U.S - Turkey Smart Grid Workshop - Ahmet Bayramoğlu


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U.S - Turkey Smart Grid Workshop - Ahmet Bayramoğlu

  1. 1. Welcome 1
  2. 2. About Us Bereket GroupAydem is a member of Bereket Group Companies.Total revenue of the Group Companies is almost $ 2 billion in a year and we employmore than 4000 people.Group Companies;• BEREKET ENERGY established as first private power plant in 1995 in Turkey. After being completed continuing projects, installed capacity will be over 1000 MW in 2015 and the amount of production will reach 4 billion kWh per year.• BEREKET GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Bereket Geothermal was formed in order to utilize Turkey’s rich geothermic resources. The company’s first project involved the distribution of heat to residential areas in Sarayköy, Denizli using geothermal energy, reaching 3,000 homes• ELSAN Formed in Denizli in 1980, the company has achieved significant success in the electricity sector. ELSAN manufactures electrical materials, in particular enameled coil wire, and is one of the leading companies in its sector.
  3. 3. About Us Aydem• Aydem owned by Bereket Enerji, has taken over the operating rights to electricity distribution and retail services of Aydın, Denizli and Muğla provinces in 2008. Aydem offers power distribution and retail sales service to about 1.6 million subscribers in Turkey’s wealthiest and fastest-growing distribution area. The main objective of Aydem, is to improve quality of service and customer satisfaction and try to provide its customers top quality service, by keeping up-to-date with developing technologies.• Ahmet BAYRAMOĞLU Distribution System Investments Manager at AYDEM;• He has previous experience working in different companies. After 3 years experience on cables&wires manufacturing industry he has joined electricity distribution sector at 2005. In privatization period he has taken an active part on reorganization of Aydem and he also assumed responsibilities about technical infrastructure projects of Aydem. He is the manager of distribution system investments group at Aydem DistCo. since 2010.
  4. 4. About Us General Info Area (km²) Population Districts Towns Villages Türkiye 814.500 74.714.269 892 1.976 34.391 Aydem 32.657 2.776.765 45 201 1.245 % 4,0 3,7 5,0 10,2 3,6 Underground Overhead Lines (km) Total (km) cables (km) MV 15.667 10.018 25.815 LV 19.622 22.678 42.300 TOTAL 35.289 32.696 68.115
  5. 5. About Us Technical InfoCustomers 1.603.529Employees (-subcont.) 638Total Installed Cap. (MVA) 3.162Peak Load (MW) 1.513Transformers (-3rd party) 9.376Street lights 392.165Poles 1.172.774
  6. 6. After takeover Investments• Aydem will invest $175 M between until 2015.• %20 of these investmens will be for technological improvements.• Between 2008-2012 Aydem has invested nearly $175 M;• After takeover, all IT infrastructure (software and hardware systems) has been renewed. Project suplliers;• CRM software has been renewed. Project supllier;• Aydem Call Center established (44 44 186) is operating 24/7 effectively both in Turkish and English.• GIS project has been completed and updates in progress.• SCADA-DMS Project in progress. Project supplier;• Aydem Master Plan Project in progress. Project supplier;• AMR –OSOS Project in progress Project supplier;
  7. 7. After takeover Theft&Losses• AYDEM has been giving a priority to electricity theft and losses.• Loss rate identified by the Public Council between 15.08.2008 and 15.08.2009 as %10,24. (Collection Loss is not included)• This rate has been decreased to %8,41 at the end of the year 2012. (Collection Loss is not included) What have we done: – Distribution System infrastructure replacements and developments – Upgrading Quality standarts – Effective supervision – Benchmarking analyzes on consumptions – AMR, SCADA-DMS, and other technological developments – Significant improvement on SAIDI and SAIFI
  8. 8. Thank you.