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  • Iceberg Theory.Research before implementing: Who uses it, how they use it, where they use it, objectives.
  • Linc’s example
  • Conversing to learn
  • Goal- what do you want to get out of this?Plan- relevant dates to plan forMarketing- intergrate content across the board (summadayze example)
  • Name of the business- set a president for tone/content/themee.g. ownership of who they are talking to be named H&A or RB from Virgin
  • Tweetdeck to manage multipleEvaluate using Facebook plugins and toolsUse the above links as monitoring tools
  • Tim Minchin’s blog – Don’t pretend.
  • AirAsia – achieving a 40% reduction in contact centre costs for fast-growing airline by integrating social media into customer service strategy. Its 1.9 million followers can now ask questions directly from its Facebook page, as well as through the web and mobile channels using its integrated, multi-channel self-service platform.
  • This guy decided to ad value to his parents liquor store after growing up as a renound wine tasting conesquor. Using the above video link which later transformed into a webpage, he accumulated a following of up to about 80 000 viewers per day. He has been on Ellen and Conan, and this social media platform turned this parents 4mill company into a 24mil company.- don’t under estimate the power of viral attention.Kony.
  • Ever subscriber is an individualThe more you know about them, the more effective your marketing can beIn-house created content is incredibly powerful as a SM strategy – it firstly positions you as an expert/resource, it increases your SEO rankings, and it is PR fodder. A mix of in house content and third party content makes this strategy manageable.If you outsource, outsource to a reputable firm, who have a deep understanding of your objectives and your business communication style. A good outsourced PR/Media firm will work closely with your company, so the “voice” of your communications seems as though it’s coming directly from the brand.Utilize tools that allow you to collect your Social media data. (i.e. Contests, and promo tools that allow you to gather data)THEN you have the power to market to your customers in platforms such as EDM, SMS, print, radio etc – knowing that you will create more effective campaigns by understanding your customer.Deep understanding of your market = micro niches = higher conversion rates = Hurrah!All of the above result in a more targeted following on your SM platforms, and ultimately reinforcing your marketing strategy.
  • Use tools to measure when your posts get the most engagement.Add a little fun.Understand Facebook’s Edgerank – Videos rank better than pictures rank better than plain text – but it ALL depends on who interacts.
  • Social Media gives you a great platform to open conversation – but it’s very limited in what you’re allowed to do and what you can measure.Test and measure everything.Use digital tools (google analytics, Binkd, and other third party apps (Tweetior for twitter)Do nothing with just fans in mind – aim for ROI – these aren’t just fans, they are LEADS. Leads are valueless unless eventually converted into referrees or customers.
  • Social media training_ 18.4.12

    1. 1. Ignition Workshops Social Media
    2. 2. Forget the tools for now
    3. 3. You need a success plan!Research Strategise Create Engage Monitor Measure
    4. 4. ResearchResearch Strategise Create Engage Monitor Measure Who Where How What How do they What are they Identify your Find out where saying? use Social target audience they hang out What are they Media tools? sharing?
    5. 5. StrategyResearch Strategise Create Engage Monitor Measure What’s the Objectives goal? Create a plan – Plan content or editorial plan Integrate Make it part of your overall marketing.
    6. 6. ContentResearch Strategise Create Engage Monitor Measure Your social content should be FARE! Frequent Accurate Relevant Engaging Post often but Facts and Stop selling and don’t spam. No transparency start being Listen and have one likes spam. and no BS. relevant. conversations.
    7. 7. EngageResearch Strategise Create Engage Monitor Measure In the name of business Fun Opinionated Insightful Thought provoking Interesting Polite Cool Transparent Not reactive Stand by what you believe Ethical Don’t get personal No BS Open Respectful
    8. 8. Monitor Research Strategise Create Engage Monitor Measure Remember to listen and Evaluate respond. against your objectives. Google Alerts Conversion Tweetdeck Brand value Who’s talking about you how?
    9. 9. Have more than tools
    10. 10. So, now what?
    11. 11. Burning Q1: How do I do it?
    12. 12. Within the context of your business
    13. 13. Burning Q2: Is it all about marketing?
    14. 14. NOIt’s about customer relationships.In fact, customer relationship isnew marketing
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Know your tools to target your audience
    17. 17. Burning Q3: What do I talk about?
    18. 18. What have you got?> Why should I be your friend?> Why should I like you?> What have you got that I haven’t got?> How much do you know?> And do you understand me?
    19. 19. Humanise Your List Attract Fans to Social Platform Deep Content & understanding engagement of your market Cross platform Incentivised marketing Promotions
    20. 20. General rules then?> Post regularly but don’t spam people> Don’t push too many promotions> Offer some cool deals still> Don’t repeat the same stuff all the time.
    21. 21. Burning Q4:Clicks, Fans & Likes – measures of success?
    22. 22. Yes and No Depth Trust and credibility Reputation Conversion More business
    23. 23. Aim for real ROI Get them OFF Build a Generate Social Media Fanbase Engagement & Into your database!
    24. 24. Burning Q5:How do I respond to negative comments?
    25. 25. Not like Nestle!
    26. 26. Depends what it is…butRemember not to get emotional or personal
    27. 27. Inform. Educate. Inspire.
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