Rapid Crush Is My Favorite Affiliate Program


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Rapid Crush Is My Favorite Affiliate Program

  1. 1. eleanorprior.com http://eleanorprior.com/rapid-crush-favorite-affiliate-program/Rapid Crush Is My Favorite Affiliate ProgramEleanor PriorI love love love love… yes f our love’s f or emphasis Jason Fladlien and WilsonMattos f rom Rapid Crush. Their af f iliate program rocks! Not only do they createproducts that will make you money, but they are phenominal products. They rangef rom ebooks, webinar training, and sof tware. I have purchased several products thatthey have made, so I have no problem recommending their products to anyone.Let me tell you how they have their af f iliate program structured. Most if not all oftheir products pay 50% commissions. Some are 50% recurring membershipcommissions. Did someone say double dipping was not ok? With “Lif e Time LeadTracking” which means you can make money on all f uture sales f rom your leads andother perks.Like clock work af f iliates are paid every 30 days, unless you generate more than $500 in one week, then theboys will pay you weekly.Sign up as an af f iliate, you won’t regret it! Just click on one of the product links below and visit the sales page,f ind the af f iliates link which is generally at the bottom of the page, click and sign up to be an af f iliate.So in honor of Wonder Boy’s (Jason Fladlien) new son being born today, these are Jason’s own words“Fladlien 2.0 is here. Welcome Maximus Fladlien” I thought it would be f un to give him a bunch of link love to allof his products. I have them listed in the order of products I have purchased and can’t live without!WPTwin allows you to backup your WordPress sites in Blogs in seconds. I can not live without my WPTwin, Ibackup my sites and move sites.Video Mystic is f ull of Jason’s Best VideoMarketing Secrets.Easy Redirect Script is the best cloaking script ever, it provides protection f rom commission thef t and more!Amazon S3 Tutorial in this tutorial you will learn how to use Amazon S3 f or hosting your videos andmembership site content.S3FlowShield will save you tons of money in bandwidth. And protect your membership site content, which inturn will make you lots more prof its.WPMemberChamp a WordPress plugin that allows you to set up f ully f unctioning membership sites in a coupleof minutes and integrate a af f iliate program.WPFileLock allows you to instantly protect your products in seconds.
  2. 2. Auction Webinar this webinar only happens about 3 times a year, there are giveaways I won a iPod touch andsof tware on the last one I attended. But the best part is the products are auctioned of f at amazing prices.Webinar Legend 2.0 probably the most expensive item I have purchased with them, but a phenominal training. Ifyou have any interest in holding webinars this is a must have course.WP Webinar Pro “Automatically Add Webinar Sign-ups To Your Email List!” Because isn’t that the pointanyways?Webinar Pitch Secrets that generated $394,791.79 f or Jason and WillMembers Lab Training How You Can Create Your Own Super-Prof itable Membership SitesQR Champ become a QR code consultantPayment Shield Pro a digital guide to teach you how to mitigate the risk of having your paypal account f rozenor shut down.WP Mobile Pro Build Mobile Websites In Minutes!Coupon Deputy Coupon Deputy is a unique “couponing” system that utilizes social media to help localbusinesses acquire more customers.6 Figure Baby by Jason Fladlien How Jason Fladlien earned 6 f igures online the month his f irst daughter wasborn…Plugin Hotshot If you’d like to learn how to create premium WordPress plugins, then you’re in the right place!These products above are ones that I have purchased and use, I might be missing a couple that I have listedbelow here and several are on my wish list still.WP Local Pro Theme A theme specif ically designed f or of f line consultants to help build websites f or localbusinesses… and get paid handsomely f or it!Step by Step Mobile is an exclusive series of strategy sessions covering only the core essentials you need toknow to make money.WP Fan Pro How to create prof essional f an page apps and tabs in minutes with this special sof tware6 in 6 coaching Interactive Coaching & Internet TrainingMeasure My SEO “This should be a required WordPressplugin f or anyone concerned about search engine rankings…”Plus One Prof its When someone clicks a “+1″ button on any of your pages, it helps get their f riends to alsocome visit your site.WP Squeeze Pro Instantly build squeeze pages adn lead capture pages with a f ew clicks of a mouse!WP Like Lockout Simple to use sof tware that encourages visitors on your website to like your f acebook f anpages…Linked Ninja How To Use LinkedIn™ ToGet More Local Business Clients (This is a product that Jason and Will promote, not one they created.)WP Secure Pro These 7 Vulnerable Weak Points Leave Your WordPress Blogs Naked As A Bluejay To Hackers,
  3. 3. WP Secure Pro These 7 Vulnerable Weak Points Leave Your WordPress Blogs Naked As A Bluejay To Hackers,Crackers & Digital Terrorists… Who Take Down Tens Of Thousands Of Blogs Every Day Just For The Fun OfIt500 in 24 The top marketers discuss what they would do if they had to start over again f rom scratch and buildan online business…WP Text Pro Sof tware that allows you to easily do text message marketing f or yourself or f or clients…WP Split Tester Pro I don’t need to tell you how important split testing is – you already know it. Yet, chancesare you don’t do it.FB Advocate How To Utilize The Facebook Group “Snowball Ef f ect” To Get…Stopwatch Copywriting In 9 steps Jason can “program” a copywriting process into your mind that will practicallyguarantee your success when it comes to writing persuasive copy.WP Pin Pro A unique way to integrate pinterest with any and all images on your blog or f acebook f an page…Domain Clout ‘Domaining’ Has Never Been Simpler!Would you like to tap into our inventory of 500+ premium domains..?Double Your Productivity For Lif e How to get more stuf f done and double your productivity in less than 24hours f rom now…Copy eClass How to write copy f or an audience who will consume your message via websites and other onlinemedia outlets.7 Minute Articles Does The Thought Of Writing Another WORD Makes You Cringe?48 Hour Report Discover How You Can CreateValuable, In Demand, Helpf ul and ACTION-INSPIRING Inf ormation Products In Less Than 48 HoursMind State Change Wanted: savvy individuals f or covert mind experiments…Bare Essence Squeeze Pages These are some of the simplest squeeze pages to create by they convert oh sowell…Instant Expert How to master new f ound skills in record time…Wishy Washy Guru “Personal Development For People Who Can’t Stand Wishy Washy Personal DevelopmentGurus”WP Redirector The f irst ever time-based redirect sof tware… create inf inite “redirect chains…”TubeMethod everything you could ever want to know about Google Hangouts and optimizing your YouTubevideosOf f line X Factor The #1 Forum For Local Business Consultants created by Jack MizeContent Forever For People Who Want To Create High Quality Content Easily..Sign up to be notif ied about their up and coming f ree webinar You will rapidly crush on the boys to, I promise.You will want to sign up f or their Skype Mastermind group, I love it Jason shares great tidbits that he comes
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