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Why you-need-affiliate hd-today


Published on Lets play a game … Lets play a game

True or false?

You make the most money when you spot
an untapped opportunity... and milk it
for all its worth. True or false?

True, obviously!

The problem is...

Unless you stumble upon something
yourself, nobody is going to give away
their secrets... especially for free.

That's why I was SHOCKED first... but
then I grabbed a pen and started to
scribble frantically...

Because Jason Fladlien laid out a
complete set of ideas... that are going
to make me quite a bit of cash before
the summer is over.

Completely cutting edge... yet beginner

And when I say beginner... I mean
someone without a list, without a
reputation and so on.

ONE CATCH, though.

You have to watch it now... because it
goes away on June 26th at 11:59 PM

And when it's gone, it's gone.

Click here to watch it now

P.S. Almost everybody misses these vital
points right now... but they'll catch up
soon enough. So make sure you're two
steps ahead - watch this free workshop

Published in: Self Improvement, Business

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  • 1. 3 Things About Affiliate MarketingYour Favorite Guru Wont Tell YouWhy, thanks to a huge shift in the marketplace, new affiliate marketers withouta list, experience and a product of their own can finally make it big!Hi, my name is Jason Fladlien.And thanks to a huge shift in marketplace thats still ignored by everyone but fewsavvy marketers...My business partner Wilson Mattos and I recently made $254,081.50 in just 7 daysin pure affiliate commissions. (And we still keep getting unexpected wire transfersof up to $100,000 every now and then thanks to continuity payments... nice!)... Thats not just a fluke.Ever since Ive discovered the shift Im going to reveal to you (and more importantly,how it applies to YOUR affiliate campaigns!), Wilson and I have been constantlyleading affiliate leaderboards - with relatively little effort.
  • 2. For example, weve made $50k+ in commissions and crushed other affiliates ona #1 Clickbank product.
  • 3. And now I can do it all over and over again... whenever I want.How?By taking almost unfair advantage of a couple of changes in the marketplace.The 3 Fundamental Changes(that make gurus uneasy... and little guys ecstatic!)1. The money is NOT in the list anymore2. A new breed of marketers are going to make all the money3. ... And being big is a disadvantageFirst of all, the size of your email list doesnt matter anymore. In fact, if youdont have an email list at all... youre going to be fine.For example, Ive outsold affiliates with lists 10 times the size of my list... andonly a percentage of my sales came from my own list anyway.Heres why.Email Marketing Is Dying!You dont have to look further than worlds most popular email service, Gmail...... To see the writing on the wall.Did you know that theyre about to introduce an update thats gonna lump togetherall the emails from marketers into a tab called Promotions?The open and click-through rates of promotional emails (which arent thatspectacular to begin with...) are going to fall even further.
  • 4. What We Do Differently...Have you thought about Skype as an unstoppable marketing machine? Probablynot, right?Wilson and I have been building Skype groups for the last year... and while emailmarketers struggle to get 20%+ delivery and open rates...Weve been enjoying almost 100% delivery rate (and 80% of these messageswere read minutes after we sent them!).Thats just one thing you can apply right now thats guaranteed to make you moremoney. But...This Goes Even Deeper!Thanks to massive changes to how we communicate with each other online...The usual approach of shoving down your affiliate link down as many peoplesthroats as possible isnt gonna work - no matter what you use.You cant spam people with your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Skype,Google+, heck, even Dropbox... and expect them to buy.Thats why...A New Breed Of Affiliate Marketers Is About To Emerge(And Theyre Going To Become Filthy Rich, Too!)... And you can be among them.Before we start... Let me clear something up.
  • 5. The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Myth Since TheBeginning Of Time Is...... That you can magically make thousands of dollars just sharing your affiliate linkeverywhere you darn please for 5 minutes a day and make a truckload of cash.Heres the thing... affiliate marketing is NOT an excuse to be LAZY.Sure, people sell it on the premise that "its easy, everything has been done for you,blah blah blah"...Thats a load of BS... and theres certainly no money in being lazy.The money is in creating value.For example...• You could help someone get results FASTER• You could help someone get results EASIER• And you could help someone get BETTER results... with whatever it is youre promoting as an affiliate.So instead of doing what everyone else does...You look for people who are already about to buy something... and you make iteasier to buy through you... than it is to for them to buy on their own.You can do that in ANY niche... and I can guarantee that youre going to seeamazing results.But perhaps the MOST important point that everyone seems to miss is...
