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  • Self esteem - health not a priority Opening hours and waiting times Other priorities – housing Issues of drug & alcohol use Difficulties with authority/rules Perception of health issues Lack of funds to go to appointments Remembering appointments Practicalities e.g. Luggage, pets
  • The only way to genuinely tackle homelessness is to utilise the knowledge and experience of homeless people themselves. Groundswell brings everyone together including policy makers, managers, frontline staff and homeless people to create effective solutions to homelessness. When everyone is meaningfully involved, not only does this create more effective services, but the process also helps people regain their independence.


  • 1. The problem and its cost Barriers – health is relative, self esteem, other priorities, drugs/alcohol The problem – homeless peoples’ access to NHS care, prevention, appropriate use Cost = Financial and moral; – Homeless people use 4 times more acute services than the general population – 8 times more inpatient services – Stay in hospital 3 times longer (due to complexity of illness not discharge) – 33% A&E episodes vs 4% gen pop
  • 2. The Innovation – a Peer Approach TB van – 45% -75% s cre e ning u p take R e cru it & train p e op le with e xp e rie nce of h om e le s s ne s s – 5 into e m p loym e nt P e e r Ad vocate s s u p p ort h om e le s s clie nts to atte nd h e alth ap p ointm e nts An ad vocacy ap p roach – e nab ling th e clie nt to ch oos e h ow to ad d re s s h e alth is s u e D ata colle ction to e vid e nce cos t s aving
  • 3. Diffusion and adoption• We s tm ins te r – 201 0 5 ad vocate s s u p p orte d 57 clie ntsto 200 ap p ointm e nts•We s tm ins te r & H &F – 201 1 , 1 2 ad vocate s s u p p orte d95 p e op le to 400 ap p ointm e nts•E xp ans ion into C am d e n 201 2 volu ntary s e ctor p artne rs h ip s ch am p ions – frontline N H S s taff m u tu al b e ne fits  S im p licity & targe te d – e .g. j nior d octors u b e th @ grou nd s we ll.org.u k 020 7976 01 1 1