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Revision De Conceptos

Revision De Conceptos






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Revision De Conceptos Revision De Conceptos Presentation Transcript

  • CCNA 1 Championship Cisco UNACH Networking Academy
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting Network Concepts Electricity and Components Cabling Odds and Ends 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 600 600 600 600 700 700 700 700 7 00 6 00
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting 100 What is 1965 in hex? 7AD
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting 200 What is 186 in binary? 10111010
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting 300 What are networks with a subnet mask of .224 incremented by? (i.e. .32
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting 400 When the subnet mask of is assigned to a Class A address, how many usable IP addresses are available for hosts ? 6
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting 500 What network is host /16 on? DAILY DOUBLE
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting 600 /26 If you had a Class B address and needed 1,000 subnets, what mask would need to be applied? What is the / notation?
  • Binary, Hex, and Subnetting 700 A small company has a Class C network license and needs to create six subnets, each subnet capable of accommodating at least 20 hosts. What subnet mask would be used?
  • Network Concepts 100 What are some key features of the TCP/IP Transport layer?
    • uses TCP and UDP protocols
    • uses flow control through sliding windows
    • provides reliability through sequence numbers
  • Network Concepts 200 What 3 protocols are used by e-mail to transfer data between clients and servers and between servers?
    • POP3
    • IMAP4
    • SMTP
  • Network Concepts 300 Name 3 routed protocols. Name 3 routing protocols. Which are Cisco’s proprietary routing protocols?
    • Routed—IP, IPX, DecNet, XNS, Appletalk
    • Routing—RIPv1, RIPv2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS
  • Network Concepts 400 Name 3 things that can cause a network condition called “broadcast radiation.”
    • video over IP applications
    • ARP requests
    • RIP updates
  • Network Concepts 500 What does the Spanning Tree Algorithm resolve? switching loops
  • Network Concepts 600 How does a device on a network find the MAC address of another device AND which term describes an ARP response by a router on behalf of a requesting host?
    • It broadcasts an ARP request.
    • proxy ARP
  • Network Concepts 700 What are the 4 encapsulation units and their associated OSI model layers? Segments—Transport Layer Packets—Network Layer Frames—Data Link Layer Bits—Physical Layer
  • Electricity and Components 100 Describe Coulomb's law.
    • Opposite charges react to each other with a force that causes them to be attracted to each other (positive to negative)
    • Like charges react to each other with a force that causes them to repel each other (negative to negative)
  • Electricity and Components 200 What are some good conductors of electricity? (Name at least 3.) Copper, silver, gold, solder
  • Electricity and Components 300 Describe Direct Current.
    • DC always flows in the same direction.
    • DC voltages always have the same polarity.
    • The flow of electrons is always from a negatively charged source to a positively charged source.
  • Electricity and Components 400 Describe Alternating Current.
    • AC flows in one direction.
    • AC voltage reverses its polarity, so that the positive terminal becomes negative, and the negative terminal becomes positive.
  • Electricity and Components 500 Describe a MAC address. Describe an IP address. Which octet describes the network portion of an address?
    • MAC--twelve hexadecimal digits (48 bits)
      • MAC—6 digits OUI, 6 digits vendor assigned
    • IP—32 dotted decimal format
      • Class A, Nhhh; Class B, NNhh; Class C, NNNh
  • Electricity and Components 600 Which wireless standard increased transmission capabilities to 11 Mbps?
    • 802.11b
  • Electricity and Components 700 What command will test the internal loopback of a node? ping
  • Cabling 100 During cable testing, what two things are used to calculate the information carrying capacity of a data cable?
    • attenuation
    • analog bandwidth
  • Cabling 200 Where should the highest capacity Ethernet technologies be implemented in a network? (List 3.)
    • between backbone switches
    • between enterprise server and switch
    • on aggregate access links
  • Cabling 300 What networking media offers high security , long distance , and is unaffected by electrical noise? fiber
  • Cabling 400 How does adding more hubs to a network (and connecting workstations to those hubs) affect collision domains? The size of the collision domain is extended.
  • Cabling 500 Which three things are common to all 100BASE technologies?
    • frame formatting
    • timing
    • multi-part encoding
  • Cabling 600 What type of cable is used between a terminal and router’s console port? Between a switch and a switch? Between a workstation and a hub?
    • rollover
    • crossover
    • straight-through
  • Cabling 700 In 10Base2, describe what the 10 represents, then what Base represents, then what 2 represents.
    • 10 Mbps
    • baseband signaling
    • 200 meters (185)
  • Odds and Ends 100 file size and bandwidth of link What is two things are required to compute the estimated time it would take to transfer data from one location to another?
  • Odds and Ends 200 How long would it take a 10MB file to be sent over a T1 connection? 52 secs (T=S/BW)
  • Odds and Ends 300 What does 1000BASE-T use to accomplish gigabit speeds on Cat 5e cable? the use of all four pairs of wires in full-duplex mode, simultaneously
  • Odds and Ends 400 What kind of wiring is Ethernet considered the standard for? (Think of standards.)
    • inter-building
    • vertical
    • horizontal
  • Odds and Ends 500 An ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) is composed of how many signaling channels? How many data channels? 1 signal channel ( D elta channel) 16 kpbs 2 data channels ( B earer channels) 64 kpbs each
  • Odds and Ends 600 What devices are associated with the Physical layer, the Data Link layer, and the Network layer of the OSI model?
    • Physical layer—patch panels, connectors, media, hubs, repeaters
    • Data link layer—NICs, switches, bridges
    • Network layer--routers
  • Odds and Ends 700 TFTP and FTP If a network administrator needed to download files from a remote server, which protocols could the administrator use to remotely access those files?