  • 6. Once You Figure Out How To Add Value...People Will WELCOME Your MessagesNo Matter How You Send Them!The future belongs to the social affiliate marketer.In other words... the more channels you use to communicate with prospects, andthe more value you add (it can be as simple as explaining the order process tothem!).. the more sales youll make. Pretty straightforward, right?"Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors"The last insight I want to share is that being big is actually a disadvantage. Itprevents you from being nimble.Remember Myspace? Blockbuster? Yahoo?And to succeed as an affiliate marketer... you have to be pretty nimble -especially now.Heres why.I estimate that the opportunity window is going to be open for 8-10 months.Some small timers will get rich... some will watch from the sidelines... and some willstill try and build their email list.So if you start taking massive action NOW...If you mold yourself to be that social affiliate marketer that truly GETS the changeswere going through...
  • 7. Youre going to make A LOT of money.Now... Lets talk business.How YOU Can Exploit All Of This To Get QUICKResultsIf someone hits you with massive, dazzling proof and tons of new information like Ijust did...You immediately assume theres a snowballs chance in hell youre going tomake $250k+ as an affiliate... while taking action on few simple principles.Your Hunch Is Dead On.These results are NOT typical. I dont think even your favorite gurus favorite guru ismaking that kind of money.However...The lasting change that is happening right now... makes it possible for you to makea killing as an affiliate. Even without a list, without experience and... without reallyselling, either.Even if you wont make $250k+ in a week (yet!), even 1% of that is $2,500. Nowthats REALISTIC.... Realistic, attainable income that can take care of more than one bill.... That is completely within your reach. With one caveat... If you truly grasp whatsgoing on online right now - and take advantage of it.
  • 8. In Fact, My Techniques Are Going To Make OneLucky Marketer Close To 1/4 Million Dollars THISYEAR!I could talk all day long, but the proof is in the pudding, right?Check this out:Im about to make Zane Miller close to a 1/4 million dollars this year...And all it took was one Skype conversation a few days back.I told him to start building a Google+ community related to one specific topic. I alsoexplained how he could easily join other communities to "leech" members becausethey will add him to THEIR circles.And then I broke down for him how he could build this community for free... withaggregated content that can be easily be pulled from Google News, he can easilyhave 5,000 potential buyers and high quality leads in his circle by year end.Its easy... once you know exactly how.Anyone can implement this strategy (and others that Im going to reveal...) and getamazing results.How would you like this strategy, served on a silver platter?Would you like to learn our methodical approach to Skype marketing?What about ALL the tricks that let some of our affiliates to exploit the change...even though they arent aware of it?
  • 9. How would you like to get your hands on the best darn affiliate course evercreated... and discover methods that let a lot of people make money in 30 daysor less?Introducing...AffiliateHD... If You Truly Want To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer ASAP!(Interactive Training Program)I know that what I have here is a bit of an investment up front...Its the SMARTEST investment I know that you can make with your money...AND with your time.In AffiliateHD, youre going to access all my methods, techniques and tricks thathave allowed me to make huge paydays as an affiliate...... and while this is cutting edge stuff.. Im going to keep it 100% relevant tosomeone new!So if you dont have tons of experience, a huge email list, or any other kind offollowing... Im going to teach you how you can build your affiliate empire fromscratch.Oh and if youre worried about how much money youre going to invest beyond theprice of the course...If moneys tight, you can make do with just your own domain name and hosting.Thats like $10 for a domain and $10 a month for hosting.
