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  1. 1. The first meeting of the project, from Kampen, NetherlandsA group of 8 students and 4 teachers from Secondary SchoolDaesti, Popesti, Valcea County, Romania, participated in 5 to 9November 2012, to the first project meeting in Kampen, theNetherlands, the Project Comenius Multilateral Partnership,"The school of the future", which takes place between partnersin the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, in theperiod 1 August 2012 - 31 July 2014, in English.The activities carried out during this meeting, students from ourschool have improved their communication skills through ICTsupported activities both within the Ichthus College Kampen,the Netherlands, the coordinating school, and within their stayin families hosts of Dutch students, who received muchhospitality and whom we thank for the chosen training offeredand great collaboration undertaken.The proposed program was formative and educative.Activities meeting in Kampen is focused on the following:
  2. 2. Monday, November 5, 2012:Check the Netherlands, the "Ichthus College" school projectcoordinatorWe arrived in Kampen, after a plane trip from Bucharest toAmsterdam, then the Intercity train from Amsterdam to Zwolle,where we were taken by our hosts, teachers at Ichthus CollegeKampen and families of Dutch students.At school we met with school teachers, where we werewelcomed and beautiful stay in the Netherlands. In the evening,we met a Chinese dinner, given by the host, where we had thefirst discussion, face to face, about our schools, on schoolprograms, about our country, about the modalities of the project.We were invited to a show Koggezangers - Choir ratings onKogge, made ​up of volunteers who love to sing old songs aboutthe sea, boats and other times. Singers sang songs in Englishand we tried to learn to play with them, songs that we liked andwe were enchanted.
  3. 3. Tuesday, November 6, 2012:-Presentation activities with studentsThe next day at school, students have conduct presentation onthe subject. Students from each country presented theircreations in PowerPoint about their countries and presentedinvestigative activities chosen by each country . Students inRomania exposed presentation "Romania is my country" and thevideo "My School, the most beautiful". Further sportingactivities took place in the Sports Hall.-Documentary visit city Kampen, guided, walking ... In the afternoon we ‘ve Made Kampen city tour, with a guide. Isaw the symbol of the city: Kogge ship yard, an old boat,amazing, kept in a stately old shipyard. Kampen is amunicipality, an old Hanseatic city at the lower reaches of theriver IJssel, the largest city in the Dutch province of Overijssel.Kampen is one of the best preserved center, the old city in the
  4. 4. Wednesday, November 7, 2012:-Visit to the Museum "Anne Frank House"We visited the museum and noticed albums with photos. Annewas born on June 12 in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived there thefirst years of life with her parents, Otto and Edith Frank andher sister Margot. Journal Frank family tries to live a normallife as possible. June 12, 1942 is the birthday of Anne, thethirteenth anniversary. Anne gets a lot of gifts, including ajournal that is very happy and began to write in it immediately.-Visit to the Rijksmuseum AmsterdamRijksmuseum, which in English means the State Museum,there are more than two hundred years and now forms part ofthe most amazing museums in the world. Rijksmuseum has aunique position in the world acquired over the centuries.Among the masterpieces are found "The Night Watch" byRembrandt, paintings by Vermeer, Van Dyck and Jan Steen.
  5. 5. -Down-town visit in Amsterdam, walking ...It was wonderful. We met a Nordic city of unique beauty. Wesaw the Old Town, medieval center, the most visited area ofAmsterdam, known for its traditional architecture, canals, storesandcoffee shops. Boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam, we werefascinated. A boat tour of the city channel knowledge is a rareopportunity. The city has grown dramatically around thesechannels many very interesting and admired worldwide. RingChannel is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.-Visit to the "leprechaun-forest"...We went with joy to coach the "Forest elf", where I got all,students and teachers, dinner, Dutch pancakes: apple, cheese,with jam. We had the choice of decor admire the tale, forestscents, novelty oven in the tavern, the elves, music or juiceflavors pancakes topped with roses and berries.
  6. 6. Thursday, November 8, 2012-Visit to the Wadden Sea, North Sea, with boat ...Wadden Sea is among the largest in the south-eastern North Sea.It lies between the northwestern coast of continental Europebetween housing and Frisian Islands, sea and wetlands. It isrich in biological diversity. In 2009, the Dutch and the Germanparts of the Wadden Sea were inscribed on UNESCO WorldHeritage List. Wadden Sea stretches from Den Helder, theNetherlands, south-west of the big river estuaries of Germany tothe northern border, north of Skallingen Esbjerg in Denmark.The Netherlands is bordered by the Ijsselmeer, the Afsluitdijk.The islands are marked by sand dunes and beaches, North Seacoast and a low Wadden Sea.We got off the boat barefoot on a sandy sea ice. It was for us oneof the best moments of the tour boat on the North Sea. Boat tripwe were fixed in mind and memory for life. It has consolidatedand sealed our project meeting in the Netherlands.
  7. 7. -Visit to the Center for Research and Rehabilitation of seals. Seal HospitalLeniet Hart was sick and injured seal rehabilitation centerfounded in 1971, in Pieterburen. Center has evolved from asimple "nursery" for young seals to a hospital for seals science-based research, with features that accompany it, such asquarantine, laboratories, chemists and all research equipmentunimaginable. All fittings seal rehabilitated are released intothe wild after their rehabilitation period, which lasts fromseveral weeks to several months maximum. None of the animalsremain in captivity and none of seal gaskets are grown here.Most important thing in SRRC is the daily care and medicaltreatment of seals. This is the main concern of all vets and carersseal. No matter whether patients are sick or injured seals, eachanimal had full attention and everything is done to rehabilitatethe species of seal, so they are strong, healthy and able to returnto their habitat, largely as soon as possible.
  8. 8. Friday, November 9, 2012:-Workshops, creative, T.I.C.We met at Ichthus College, the school coordinator of the project,all project partners from the Netherlands, Germany, Poland,Romania, Bulgaria and participated in creative workshops ICT. I realized this week reflect the knowledge and documentationusing media. I learned to create presentations Prezi, Glogsterposters, Picozine, web design and layout of a newspaper page. Itook pictures of the group and I went on another tour throughKampen.Saturday morning, I was led by hosts to Amsterdam, SchipholAirport. We said goodbye with permenente desire to havecontact with partners to increase learning English, to improveour ICT skills, to address the investigation and after-classresearch, to fully achieve the objectives and activities of projectand we promised to meet again at the next meeting in Poland.