Feedback button on side of the page


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Feedback button on side of the page

  1. 1. Feedback button on the side of the pageFeedback
  2. 2. Contact Us feedback button on the side of the page = 1. a light box that opens a contact form where site visitors can leave a message for the admin; 2. a stylish and discreet, yet powerful way to welcome feedback from website visitors. Feedback The floating feedback button placed on the left or right side of your page can show up in the same spot on any page within your website. It doesnt interfere with visitors navigation; it’s attention grabbing, but never inopportune.
  3. 3. The feedback button gives the page an elegant and modern look, as if the tabs would unfold from a paper notebook.
  4. 4. [Quick facts]o The button can be either fixed or floating.o It basically acts as a link.o Commonly, the form can be displayed in 3 different ways:• light box – a semitransparent layer superposed over the current page• embedded within a page – on the Contact Us page of your website, for example• standalone URL
  5. 5. [Feedback button functionality]The sidebar button on your web page allows website visitors to open the form, type in theirmessage and send it straight to your inbox. What could be easier than that?The floating feedback button interferes with user experience gently, in a positive, friendlyand professional way.The conversion rates for floating feedback buttons are higher that for classical fixed tabs.You can link to contact forms, surveys, order forms, lead generation forms etc.
  6. 6. [How-to guide – create a floating feedback button using 123ContactForm]1. Log in to your 123ContactForm account2. Create your form in the drag & drop editor.3. Go to the third tab, Publish Form. Choose the Lightbox option and go to the third instance – Floating button.4. Customize your button: the text, the background and text color, the placement – in the left or right side of thepage.Both the floating button and the feedback form can be styled to match your website 100%. Use customized formthemes or custom CSS to change button and form appearance.5. Copy the code generated and paste it onto your website.That’s it! The feedback button at the side of the page is ready to use.
  7. 7. 123ContactForm – create your web forms as easy as 1-2-3! More details on floating feedback button
  8. 8. [About 123ContactForm] 123ContactForm is an online form builder for web and mobile that serves a wide range of customers, with a focus on small businesses, blogs and web design agencies. At present, thousands of websites and blogs across the world run live forms created with 123ContactForm. JOIN US!