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  • 1. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tools Guide
  • 2. Move ToolMarquee ToolLasso Tool Adobe Photoshop CS5 ToolsMagic Wand ToolCrop ToolEyedropper ToolHealing Brush ToolBrush ToolClone Stamp ToolHistory Brush ToolEraser ToolGradient ToolBlur ToolDodge ToolPen ToolType ToolPath Selection ToolRounded Rectangle ToolObject Rotate ToolCamera Rotate ToolHand ToolZoom ToolForeground & Background ColorQuick Mask Mode
  • 3. Tools in this guide:- Marquee Tool- Clone Stamp Tool- Healing Brush Tool- Magic Wand Tool
  • 4. The Marquee Tool
  • 5. There are 4 types of Marquee tools: - Rectangular Marquee Tool - Elliptical Marquee Tool - Single Row Marquee Tool - Single Column Marquee ToolThe Marquee tool selects an area which you Marquee Toolcan delete, move, feather, duplicate, andcolour.
  • 6. The Clone Stamp Tool
  • 7. There are 2 types of Stamp tools: - Clone Stamp Tool - Pattern Stamp ToolThe Clone tool clones an area which you canduplicate anywhere else. Clone Stamp ToolYou can select the area which you want toclone by holding the Alt key and clicking on thearea.
  • 8. The Healing Brush Tool
  • 9. There are 4 types of Healing Brush tools: - Spot Healing Brush Tool - Healing Brush Tool - Patch Tool - Red Eye Tool Healing Brush ToolThe Healing Brush tool allows you to eraseunwanted spots in an image.You select an area which you think is the bestlooking one, and continue with the tool on thebad features.
  • 10. The Magic Wand Tool
  • 11. There are 2 types of tools: - Quick Selection Tool - Magic Wand ToolThe Magic Wand tool selects an area of coloryou choose. The more Tolerance you add, the Magic Wand Toolmore color it selects.With this selected color, you can delete, andmove. Perfect for removing a colouredbackground.
  • 12.