other brands have created the fun-size package which include 3 little bars weighting 311g altogether. #Halloween is the most used hashtag and this fun size is especially popular at this time of the year as #funsizedsnack is the 5 th most used hashtag and “fun” and “size” are the 6 th and 8 th most used terms. It is also important to say that the feeling towards the brand is positive as most of the tweets mention the taste and compare it with other brands, usually with 3 Musketeers as a winner. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 31. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to Nestle Crunch: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 32. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 33. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: Nestle Crunch is one of many Nestle brands. This is the reason the top terms, the top hashtags and the clusters include Nestle’s brands. As a whole, the posts include the Nestle boycott, with Nestle Crunch as a part of it, and also a list of other brands including Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, Butterfinger and others. Unfortunately the popularity of the brand didn’t make it to the tweets as the “No Nestle” campaign took over the tweets related to Nestle Crunch. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 34. Taking a closer look at what is being said, here are the top terms and top hashtags related to 100 Grand: Top Terms: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 35. Top Hashtags: www.elifemonitor.com
  • 36. And the most recurrent clusters: Outcome: 100 Grand is a popular chocolate – some people even consider it underrated. The fact is that the brand had the fewest number of tweets among all the brands tracked – just 46 compared to the most-mentioned (Snickers), which had 5303. The brand is not resonating with consumers as some of the others do. As Nestle is suffering a Twitter supported boycott to its brands, the lack of advertising and promoting efforts has made this brand specifically to rate lower than the lowest. Not all the comments on it are positive, which raises the possibility of this brand becoming a case study to be observed over the next year as it engages more with consumers via social media or declines to pursue this strategy. www.elifemonitor.com
  • 37.
    • The data in this report was obtained using Tweetmeter, the social media and monitoring tool from e.Life.
    • Tweetmeter provides a way to monitor, measure and quantify comments on Twitter about a particular brand or topic. It includes 16 reports, which provide information such as:
    • How many tweets are positive, negative and neutral
    • What other terms are mentioned most in conjunction with the brand
    • Who are the most influential people who mentioned the brand
    • Who influences the influencers
    • Who is re-tweeting
    • Trends in the number, attitude and topics of tweets
    • Time of day people are tweeting about the brand
    www.elifemonitor.com For a free 14-day trial of Tweetmeter, visit www.elifemonitor.com
  • 38. www.elifemonitor.com