  • 10. A 50% commission of a $299 sale a year will pay for that... and obviously weregoing to focus on how to make a TRUCKLOAD more sales than just one.AffiliateHD Is Designed To Make ItNear Impossible To Fail!... Youre going to get exact, clear instructions (and never more than you canrealistically digest and implement!)AffiliateHD will automatically unlock one module per week. Its going to takeyou about an hour, maybe hour and a half to go through it... and then some hoursto implement all the stuff.Of course, you wont fall behind no matter what. This isnt high school, so if reallife interferes.. its fine. Just get back on track to making money as soon as humanlypossible.12 Value Packed Modules: A Sneak PeekModule #1: Make Back Your Investment In 1 Hour Or LessThe first module is called "Affiliate Profits Quickstart" where I will show you how tomake back your investment in AffiliateHD in 1 month or less.This coaching program will more than pay for itself and become free to youvery quickly if you take action on what I teach you.My number #1 goal is for you to make back your money and turn a profit with thiscoaching program in less than 5 weeks!I know some tricks to accomplish this - I will show you exactly the lowest of the lowhanging fruit so you can immediately set up your business.
  • 11. The Easiest Way I Can Make You Money Quickly...Is our free social media hack that will let you connect to Skype.In Module 1, Im going to give you your own "Skype-powered" marketing process...and show you how easy it is to get as many as 300 people to your first Skype groupusing the "big 5 social media sites" strategy.Module 1 is built upon a philosophy that I have infused into my own InternetMarketing career:"You Will Learn While You Earn!"This is pretty much a quick fix module thats designed get you that first boost ofconfidence by making you at least enough money to cover the costs of thiscourse... and more!Anyhow, lets check out Module #2...Module #2: The Long Term Approach That Can Still Make You$1,000 Sales Like Clockwork Quickly!I will show you how with no following, no reputation, no list, or anything other thanthe plan I hand to you...... You can go in and make 5 to 10 sales off the next big high ticket marketinglaunch in almost any niche.Usually, these launches are at the $1997 price point, and you make 50%commissions, so how would 6 or 7 sales at $998.50 commission a piece within thenext 2 months sound to you.... Just follow the plan I give you in Module 2!
  • 12. While You Were Busy Working On Modules 1 & 2...... As a byproduct, youve already laid a lot of groundwork to your passive income.Unlike any other affiliate course... Were building assets that you can capitalizeon over and over again.(Assets like that Skype group!)Modules #3 And #4: Expand Your AudienceModules 3 and 4 are about each and every effective way you can build youraudience to supercharge all of your affiliate promotions. Most specifically I breakdown once and for all...How you can go "direct to newsfeed" advertising on Facebook... even topeople who youre not connected to!Plus, the Google+ communities secret that Im fairly confident will make Zane$250k in the next 12 months. (The beauty of this is its untapped!)With this, you wont need any more traffic sources... because youll be easilyable to get more traffic than you can handle with just these 2 methods!Modules #5 And #6: Reach Them EverywhereEnter Modules 5 and 6. In these two modules I will show you the piece of the puzzlethat everyone else is missing.And this is how youre going to beat other affiliates because they dont takeadvantage of this!
  • 13. Basically these modules provide you with tools, systems and plans of how to reachyour prospects everywhere... through Youtube, Dropbox, Facebook, Skype,Google+... whatever they might be using.This means A LOT of traction for your promotions!Module #7: Leveraging Your AssetsModule 7 is where things get really interesting. Now youre ready to take advantageof one of the most opportune things that until now, wasnt even remotely possible...but now it is!Youll be able to get other affiliates to mail through YOUR LINK because ofone simple bonus package strategy you can set up in a few hours!I will show you how to do this... as well as the nuances involved to make thetracking work perfectly and seamlessly.Module #8 And #9: Let The Experts Work For YouIn these modules, Im going to teach you how to create an "event based affiliatemarketing launch" where you get 5 to 7 big named marketers to mail their list... andeach promote their own product through your affiliate link.Its like the good old interview model... except that it works today and getsincredible results to almost everyone who does it.Plus, youre going to discover why its actually really easy to get the experts agreeto this... (theres something in it for them that they CRAVE! and no, its not"reputation", "exposure" or whatever)
  • 14. Modules #10 And #11: Scaling And OutsourcingScaling is important, because the more money you make, the more challenging itbecomes to keep your time cost down.You want to build something that you can add onto that will support the additionalLOAD you add to it.In these modules, youre going to learn every secret of scaling your affiliatebusiness up to whatever level you desire...While spending as little time as possible on active day to day work stuff.Module #12 - The Exit PlanIm assuming you want to retire one day, and not run this business up until youfind yourself on your deathbed.Once you get your affiliate marketing business up and running, over time the shiftbecomes to build it until its self sustaining, and then eventually until someone paysyou a huge lump sum (or monthly installments) to acquire it from you.Check Out The Awesome Bonuses!• Dropbox Delivery - all training modules, goodies, references guides, etc. will be sent directlyto Dropbox if you wish to connect with us!• Google+ Private Community - with direct access to Jason Fladlien and member interaction,networking and all other kinds of good stuff• Affiliate Tracking Software - to protect your commissions and your links to make sure youmake all the money youre owed as an affiliate marketer!
