Paradise Within The Bahamas_ Atlantis - An Overview , With Video Clip S


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Paradise Within The Bahamas_ Atlantis - An Overview , With Video Clip S

  1. 1. Paradise Within The Bahamas: Atlantis - An Overview , With VideoClip SParadise Island is in the Bahamas, just across a brief bridge from Nassau. The area is namedproperly – it truly is a tropical paradise! absolutely no written description does the actual naturalbeauty of this little tropical isle justice. It’s one of those rare things you have to see to think.As you appear from boat or airplane , the first thing you’ll notice may be the amazing water. It’scompletely clear, within shades of sunshine blue, aquamarine, royal azure , and nearly purple, withrespect to the depth. The sea is flanked by white manicured seashores , dotted with graceful hands.The next thing you’ll probably notice are all the actual plants as well as shrubs, many with colorfulflowers. Everything is just so lush and green and vibrant ! It’s nearly as if the actual sunlight differshere. Like I stated , it’s hard to describe.When traveling to the Bahamas and paradise Island, you’ll find that you possess lots of lodgingchoices. Included in this are hotels ranging from budget to opulent, private vacation rental houses ,luxurious villas , and inns. Some of the most popular accommodations are the resorts, as well asreigning supreme among these is Atlantis on paradise Island.If you’re dreaming about a Bahamas vacation, chances are that the beaches are an integral part ofyour agenda. Atlantis will not disappoint! Atlantis beach is ideal – there’s really no other way toexplain it. The actual sand is actually soft as well as level, and the turquoise water is delightful.Guests at the resort have access to comfy patio chairs , beach umbrellas, and extra-large towels.Paradise Lagoon is seven acres of protected water – the perfect place for families with kids. Thelagoon boasts 2 beaches and offers all kinds of aquatic sports , including paddle boats as well asgreat scuba diving.Guests lodging at the Cove Atlantis are treated to The Cove Beach. This is a quieter, much moresecluded stretch of shore – the perfect spot for honeymooners and partners.You’ll have a wide range of choices within lodging, such as the beach structure , The Cove, the coralTowers, the actual Reef, the actual Royal systems , and Harborside. These include visitor rooms,studios , suites, penthouses, and villas.The Coral structure , the beach Tower, and the Reef supply relaxing lodging in a informal atmospherehaving a tropical beach theme.The 1 ,201 areas of the royal Towers reflect the story as well as culture from the lost region ofAtlantis, with murals , sculptures, as well as architecture.The Cove is totally upscale and consists of oceanfront suites , a presidential suite, as well aspenthouse suites. It’s all about luxury here. A few of the extras may include unique works of art,marble floors, soaking tubs, big balconies, as well as maple paneling. The pool area, with its privatecabanas and club , is restricted to adults.Atlantis is home to twenty-one restaurants. Included in this are fine eating with world-class chefspreparing Asian, french , Italian, southwestern , Mediterranean, as well as traditional Bahamiancuisines, together with fire-grilled steaks. Casual diners have the choice of chicken, hamburgers ,
  2. 2. sandwiches, deli items, preparing salads , Caribbean meals , American breakfast every day buffets,as well as fresh seafood. There’s also a Johnny Rockets onsite, as well as a poolside as well aslagoon-side gas grills. If you choose grabbing some quick refreshments , you have a choice of Ben aswell as Jerry’s, local cafe , Jamba juice , or some smoky bbq.Atlantis offers a number of dining plans for their guests. You can choose among informal dining plansand gourmet dining plans.If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with friendly whales , Atlantis offers the opportunity. The actualfourteen-acre environment is home to whales rescued from Hurricane Katrina. Guests can interactwith whales in the shallows, or you can don a snorkel and a water moped and frolic in the deep withyour new flippered friends.You can also spend more time with a professional trainer and get hands-on knowledge about caringfor dolphins as well as sea lions. And for a surreal experience , Atlantis guests have the opportunity tosnorkel with huge manta rays.Ever heard of snuba? It’s just like a combination of scuba diving and diving. You wear a go swimmingmask that’s fitted with an air hose pipe that supplies oxygen whilst you’re below water. It’s as easy asscuba diving , but you reach stay below for longer amounts of time , and you can explore deeperwater. It requires absolutely no special abilities – only a short guide , and you’re ready to go! this is awonderful encounter for anyone over the age of eight. Actually non-swimmers will enjoy a snubaadventure!Okay, we refer to these as aquariums , but which word doesn’t really fit. These incredible underwaterworlds are so much more !At Predator Lagoon, you can walk-through a clear marine tunnel as you watch sharks, sawfish,barracudas, rays, as well as enormous grouper swim close to and over you.The dig reflects the actual tunnels as well as thoroughfares from the lost region and functionslobsters, lionfish, hogfish, angelfish, clownfish, seahorses, jellyfish, piranhas, Goliath grouper, morayeels, and colorful reef fish.Ruins Lagoon is home to many ancient artifacts. It’s also home to zebra sharks, spotted bald eaglerays, grunts, jacks, as well as snapper. In all , there are more than 20,thousand fish floating aroundamong the damages.The Mayan forehead Shark Lagoon is perhaps the most amazing. Here, a person hop on a goodinner tube and slide through a obvious tunnel, exactly where you’re encompassed by nurse sharks,reef sharks, and other species of fish. These fish can also be seen from the outdoor patio. Forsomething a little more exciting , guests can in fact walk using the sharks by wearing a special marinehelmet.Reef Lagoon is home to intriguing nurse sharks, while at Cenote, visitors can view big alligator gars,cichlids, catfish, and pacu – the actual cousin towards the piranha.Hibiscus Lagoon is home to green sea turtles, hawksbill turtles, triggerfish, as well as Bermudachubs.Seagrapes Lagoon is actually housed in a large cave. Viewing home windows provide close-up
