Spring forward


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What a beautiful way to Spring Forward as we enter into a brand new season. One that reflects Life; Rebirth; Love and various emotions; sights and scents we encounter. However; none can ever be more important than Springing Forward into JESUS.

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Spring forward

  1. 1. About My FATHER’s Business evangelistic Ministry
  2. 2. Spring Forward in JESUS If you are the following which will be disclosed within the magazine; JESUS The CHRIST wants you; JESUS is in search of you. I want you to know and understand that the Good News of JESUS CHRIST is especially for you. Don’t concentrate on who else may benefit because this magazine is being dedicated to you especially. Understand this beloved; GOD the FATHER is the one who makes mankind righteous through HIS anointed Son, CHRIST JESUS. Hab. 2:4 discloses to us “But the person who is righteous will live his life by trust.” However, there is only access to becoming righteous in JESUS alone. JESUS is completely righteous and it is in HIS righteousness that we become righteous. JESUS came and HIS very name directs us to why HE came on earth. JESUS is translated Saviour; Salvation; the LORD is Salvation and the LORD Saves. JESUS directs us back to our creator not only to be recognized by HIM as only our creator but to be known as HIS child and GOD to be our FATHER. Jhn.14:6, JESUS said; I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the FATHER except through ME. Without HIM this is where we are; There is no one righteous, not even one! No one understands; no one seeks GOD, Rom. 3:11.
  3. 3. So my dear readers; here is the answer to an age old question. Is GOD angry with me? No! We are all born in sin because of Adam who sinned and the curse is being passed down from generation to generation. Sin is becoming bolder and will continue to become bolder. Our sinfulness is not our personal fault; however, our sin is our personal fault when we hear the truth; don’t believe and will not accept the truth. Our sin is also our fault when we know the truth and choose to return to our old way of life. JESUS came that we will have life and have this life more abundantly. We have all experienced life in granules. Our sin is also our fault when we know the truth and choose to return to our old way of life. JESUS came that we will have life and have this life more abundantly. We have all experienced life in granules. We look at ourselves and the works of creation all around us and deny that GOD is the one who created you and all that is in the world. GOD is eternal and mankind who was created to be eternal is eternal and yet can be viewed as temporary. Everything that GOD has created remains everything that mankind has designed is destroyed; it’s temporary.
  4. 4. Everything GOD has created has remained through the eons of time; nothing has been improved upon by HIM because HE is excellence personified. HE has no need to outdo HIMSELF; besides whom can HE compare HIMself to? However, when mankind harnessed electricity (created by GOD) and filaments were designed to make the first un-natural light known as bulbs; those have been improved upon. Think about it; mankind began to use fire to increase the use of light; we evolved and began to use gas light and now we are using electric light. And there is nothing wrong at all with improving; after all we are all hard wire to improve what is; to what can be. And who do we get our influence from? Why GOD of course; yet, HIS credit has been given to historical men and women who has made it possible to make our lives easier. The works of GOD is plain this is what I'm trying to get you to see. We really don’t have an excuse as to why we choose to ignore who GOD is in all of HIS glory. However, because of our sinful nature; we don’t desire the things of GOD; we don’t desire to hear the straight-forward truth. We want the truth if and when it’s mixed with what we want to hear; when no one is stepping on our toes because they are addressing issues that we don’t want to give up or turn over to GOD.
  5. 5. Our thinking is futile; frivolous, trifling and unimportant. Our thoughts can’t be compared to those things that GOD deems important. Take a look at what scripture informs us: Is.55:8-9, For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts. I know that we all have a concept of GOD because I hear far too many people curse GOD with the use of god [you know the rest]. In your ignorance each time you say this profane word you curse GOD and you blaspheme GOD. But you don’t realize that it’s you who will be cursed. I know that we have a concept of GOD because too many people claim that HE does not exist by calling themselves agnostic or an atheist and then you get heated when someone shares their faith in GOD. Well if GOD does not exist; why does it bother you that someone desires to speak about someone that they believe in? I don’t believe in Santa Clause but I don’t get heated when people post images of a fat, jolly old white hair man in a velvet red suit. I don’t get heated when I go shopping and the image of Santa Clause is ringing a bell for donations or sitting in a large chair so that your precious child may sit on his lap.
