Industrial Revolution Keynote

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  • 1. THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION By Elizabeth Denney
  • 2. Industrial RevolutionThe Industrial Revolution began in England in the early 18thcentury.Countries such as Germany, the United States and France joinedin this revolution.
  • 3. UrbanizationCottage Industry- A usually small-scale industry carried on athome by family members using their own equipment.There was a migration of people from rural to urban during theIndustrial Revolution.Because there was unlimited jobs in the city.
  • 4. Agriculture RevolutionBecause there was more crops and more food to eat so peoplestarted moving in. Which was the start of the industrialrevolution.The practice of growing different crops in succession on thesame land chiefly to preserve the productive capacity of the soil.
  • 5. TextilesSteel was the first commodity to boom in the industrialrevolution.textile-A type of cloth or woven fabric.oil, iron ore, and coal helped the textile industry boom.Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.
  • 6. Steam engineGeorge Stephenson was first man to create the steam engine butJames Wyatt improved was invented in 1775.Because the steam engines made the process of making thingsmuch quicker.
  • 7. Bessemer ProcessThe Bessemer process was the first inexpensive industrialprocess for the mass- production of steel from molten pig iron.The inventor was Henry Bessemerbecause steel was one of the biggest things in the industrialrevolution. It basically made the revolution.
  • 8. PasteurizationLouis Pasteur was a world renowned French chemist andbiologist.he invented the germ theory and how to pasteurize milk.
  • 9. Thomas EdisonThomas Edison invented a vote recorder, lightbulb,and thetelephone.“Anything that wont sell, I dont want to invent. Its sale is proofof utility, and utility is success”. - Brainy quote
  • 10. RomanticismRomanticism- A movement in the arts and literature thatoriginated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration,subjectivity, and the primacy...Being that it was during the industrial revolution it progressed.2 Famous authors of this era are Wordsworth and Coleridge
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