Web Forms for Blogger with 123ContactForm


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Web Forms for Blogger with 123ContactForm

  1. 1. Web Forms for Blogger
  2. 2. Hosts 26% of the total 164 million blogs worldwide (TECHNORATI STATE OF THE BLOGOSPHERE 2011)11% of bloggers earn their primary income from blogging82% are using Twitter and nearly half of them link to it9 out of 10 bloggers use Facebook for promotion25% are using mobile devices for blogging(INVESP AND TECHNORATI)
  3. 3. [Essential blog interface elements] navigation contact page menu search box web forms About page / author’s bio boxfooter (useful links) RSS feed & newsletter subscription posts pages
  4. 4. [Forms]
  5. 5. Embedded forms for Blogger are excellent tools to:[… give people a handy way to get in contact with you without disclosing your email address publicly … keep your communication spam-free … encourage reader-author interaction, present a strong call-to-action … convert casual visitors into engaged audience for your blog ]
  6. 6. [Types of forms for Blogger]o Contact Us & Feedback formo Newsletter subscriptiono Request-a-quote (for advertising or extra services – e.g. copywriting, proofreading, design)o Order form for e-commerceo Event registration
  7. 7. Forms use server-side scripts (PHP,ASP.Net) for submitting data and sendingit via emailBlogger does not support such scriptingnativelymailto () function is inaccessibleNo widgets for build forms available IMG: STORYDESTINATION.COMThe only way to create & run a form for Blogger is to use anexternal 3rd party service that provides the needed scripts
  8. 8. [Web form generators] What to seek for?o Intuitive interfaceo CSS support for styling the form designo Solid security optionso Customizable email notifications
  9. 9. “123ContactForm has provided me a wonderful service,which made me breath easy about the forms on my website. ”Merog Chaitanya @ merogdesign.com
  10. 10. [How-to guide – create & embed a form on Bloggerusing 123ContactForm ]1. Log in/sign up to www.123contactform.com.2. Go to your dashboard and choose Create New Form, then select the formyou need (contact form, order form, survey etc).3. Edit your form in the drag & drop workspace. You can add fields of varioustypes, change labels, rearrange elements. Make sure you include extra fieldvalidation where necessary.4. Next step – Settings for your form. You can create custom notifications inthe event of form submission and set email addresses to receive submittedcontent (even multiple ones). Also, at this point you can make advanced buteasy design customizations. Choose and adapt a color theme for your form andtweak the CSS if needed, to make it match the exact look and feel of your blog.Multi-language translations can be used within the form. For order forms, youcan set payment integration with either PayPal, Google Checkout orAuthorize.Net.5. Last action: Publish your form on the blog. Copy the code that has beengenerated for your form and paste it onto a new page of your blog, which youcan entitle Contact Us, Feedback or however you like.Here it is – your brand new form, in just the right place and ready to use!
  11. 11. [Are you social? So are we!] You can employ 123ContactForm for a multitude of form building tasks beyond the boundaries of Blogspot.o Create forms for your Facebook pageo Synchronize web forms with Twitter for a broader covero Go mobile with your forms and surveys!
  12. 12. 123ContactForm – create your web forms as easy as 1-2-3! http://www.123contactform.com/contact-form-for-blogger.html
  13. 13. [About 123ContactForm]123ContactForm is an online form builder for web and mobile that serves a widerange of customers, with a focus on small businesses, blogs and web design agencies.At present, thousands of websites and blogs across the world run live forms createdwith 123ContactForm.JOIN US!www.123contactform.comBlog.123contactform.comTwitter.com/123contactformFacebook.com/123contactformYouTube.com/123contactformplus.google.com/101233195297581617029/posts