  3. 3. sightings of countless species of vibrantly colorful fish. Inhabitants include angelfish, azure parrotfish,range parrotfish, squirrelfish, butterfly fish , grunts, as well as rays.Speaking of rays, action over to Stingray Lagoon. In this shallow pool , you’ll observe Southernstingrays and cow nosed stingrays. When it’s feeding period at the lagoon, visitors are allowed totouch as well as feed these graceful animals.Pamper yourself having a luxurious encounter at the Mandara Spa Atlantis. It functions warm as wellas cold dive pools, bathhouses , a beauty salon , steam areas , private lounges, and a goodaromatherapy room. Guests can get their teeth whitened, enjoy a massage or even have a facial orentire body treatment.Mandara utilizes techniques from both far eastern and traditional western cultures as well as usesstone therapy, reflexology, and conventional Caribbean techniques to ensure clients excellent resultsand a rewarding , relaxing encounter.Atlantis guests have the gorgeous 18-hole course at Ocean membership. Designed by ben Wesikopf,the actual championship program provides manicured greens as well as spectacular views of theparadise Island coastline. This course is home to the michael jordan Celebrity Invitational tournamentand is considered to be among the world’s best courses. Didn’t bring your clubs? no problem – youcan rent a collection at the program.The fitness center at Atlantis offers all the latest in physical exercise for the entire body , spirit, as wellas mind. It offers a host of pounds machines, elliptical trainer , stationary bikes , free weights, as wellas treadmills. There’s also a clapboard pool, and also a courtyard with regard to yoga. Sign up for apersonal trainer or for a category in bikram yoga , aerobics, or even tennis. The actual fitness centeris actually complete with bathrooms , locker areas , lounges, as well as pro store.Next to the health club is the rock-climbing area. The actual twelve areas range from simple tochallenging, and all sorts of ages more than six will find a wall perfect for them. Individual lessons aswell as group lessons are available. Kids under thirteen need to have an adult with them.From my personal experience in the actual Bahamas, the hawaiian islands experience frequent rainbathrooms. That’s why everything is therefore green! the actual showers are often short-lived, as wellas after the sun reappears, every thing looks clean and shiny. That’s great for all of the foliage,however it’s no fun being stuck in a room with kids on a rainy vacation day , right? dont worry atAtlantis. You’ll find plenty of interior activities to keep everyone happy during a downpour.One such activity is taking in a movie at Atlantis theater. It’s free for guests. Just make a quick stop atthe actual concession stand for some treats , and you and the kids is going to be set for a couple ofhours!This is a great activity for children. They choose an animal type and things it on their own , to theirown requirements. Then they choose clothing as well as accessories for their furry friend. Availableanimals include pink flamingoes, dogs, cats , zebras, has , and tigers. This is an execllent indooractivity.Need some peace and quiet with a good book ? Head to the Atlantis Library, exactly where you’ll findmore than 2 ,000 volumes on a variety of topics. There are also computers, board games , puzzles,
  4. 4. as well as quizzes to keep you mentally sharp!The marina at Atlantis is one of the finest in the world. Amble down as well as book passage on aluxurious yacht to understand more about one of the “out islands.” If you choose something muchmore exciting, panel a fishing charter in search of some angling action in the fertile Bahamian waters.Cast with regard to bonefish or even hook up having a marlin, tuna, king mackerel, sailfish,dolphinfish, wahoo, cobia, barracuda, amberjack, grouper, permit , snapper, shark, or a huge tarpon.The great thing about fishing in the Bahamas is the fact that something is always in period , andsomething’s always biting !When the sun sinks into the sea , things truly heat up at Atlantis! attend a rollicking comedy display ,take in a concert, view the game on the big screen tv , or dancing the night aside. With severalchoices, you’re sure to look for a lounge or even club to your liking. The problem is going to bedeciding which one to frequent ! Visit among the high tech clubs , one of the advanced lounges, atreadmill of the informal open-air bars for some grownup fun.The very first time I entered this on line casino , I was overcome ! It’s huge , and it’s beautiful.Employees are very useful and friendly , too. You’ll find all kinds of tournaments, outdoor gaming,race and sports activities book, black jack , roulette, casino craps , and baccarat, along with mypersonal favorite – the actual slots. Atlantis Casino offers 850 slots ! Any time you seem like tryingyour luck, the actual casino is waiting for. It’s open up 24-7.So, what else could you do at Atlantis apart from soak up the actual glorious Bahamian sun as well asswim in the warm tropical water? a lot ! You’ll never be bored here. Guests possess free use of the141-acree water park , with 11 pools, exciting water 35mm slides , a mile of river lines , waterfalls,rapids, and mountain climbing. There’s a unique area for children – Splasher’s Island – with ropebridges, water cannons, tube water 35mm slides , water tires , and water features. Getting wet hasnever been a lot fun!Atlantis is for everyone who loves the beach , water activities , great meals , casinos, excitingnightlife, as well as natural beauty. It is designed with all ages in mind. Kids willmake the actualmemory a person can have here, and thus will honeymooners. The old, the actual young, and theyoung at heart are experiencing the ultimate tropical island travel to Atlantis!Atlantis is a lot more affordable than youre probably thinking. With special deals, vacation packages ,and diet plans , youll probably be able to fit a call into your vacation budget!Costa Rica all inclusive