Media studies at sprowston high school 2012


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presentation for preferences assembly to outline course content

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Media studies at sprowston high school 2012

  2. 2. There are two different options GCSE OrBTEC MEDIA
  3. 3. GCSE is worth 1 x GCSE Grades A* - G Is studied for 5 hours a fortnight It is worth 1 x GCSEIt is suitable for those interested in the subjector combining creative and academic studies of the media, its industries and audiencesIt is 60% coursework & 40% GCSE
  4. 4. What is involved in a GCSE in Media Studies?? Year 10 is spent on producing a range of courseworkprojects the best of which get entered for your GCSE –one must be solo work and one must be group work. Year 11 prepares you for the exam can involve completing final practical projectsThis rigorous course combines theory with practical work in a fun, challenging way that makes learning enjoyable. Is it successful?? Most students meet or exceed their target grades.WE AVERAGE 75% A*-C or above over the past 4 years.We enter students at all levels of ability and celebrate everyone’s success.
  5. 5. Project 1: ADVERTISING• Study adverts• Write an essay showing understanding of messages and values• Plan, design, photograph and produce an original advertising campaign that uses gender stereotypes to sell a product; YOU are the star of the campaign
  6. 6. What do I need to look at to show I understand how the values and messages are communicated• What is the brand identity associations?• Is it iconic?• What morals and values does it represent?• Does it rely on stereotypes – how?• What values should we associate with the product?• What do we get as well when we buy the product?• Have the messages and values changed from what we normally see for this product?
  7. 7. Project 2;.this is group workRESEARCH & PLANNING;•investigate the documentary genre.•Plan an extract from an original documentary on a subject of your ownchoiceProduction 1 In an essay explain•What are the conventions; is wife swap a documentary? What is?? Is‘TOWIE really a documentary•How do audiences respond•Does the BBC make better documentaries than Channel 4????Production 2; in video format•to design and make an original documentary for TV•Ensure that it meets conventions and is under 4 minutes longEvaluation•A 700 word individual written evaluation in essay format
  8. 8. When is it too shocking?? • Religion • Boy midwives • Gender • Singl parents • War • Bad language in • Poverty music • Rising costs • Lady GaGa; musicIs shock value cultural? • Knife crime or art??Are you too young for your • The age to voteopinion to matter? • Human rights What do you have anIs radio dead? • Noise pollution opinion to share withIs it ok to put anything on TV? • Girls playing rugby an audience?
  9. 9. Project 3MUSIC VIDEOWhat makes amodern UKstar?Who is in?Who is out?How to marketa start image
  10. 10. What do I need to look at to earn the marks for thisunit?? It is a group project!Research:•Compare three music videos•Identify how the performer is marketed as a star•Research gender representation•Research music channels•Storyboard how a music video is madePlanning:•Create an idea for a new music star for teenage audiences•Create their identity•Plan a new campaign of cd-promo pack, video and TV interview.Production:•Work effectively as a group to make one of the three products•Edits it to a high standard;Evaluation: these are individual pieces of work•A 1000 work essay on music promotion and videos•A 700 word evaluation
  11. 11. 60%Coursework 40%Exam Analyse how advertising uses Watch an extract of an Action &stereotype & representation to control Adventure Movie and write about an audience. it. Create an original campaign Recreate extracts of famous A&A * movies. Analyse TV documentaries to explore narrative and film techniques: then Learn how to write essays in timed construct a new one conditions. * Write about representation of men in Study episodes ofmusic videos. Then make a music video •Qi, to challenge the stereotypes •Miranda, * •The Inbetweeners Experiment with techniques •8 out of 10 CatsLearn how to blog, use a video camera, write a prezi, record sound, write Write about television comedies scripts, costume, edit… and why they are popular *
  12. 12. BTEC MEDIA Is studied for 10 lessons a fortnightIt is worth up to 3 GCSEs so you need to be hard-working and organised It is ALL coursework
  13. 13. Distinction* = 2-3 x A* gradeDistinction = 2-3 X A grade Merit = 2-3 x B grade Pass = 2-3 x C grade
  14. 14. There are 4 compulsory units:Exploring Communication Researching methodstechniques: showing understanding of using:•Radio •Blogs•Television •podcasts•Print •Interviews•Web / online •Focus groups•Film •Filming•Advertising •Reading•Broadcasting •Listening •Social networking sitesUnderstanding different What about jobs in the Creativeaudiences and products: Media Sector:•Who likes what and why? •Who does what?•How can we tell? •How much does it pay?•Does it ever change? •How can I get work in that industry?•What about when you are old? •How fast does it change?•What about the future? •What is the impact of the internet and•What does how someone uses the web?media products tell us about them •What is media 2.0?•Why does everyone think the BBC •Getting a work placement!is so good? •What is web 2.0?
  15. 15. Then there are optionalunits:•we offer 5 and your best 4are submitted ascoursework,•each unit lasts about aterm.
  16. 16. Unit 5 Video Production: Music VideoStudents will research the music video industry and visit a local studio.They will then undertake to create an original music videoundertaking:•pre-production including props,•lighting,•costume,•auditions,•production including•camerawork,•direction,•sound experiments and•post-production:•construction of the final video.Evaluation will involve working with a focus group andvideoing discussion.
  17. 17. Working at a local music studio
  18. 18. Finding out about themusic business
  19. 19. • Choose a local band or musician• Research their style and brand identity• Agree a brief with them• Produce a music video• Pitch it to them• Publicise and exhibit it using social networking and online music and video sites
  20. 20. Unit 8 interactive Media Production: Creating interactive mediaproducts.This unit will explore interactive media productions; including•television idents,•blogging,•website design,•pop-ups.Having critically research and compared examples of interactive mediaproducts you willplan and produce an interactive website including an•ident,•original photographs and images,•animated gifs and•a number of linked pages.
  21. 21. Unit 10 Animation techniquesWe will•research and experiment with the practicalprocesses of animation techniques including•stop-motion,•Flash animation,•Rotascoping•photo-animation.As part of the course you will workwith a professional animator.
  22. 22. You will work on•design,•character,•setting and narrativeand will then focus ona specific techniquefor the production ofan•original,•complete animatedshort-story,•with soundtrack
  23. 23. Working with Clay-mation techniques
  24. 24. rotascoping Using Animatics and storyboards Working with Flask and other computer animation software
  25. 25. Unit 19 Writing for the Creative MediaThis unit explores the power of the author and will involvestudents in becoming journalists and creative scriptwritersFor this unit you will explore different types of writing for themedia including•Writing reviews of books and plays,•Writing guides and reviews for films,•Being a citizen journalist and uploadingarticles to internet sites•Writing original short stories in response to atheme•scriptwriting for film, television and radio.
  26. 26. Unit 21 Creative Media Production ProjectThe final unit will provide you with the opportunity to use avariety of production skills to create a media product of yourown choice.Responding to a brief you will generatean initial proposal and develop it frompre-production through to completion.It is a chance to combine:•creative writing,•animation,•performance,•directing,•web-based skills,•printing,•Graphics•Photography•marketing•music…•the choice is your .
  27. 27. Advertising and photographytechniques
  28. 28. Photographic techniques
  29. 29. Using local artists for inspirationPhotographic &advertising techniques
  30. 30. Mass producing printed t-shirts
  31. 31. Working in the localcommunity for ideasand inspiration
  32. 32. “ exploring digital and traditional technologies…sharing what I do with the world”