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Welcome to the 12th edition of the FUTURE Perspective newsletter.
In the aftermath of the US Presidential Elections, we look at The Future of Elections. We also take a tour around the Future of Storytelling for Business which is crucial to our role as communicators. And finally, we chart the rise of Social Customer Service.

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FUTURE Perspective #12 Trends Newsletter

  1. 1. November 2012This edition covers:• Future of Storytelling for Business• Social Customer Service• The Future of Elections
  2. 2. CORPORATE/CREATIVITY Dawn of the ‘imagesphere’ ➔ It’s clear that we’ve now entered a phase inFUTURE OF STORYTELLING which visual communication is supplanting the COMMUNICATIONS TAKEOUTFOR BUSINESS written word – what some call the dawn of the ‘imagesphere’. ➔ The digital landscape changes fast andIn this increasingly complex, visually driven pictures are one of the key catalysts. Flickr nowand transmedia world, the ability to tell a houses more than 6 billion photos, Facebookcompelling story - be that about a product, members upload more than 300 million photosservice, business or yourself - is of primal every single day, 72 hours of video areimportance. uploaded to YouTube every minute. ➔ Businesses must learn to harness thisWhat audiences wantA recent study has revealed several possible compelling means of communication. This 5 WAYS STORYTELLING CAN BOOST video shows how to use rich media to do that. PARTICIPATION & PERFORMANCEfutures for storytelling:➔ Transmedia is more than media-shifting. (Forbes) Participation driven by purpose82% of participants wanted more mobile apps ➔ Much like we expect to see a moral at the 1. Sear your story in the minds with athat would complement, not just replicate, their end of a fairytale, we expect to find a purposeTV viewing experiences. at the end of a website which is giving us a surprise at the end➔ The real world is a platform, too. storytelling experience. Take a look at theseWhen asked to develop a new way of 2. Leaders boost worker initiative, creative examples of visual storytelling on theinteracting with stories, 52% of participantstreated the real world as another “platform,” web. performance and morale with storiesincorporating networked real-world objects, Embedding storytelling in business leadershipaugmented reality, 3D projected environments, 3. Tell it so they want to re-tell it ➔ Some of the most successful companies inand other technologies that bridge the divide the world use storytelling very deliberately as abetween digital and physical. 4. Use C.A.R. (context, action, result) leadership tool.➔ Audiences crave more control. to drive your story further ➔ At Nike, all the senior executives are79% suggested interactions that would allow designated corporate storytellers.them to alter a storyline by influencing a ➔ Kimberly-Clark provides two-day seminars 5. Vivid characterisations are key tocharacter’s decisions or by becoming a to teach its 13-step program for craftingcharacter themselves. stories. attracting opportunities in work and➔ Traditional notions of authorship are in life ➔ 3M banned bullet points and replaced themchanging. The real-time, connected culture of with a process of writing “strategic narratives”.the Web is converting storytelling to a more ➔ P&G hired Hollywood movie directors to THE FUTURE OF STORYTELLINGparticipatory art; 93% of participants expressed teach senior executives better leadership viainterest in submitting possible story ideas to storytelling. PHASE ONE OF TWO (Latitude)producers and a whopping 2/3 said they’d be ➔ Some of the storytellers at Motorola belongwilling to help fund stories they’re interested in to external improvisation or theatre groups to(e.g. on a platform like Kickstarter) hone their story skills.
