Elevation Insights ™ | Analogies


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Elevation Insights ™ | Analogies
What did others do when they faced a similar situation?

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Elevation Insights ™ | Analogies

  1. 1. Commoditization (weak value proposition) Revenue concentrated on 3-4 large accounts Increased regulatory compliance costs Can’t keep up with data deluge Price wars No or unsatisfactory growth Supply chain disruptions Lack of new ideas & innovative business models Generics & low cost competitors Poor marketing & sales ROI No geographic diversification Limited resources delaying operations
  2. 2. Basic Text Search Single Channel Established leading position in basic web text search advertising market Limited to single product and channel Susceptible to larger competitors & bundling threats from their diversified leading products Diversified Channels & Products Explored M&A to quickly diversify and expand into new channels and services (e.g. location & local applications, online video, e-commerce etc.), & gained search/ad market share Capitalized on growing high speed internet infrastructure & online customers/businesses Explored product development, M&A & new business models to target the core revenue generators & platforms of established competitors (e.g. Google Apps, Docs, Email, Browser) New Channels Mobile | Social New Competitors High Stakes Evolved continually to changing (fickle) customer preferences by making decisive M&A and product development actions Google needs to find an effective strategy to fight Amazon’s locked retail and ecommerce platform Explored M&A to build leading mobile operating system and used smart business model to license the operating system to device makers Studied the success of Apple’s hardware strategy & acquired a leading handset maker When M&A failed, they then developed Google+ to counteract social media leaders Mobile and social advertising is still challenging to monetize and is a vulnerability for Google & other companies Future battles will be waged in the following areas: home entertainment, e-books, automobile systems, digital payments etc. Hardware & software will both be used as strategic assets to fight and monetize data insights
  3. 3. 1. If you are facing a challenging situation, delay the urge to re-invent everything internally, and keep an open mind to external ideas 2. Explore what other companies did when they faced a similar situation. Do not limit this analysis to your familiar industry space, but also branch out to other verticals and geographic markets to seek ideas 3. Critically examine external data and share this information with smart decision makers within your company. We distinguish smart from rank related decision makers because ideas & solutions can emanate from unexpected sections of your company, and is not limited to the executive or senior management suite. 4. Adapt external ideas to your situation and improvise with ideas generated by the smart decision makers 5. Expect hostility from affected parties who are trying to protect their turf and budgetary resources. Leaders need to step up, mediate disputes and take decisive actions. Otherwise, the situation will deteriorate and the company will be left with no choice but to replace current leaders 6. Please contact us if you and your team decide to seek external help. We can assist your team based on our experience and access to extensive global resources and information databases.
  4. 4. Growth Customer Insights Competitor Strategy Countermoves M&A Product Development Sales, New Market Entries Segmentation, Value Proposition Business Models Engineering Scale-up/ Manufacturing Supply Chain Disruptions Diversification Commoditization, Price Wars Low Cost Competition Regulatory Disruptions Labor Disputes Capex Optimization, Risk Management Channel Management, e/m Commerce Monetization strategies Innovation & R&D Emerging Markets Etc…….