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Vivino Case Study
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Vivino Case Study


Published on

How to bootstrap your startup & build a towering global success

How to bootstrap your startup & build a towering global success

Published in: Business, Career

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  • 1. How to bootstrap your startup & build a towering global success ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 2. “Without freelancers we couldn’t have launched Vivino, nor become the world’s most-downloaded wine app.” Heini Zachariassen, Founder/CEO Vivino ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rrights  reserved.    Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  rademarks  oof  Elance,  Inc.    All   ights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  t trademarks   f  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 3. Here’s how one startup assembled all the right pieces for success … ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 4. Vivino is a mobile app allowing wine lovers to photograph and share wine labels, as well as rate and discuss wines. ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 5. Most downloaded wine app in the world To create their app quickly Vivino required a team with specialized skills, including image recognition technology. Working with online freelancers, Vivino grew from a Copenhagen startup to an iTunes sensation. ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.   Highest ranked wine app in U.S. Spotlighted on
  • 6. Elance helped Vivino build a game-changing business WEEK 1 - 4 Video producers Mobile app developers WEEK 8 - 10 WEEK 4 - 8 They built a hybrid workplace model, combining full-time employees and online freelancers Data entry specialists Database professionals Content writers Image recognition experts Translators FREELANCERS  (SCALING  AS  NEEDED)     FULL-­‐TIME  EMPLOYEES   ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 7. Now here’s a blueprint for successfully building your startup ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 8. Step One: Determine skills you need to build a game changing business Researcher?   Designer?   QA  Tester?   Translator?   ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.   Developer?   Content  Writer?  
  • 9. Step Two: Decide on full-time vs. freelance YES NO YES Will  the  job  distract  you  from     criDcal  projects?     NO YES Will  the  job  add  undue  stress     to  your  team?     NO YES Does  the  job  need  to  be     completed  ASAP?   NO YES Can  the  job  be  worked     on  remotely?   NO YES FREELANCER Is  the  job  outside  your     core  competency?     Are  you  too  busy  to  teach     someone  a  specialized  skill?     NO ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.   FULL-TIMER
  • 10. Step Three: Map out your game plan WEEK 1 - 4 Prototype and test WEEK 4 - 8 WEEK 8 - 10 Launch and refine Scale and succeed NOTE: Vivino's freelancers were scaled up and down based on the needs of its game plan ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 11. Step Four: Prototype and test PROTOYPE AND TEST WEEK 1 - 4 LAUNCH AND REFINE WEEK 4 - 8 What freelancers do you need at this stage? NOTE: Vivino hired 2 mobile app developers on Elance to build a beta version ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.   SCALE AND SUCCEED WEEK 8 - 10
  • 12. Step Five: Launch and refine PROTOYPE AND TEST WEEK 1 - 4 LAUNCH AND REFINE WEEK 4 - 8 SCALE AND SUCCEED WEEK 8 - 10 What freelancers do you need at this stage? NOTE: Vivino hired freelancers on Elance to build its database ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 13. Step Six: Scale and succeed PROTOYPE AND TEST WEEK 1 - 4 LAUNCH AND REFINE SCALE AND SUCCEED WEEK 4 - 8 WEEK 8 - 10 What freelancers do you need at this stage? NOTE: Vivino expanded the app to alternate platforms & translated it for global expansion ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 14. Vivino’s blueprint for success was staying flexible with freelancers Multiple languages added to Vivino app Vivino built 2 prototypes ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.   Vivino became #1 wine pairing app on iTunes Store Vivino app launched on alternate platforms Vivino received $10.3m in funding Vivino moved HQ to SF
  • 15. Ready to go? Use the following checklists to hire a perfect freelancer ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 16. Create your job post on Elance Write a clear and detailed description of the job NOTE: examples help Specify required skills and experiences Set a budget Elance Talent trends gives hourly price updates ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 17. Find top freelancers on Elance Browse job proposals submitted by freelancers Invite freelancers recommended by Elance View matches recommended by Elance and invite more freelancers Location may not matter (working across time zones can even work to your advantage) ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 18. Choose the perfect freelancer on Elance Look for: A genuine interest in your job A great portfolio Positive feedback/ratings Tested skills Consider testing out 2 or 3 freelancers with a small project first Negotiate terms and agree on milestones in advance ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 19. Manage your project on Elance Remember to manage at every step, checking in daily with freelancers If your requirements change, update terms and milestones Stay protected – never take jobs off Elance ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 20. Get started now on Elance Assemble all the right pieces for your startup’s success. Go to ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.  
  • 21. For valuable tips check out these resources: Startup Toolkit Guide to Hiring A Developer Hiring resource Center   Client’s Guide to Elance Elance webinar sign up Grow your startup even faster, by hiring freelancers on Elance. ©  Elance,  Inc.  2013.  All  rights  reserved.  Elance  and  Work  Differently  are  trademarks  of  Elance,  Inc.   START HERE