  6. 6. Not knowing if the person is getting his jollies off while entertaining your child on his lap. Just trying to give you something to think about. No need to get uptight about anything that does not matter to you and what you don’t personally believe in. You have a right to believe in whomever and what-ever you like to believe in. Our hearts are dark; cold and hard when GOD does not exist within our heart. We have replaced HIS wisdom with our own self wisdom that is as about as helpful as a handful of magic beans. Instead of knowing and adhering to the command of not making images of a god. The Most High GOD is invisible with the exception of JESUS and those who belong to JESUS. Meaning; when we want to see GOD; look to JESUS and to see GOD and JESUS; look at yourself because we were created in the image of GOD. We don’t have a need to hang pictures of a man who is standing in as a model for who JESUS is; so that we can have someone to look at. We don’ have a need to argue about what the complexion of his skin is; why do we care so much? His blood is red and it flowed for you. It does not matter about the grade of HIS hair; we each have various grades of hair and that does not depict if we are black, brown, red, white or yellow; why does this matter?
  7. 7. I tell you why these ridiculous things matter so much to you; it’s because the enemy will use whatever he needs to use to get your eyes off the truth and deafen your eyes from hearing the truth in CHRIST JESUS which is what we are to focus our vision on and tune our ears to. In the eyes of GOD there are only Jews and Gentiles, Saved and Un-saved and the human race which is Jew and Gentile both need a Savior and HE came to save us all from the curse of sin; HIS name is JESUS. And because it’s the blood of the father that determines who we are in matters of nationality and blood type; once we come to JESUS if we are Gentiles we will become Jewish and our blood has been transfused with the blood of JESUS because we are no longer dirty in sin. GOD is not; nor is JESUS a mere human; see GOD and JESUS in your heart. Not on your walls; not on a charm around your bracelet or necklace. Not in granite, marble, wood, stone or any other form to design an idol. No; GOD is not angry with us; however, HE does and will give us over to what we love so greatly over HIM. GOD will never force any of us to be better than who we are. We all have a right to be whom or what we want to be. So as I opened up with;
  8. 8. • • • • • • • “If you are the following; JESUS wants you; JESUS is looking for you.” Without JESUS you have: A vile heart You are lustful You shamefully mis-use your precious body You are an idolater You do every type of improper thing through perversion You are filled with wickedness, evil, greed, vices, jealousy, murderous, quarrelsome, liars, ill-willed towards others, gossipers, slanderers, haters of the true and living GOD, insolent, arrogant, boastful, plot to get over on people, rebellious , disobedient to father and mother, no common sense, faithless, heartless, sexual immorality, impure, indecent, involved with the occult and drugs, argumentative, violent, selfish, envious, drunkards, participants in orgies, involved with groups/cliques that cause dissention, nosey and ruthless. Let’s be honest; do or did you see anything in those characteristics that is worth loving and not have a problem with a deserved eternal punishment? Now you may think that these are my own personal dissatisfied and judgmental causes that I have against others.
  9. 9. However, those traits came straight from scripture in Romans 1 and Galatians 5. I hope that by now you are asking yourself; “what must I do to be saved?” Well I'm so happy that you are asking that question because it’s so very simple. If we can believe in things from the heart that mean us no good and we all do. Then we can believe with the heart that which is truthful and affirmed. In your very mouth and heart are the words that we all have had to confess openly and that you too will have to confess. You don’t have to shout them if you don’t want to; you can say them as quietly as a whisper. One day soon; you will openly profess your belief without fear or awkwardness. Acknowledge through your mouth that JESUS Is The LORD. Trust in your heart that GOD raised JESUS from the dead. And if you with your entire heart trust what you said and have actually said that JESUS Is The LORD; then it is with great assurance that you are now delivered from the wrath of GOD’s punishment which was never created and meant for mankind anyway. And I myself will like to welcome you to the family; you are now my actual brother or sister. What a way to enter into the season of spring. In JESUS!
  10. 10. AMFBeM Why not give the ministry a call so that we can shout for joy with the angels in heaven and with you for the greatest decision you will have ever made in your entire life. Office: 888-623-7277 WWW. http://amfbem.me Face book: AMFBeMinistry Twitter: AMFBeMinistry Mailing Address: AMFBeM POB 90770, Washington, DC 20090