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Prototype and Ideate

  1. 1. Better Tours and Ideas for Ronald Kreidel
  2. 2. MY FAVOURITE IDEA  I called Ronald and had a new long conversation with him, to understand a little better what he expects from his business, what are the possibilities for the future, on what he is more working for.  In this conversation, for many times, he told that he thinks that not only the city Pomerode, but the region called „ The European Valley“ offers a lot possibilities for Ecotourism to grow.  Ronald is now looking for some special courses, webinars, groups to share  After this conversation, i decided to prototype some suggestions for a new identity for his business!
  3. 3. INSIGHTS  The first idea was to change the name of the „ Pomerode Jeep Tour“ to „ Pomerode Ecoturismo & Jeeptour“.  After this long conversation i had this insight:  Ronald says, that the Valley has a lot to offer – so it could be much more interesting give his business a name that is not only „limiting“ for one city (Pomerode) and use the „European Valley“. This can give him a lot of other possibilities, like work with partners in other cities, offering other kind of atractives that he dont have in Pomerode. This way, the ecotourist can have a lot of different offers directly from Ronald.
  4. 4.  With this insights, i realized that only with the „JeepTours“ he limits a lot the quantity of his clients. If he has more to offer, like biketours, tracking, he can sell packages including more services.  More tourists, more incoming, and specially not even waiting only for people to get on the jeep.  Next step...working on the name, on the identity...
  5. 5.  Ronald sendet me his logo and i began to look and look at the picture...  First insight for that, was that if we put more name in this picture, the letters would be to little and it would not show what can be offered at all.
  6. 6. Sketching
  7. 7. Prototyping Printed the existing logo, cutted out the image of the jeep...and tried to see this image in an other context!
  8. 8.  Talked again to Ronald  He told me, that there are many new actions beeing made to make the Ecotourism grow, and there is still a webside for a bike and tracking tour in the valley.  Ronald is working with a friend of him, named Jeff, on a big project for biketours in the European Valley, focusing Pomerode.
  9. 9. IMPORTANT INSIGHT  I talked to Jeff and asked him about the caracteristics of the tourists that coming for the biketours (man, woman, kids, age)  I checked after this conversation, that the new identity could be more coloured.  Also, the new logo can be used on a lot of diferent materials, like t- shirts, squeezes – everything can be sold, giving more possibilities to be known.
  10. 10. Pretotyping I made a first, simple example... The image is a ready existing one, but i used it to check the reaction, if people like it.
  11. 11. Prototyping  I made a simple new logo, using the informations i had:  New name  A relation with the nature and the hills from the region  Something that could look nice on printed materials
  12. 12. Prototyping Idea to use the logo on t-shirst
  13. 13. PROTOTYPING New logo on bottles, squeezes
  14. 14. Prototyping  Ecobags with the new logo
  15. 15. New Logo - Sugestion 2 The new logo, including the image of the jeep, from the exisiting logo
  16. 16.  Changing from „Pomerode Jeep tour“ to „Vale Europeu Ecoturismo & Jeep Tour“ offers the possibility for Ronald to extend his business for all the region;  Bike & Jeeptours, tracking, special tours – he can offer more routes and he can make more partners, using his logo – not the logo from otherones – this would bring more visibility for his business  He can make the jeep tours and also offer the jeep as support for bikers  Creating a new logo, offers chance to bring a new concept for Ecotourism in this region, extending the own business by selling for example t-shirts
  17. 17. Interviews Mary, journalist (skype)  First impression existing logo: The logo looks very serious, not showing the possibilities, only the jeep • What you missing? Another colour, another form maybe • What is your impression when you look this new logo? I like it much more, looks happy with the sun, modern • Would you buy a t-shirt, bottle, bag with this logo? Yes, why not? Ist not agressiv, its nice for a t-shirt. Julia – Tourism student on the University, working on a Touristinfo * Julia said, that the bikers are coming more and more, also people to rent bikes – she thinks that it is very interesting to invest in Ecoturism. * She also liked the new image, she maybe would change for some trees – something that reminds more the local nature * Also she told, that the tourists look for different souvenirs and she things that the idea is very interesting
  18. 18. Ronald and his friend checking the new logo Very nice – this new logo brings more life and i imagine that people would buy the things with the logo. For months i was looking to change something, and i dont realized that the logo could make a big diference like that. Now i can realize, that only the jeep on the logo is not attractive for bikers, for example. I have some contacts, people that are looking to work together and i think this can be the beginning of growing my business! (Writen by Ronald)
  19. 19. + What worked The new logo brought good impact Positive reactions The sun on the new logo The word „Ecoturismo“ sound good for all What could be improved Reframe the webside, flyers using the new identity Develope the t-shirts, bottles, etc. using the new logo ? Questions Ask a professional to develope the new logo? Who can do this job, that it brings the expected form? Where begin with the new marketing? ! Ideas Develope the products with the logo to sell them can bring an extra incoming
  20. 20. REFLECTIONS  The most important on prototyping for me is first to use the idea of pretotyping – a simple idea to begin, not expending lots of money, but checking the first reactions.  I made this, using a ready existing image and i checked the positive and negative reactions of people.
  21. 21. REFLECTIONS  If i continue with the project, this will be the next steps:  Check with a professional for some other designs for the logo, to decide for one.  Change the identity on websides, facebook, flyers  Make more contacts with interested people to sell the tours for the jeep, bikers, trackers  Develope the materials with the new logo (t-shirts, bottles and squeezes, bags, etc)
  22. 22. Desing Thinking Eliana Czaschke Brasil / August 2013