Outreach presentation for the open oakland economic development subcommittee


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Short presentation used by the Open Oakland Economic Development subcommittee when conducting informational interviews. This presentation was given to Oakland City staff and the Kapor Center in January and April respectively.

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Outreach presentation for the open oakland economic development subcommittee

  1. 1. Making Our City (better)
  2. 2. • A Code for America Brigade • All volunteer led & operated – 501(c)(3)… • Techs, advocates, gov staff, researchers, Oakland fans. • Meet weekly for civic hack nights in city hall! • Focused on Open Government, Open Data, Opensource tech • Work as a community, supporting OpenGov in OAK www.openoakland.org
  3. 3. • A resident with no tech background. Yes. You. • A developer • A designer • A business person • A city staff person • A nonprofit worker or an advocate • A student • A marketer www.openoakland.org Yes, we need you! If you are…
  4. 4. What is Civic Hacking Photo credits: Library of Congress
  5. 5. Photo credits: Sunlight Foundation
  6. 6. Why Open Source?
  7. 7. Our Projects
  8. 8. Make – your voice heard
  9. 9. Supporting other makers/hackers data.openoakland.org
  10. 10. What Open Enables www.openbudgetoakland.org Search, explore, discuss. Easily
  11. 11. Following the money
  12. 12. Adopt Your City (Infrastructure) adoptadrainoakland.com
  13. 13. Coming soon… Councilmatic!
  14. 14. Economic Development + Open Oakland Kami Griffiths - Community Technology Network Sarah Filley - PopUp Hood Max Cadji - Phat Beets Susan Montauk - Oakland Parks Commission Eleanor Hollander - Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Jose Corona - Inner City Advisors Reverend Daniel Buford - Allen Temple Baptist Church Amy Henderson - Rebuild the Dream Susan Mernit - Live Work Oakland Mario Lugay - Kapor Center Steve Spiker - Urban Strategies Council ...and the City of Oakland!
  15. 15. What We’ve Heard Possible Projects • Create/aggregate a database of tech access points (CTN) • Tech training for staff (Phat Beets) • Identifying the true cost of digital illiteracy (CTN) • System for submitting, processing, & tracking building & business permits (City of Oak) • Accessing the data collected by apps like Spot Mojo collected? (City of Oakland) • Inventory of available business space (City of Oakland, PopUp Hood) • Connect volunteers to park projects (Parks Commission) • Tech literacy assessment/standardization (Open Oakland) • Mentoring • Tech training with small business in areas of transition (City) • Supporting the City’s Business Assistance Center (City)
  16. 16. What We’ve Heard Geographic Areas of Focus • San Pablo corridor • High Street and Fruitvale Ave. in East Oakland • Old Fairfax Antique Row in East Oakland • Golden Gate Neighborhood • Old Oakland • International Boulevard
  17. 17. Reaching Us ●@OpenOakland ●Submit ideas online: openoakland.org/ideas ●Civic Hack Night Tues 6:30 in Hearing Room ●Contact us directly: ○@eleanorcasson ellie.casson@gmail.com ○@siruguri siruguri@gmail.com ○@ellietumbuan ellie.tumbuan@gmail.com ○@Howard_D howarddy@gmail.com ○@consultantweet pthompson@atlanticfusion.com ○ neil@swansway.com