  • 15. "How Much Does It Cost?"The price tag for similar products is around $2,500.In fact, AffiliateHD is going to cost $2,499 once the launch is over and we present itto the general public.Its not a fake scarcity tactic or anything. If you mark your calendar and come backlater to check out the website... I guarantee that it will cost that.But since youre an action taker (and I LOVE action takers!)...... Im going to make you a VERY SPECIAL offer.For a LIMITED time only, you can reserve your seat at the wildest ride this year...thats going to end your money worries, connect all the dots and let you enjoy life...for just $999.95. Alternatively, you can pick to pay $299.95/month for 4 months.It doesnt matter which one you pick. Its all the same... So just pick one that suitsyou best and lets start making some money together!Heres A Quick Rundown Of What Youre Getting...• Module 1 - Affiliate Profits Quickstart The goal is to make more than your investmentback by the end of the first month, and Ill show you just how to do that through Skype.• Module 2 - Your Passive Income Foundation Pilfering a handful of $500 to $1000commissions each month by exploiting one single trick.• Module 3 & 4 - Expand Your Audience How to use the Facebook newsfeed advertisingmethod and Google+ community "syphoning" to build an affiliate machine of influencethats unstoppable.• Module 5 & 6 - Reach Them Everywhere How well take that newfound audience andblitzkrieg them so were everywhere they are when they want to purchase something... andtap into their network of friends to grow exponentially.
  • 16. • Module 7 - Leveraging Your Assets getting THEM to mail through YOUR LINK because ofone simple bonus package strategy you can set up in a few hours!• Modules 8 & 9 - Let the Experts Work For You and create an "event based affiliatemarketing launch" where you get 5 to 7 big named marketers to mail their list... and eachpromote their own product through your affiliate link.• Modules 10 & 11 - Scaling & Outsourcing How to keep increasing your profits whilesimultaneously decreasing your time commitment.• Module 12 - The Exit Plan how to sell your affiliate business (or chunks of it) and retire.A Brighter Future Is Just One Decision AwayIm pretty excited about you.Because when you look back at all your success...Theres going to be this one decision that you can trace it all back to.The one decision that finally made sense. That connected the dots. That allowedyou to escape the rat race of your 9-5... and that finally set you up with somepassive income so you can do whatever you want while...working a manageable amount of hours!(Notice how Im NOT promising you $254,251.74 while you sleep. Thats NOTgoing to happen right now. Maybe in 10 years.)Most of this stuff can be applied if you have 3 hours a day or even less.Lets run some numbers...
  • 17. Imagine that you only made 1% of what I did in 7 days. I made $254,081.50, so1% of that would be $2,500+. Thats a realistic number... in fact, Id say itspessimistic.Now, if you spent 3 hours per day for 5 days to make that... Thats 15 hours.And $2,500 divided by 15 is roughly $165. Thats a very decent hourly wage,wouldnt you agree?Heres the decision youre facing.You can either get in as soon as you can before the special offer ends...... And strap yourself for a wild yet profitable ride that has the potential ofsetting you up for life...... because youll get in on the ground floor on what is possibly the biggestopportunity in years...OR...You can pass. Maybe youre too busy as it is and maybe youre making loadsand stacks of crispy cash.Maybe you want to continue chasing the pipe dream others are selling.Whatever the case...Know that if you miss this and come back later, youre going to pay $2,499...unless theres a special offer going (and there wont be for at least a year!)Are you ready to make the right decision?
  • 18. Get AffiliateHD Now!P.S.: Afraid to invest that much money? After you buy AffiliateHD, mark yourcalendar to 29 days from now... and on the 29th day, if you feel you haventgotten at least $10,000 real world value out of the course, ask for a no hasslerefund and youll get every penny you paid back - no questions asked!P.P.S.: If youve read the letter carefully, youve probably walked away withat least 3 techniques that you can use immediately... Youre going to get thatmany in 5 minutes INSIDE the course... yet it wont feel overwhelming becauseyoull always be aware of the big picture!