  3. 3. Sea changeBRANDS/SOCIAL MEDIA ➔ The trend is clearly for consumers toSOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE increasingly use their favourite social networks COMMUNICATIONS TAKEOUT to make contact with brands and businesses.The advent of social media has brought about ➔ At the moment, these comments are all tooa seismic shift in how customer services are often negative with corporations placing toodelivered to consumers. Modern customer much emphasis on speed of response and notservice is now social and the power is firmly in the quality of the conversation and what theythe hands of consumers to demand ever more can learn from these interactions.timely responses from brands. ➔ However, there is a sea change taking place where customer service provision is beingTwitter power socialised. Those companies that understand➔ The immediacy of Twitter is highly attractive these changes and put in place systems toto consumers who want to make fast and manage these conversations will be the 5 DIMENSIONS OF DIGITALefficient contact regarding a customer services commercial winners. CUSTOMER SUPPORTquery. A poll of 2,000 UK adults in April 2012 (16 EXPERTS DISCUSS)found that 36% had used a social media Engage and learnplatform to contact a big company. 65% of ➔ A recent study by B-M found that aboutthose surveyed said they believed social media 94% of Fortune 100 Twitter accounts distribute 1. Offer speed & real value towas a better way to communicate with company news updates and announcements customerscompanies than call centres. while 67% are at least partially serving a➔ Last year Evolve 24 found that when a customer service function. What’s even morecompany responded to an enquiry via Twitter, impressive is how much companies are 2. Integrationthis was welcomed by the customer. 86% stated engaging back with followers.that they loved to be contacted in this way and ➔ 79% of corporate accounts attempt to 3. Culture of customer focusover 75% were also satisfied with the response engage on Twitter with retweets and @-they received. mentions and 70% of corporate Facebook pages are responding to comments on their 4. Customer communitiesSpeed is not the only answer walls and timelines.➔ Research by Brandwatch shows UK brands 5. Product performanceare ignoring priceless customer service Become a conversation companyfeedback offered by consumers on Twitter and In his new book Steven van Belleghem advisesFacebook, opting simply to respond as quickly as companies to become conversationpossible to each complaint rather than learn companies. A conversation company is a very HOW TO MAKE YOUR COMPANYvaluable lessons from them. consumer oriented company, relying on the THINK LIKE A CUSTOMER➔ The study found that 50% of respondents power of people and using social media as aactually complain because they want companies perfect partner. The Conversation Company (ACCENTURE)to learn from their mistakes. Only 17% stated invests in 4 Cs to optimize its conversationthey complain about a brand in order to potential: customer experience, conversationembarrass it publicly. management, content, collaboration.
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY/PUBLIC AFFAIRS Social media knew who would win ➔ The 2012 US Presidential election has beenTHE FUTURE OF ELECTIONS called the "social-media election” ad nauseam. COMMUNICATIONS TAKEOUT However, this infographic on Open-site.orgWith the recent cliff-hanger US Presidential shows that social-media networks are not onlyelections still fresh in our minds, what does channels to get candidates’ messages out, butthe future hold for elections, both in terms of are also becoming predictors of electionhow they will be held and what social media outcomes.and predictive analytics can bring to the ➔ Twitter developed tools that showed theforetelling of electoral outcomes? social media activity around Barack Obama and Mitt Romneys campaigns. This PoliticalNo more paper Engagement Map measured the number of➔ In today’s modern era where most people replies, retweets and favourites each of the TWIPLOMACYhave access to computers and telephones, it no candidates got on the social networks and  With the US Presidential election, we sawlonger makes sense to rely on a purely paper- allowed viewers to filter this information by social media having much more of an activebased system of voting and record-keeping. state and by topic. influence on the outcome. It is now fully➔ E-Voting over the Internet utilizing a secure ➔ Facebook teamed up with CNN to build this integrated within the news cycle andpin number already exists and has been real-time visualisation of Facebook users provides valuable insight we previously couldadopted by various organizations without not access. activity about the election.complaint. ➔ Salesforce Marketing Cloud developed  B-M’s ‘Twiplomacy’ is the first-ever global➔ Such a system would eliminate the need for a real-time interactive infographic to keep you study of world leaders on Twitter. The studyan elector to prove his or her identity, and abreast of political twitterings and election shows that almost two-thirds of worldpossibly eliminate the need to show up at a conversation as it happened. leaders have a Twitter account.polling station at all. ➔ Another interactive tool on➔ In making voting more convenient it may @TelegraphNews scraped social to predict the  However, almost half of world leadereven “enfranchise” more voters. US Election winner and who would take which accounts don’t follow any of their peers. states.The computer ate my vote HOW SOCIAL MEDIA WON THE➔ Inevitably the technology behind such Educated guesses US ELECTIONS 2012advances has been subject to intense scrutiny ➔ Quantitative historian Allan Lichtman ‘s “13and criticism. Keys” model has correctly predicted the popular vote outcome of every U. S. CONTACTMobile is transforming political engagement presidential election since 1984, including Elaine Cameron, Director Strategic ResearchIn the US 88% of registered voters had a cell George H. W. Bush’s comeback from nearly & Trend Analysis, EMEAphone, 53% of those had smartphones. 10% of 20% behind in the polls in 1988. Lichtman elaine.cameron@bm.commade a political contribution via text or mobile called the 2012 election for Obama nearly a Don’t forget to follow:app and 37% of voters used their mobile phone http://www.twitter.com/FUTUREPersp year ago. http://www.facebook.com/FUTUREPerspectivefor political information and discussion. ➔ US school children have also correctly called http://storify.com/FUTUREPersp every single presidential election since 1964 via the Scholastic News election poll.