A sampling of environmental management & sustainabiliy courses


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Used during ‘How to conduct courses on Environmental Management and Sustainability’ at NITK

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A sampling of environmental management & sustainabiliy courses

  1. 1. International Courses Institution Country Degree Course Time Duration Key Feature Programme Content Web-link Yale University Yale School of Foresty and Environmental Studies US MEM Master in Environment al Management 2 years Course prepares students for careers in environmental policy and analysis, green business, design and planning, conservation and stewardship, education, consulting, and journalism.  Foundation  Ecosystems and Landscapes  Physical Science for Environmental Management  Economics of the Environment  Introduction to Statistics in the Environmental Sciences  Society and Environment: Introduction to Theory and Method or The Politics and Practice of Environmental Resource Policy  Electives  Business and the Environment  Climate Science, Adaptation, and Mitigation  Ecosystem Conservation and Management  Energy and the Environment  Environmental Policy Analysis  Human Dimensions of Environmental Management  Sustainable Land Management  Sustainable Urban and Industrial Systems  Urban Ecology  Water Resources Management  Capstone  Environmental Protection Clinic  Life Cycle Assessment Practicum  Business and the Environment Consulting http://environment.yale.edu/academics/degrees/m em/#sub-pages
  2. 2. Clinic  Management Plans for Protected Areas  Seminar in Research Analysis, Writing, and Communication  Advanced Readings: Social Science of Development and Conservation  Workshop in the Analysis, Writing, and Communication of Social Science Research  The Entrepreneurial Approach to Environmental Problem Solving  Entrepreneurial Business Planning  Professional Skills Curriculum  Foundations of Environmental Leadership and Management  Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills for Environmental Professionals  Environmental Communication  Financial Concepts for Environmental Management  Multifunctional Carbon-Sequestering Agroforestry Harvard Extension School US Certificat e E-learning Sustainability and Environment al Management 15 weeks – Fall Spring, 3 week- January session, 7- weeks Harvard Summer School term Explore the critical environmental
 factors affecting air, water, climate, sustainability, and ecosystems. Equipped with the master’s degree, you’ll be primed to create solutions to the crises affecting our global community.  Ecosystems concentration: focuses on the stewardship of natural assets and the handling of contaminants.  Sustainability concentration: focuses on developing practices that conserve resources for future generations. http://www.extension.harvard.edu/degrees- certificates/sustainability-environmental- management
  3. 3. University of Maryland US MSc Environment al Management 2 Years Students are prepared for careers in the fields of public safety, occupational health, pollution remediation, hazard control, risk management, risk assessment, and environmental health policy and regulation.  Fundamentals of Environmental Environmental Auditing  Environmental Communications and Reporting  Environmental/Energy Law and Policy Development  Environmental Risk Assessment Principles of Waste Management and Pollution Control  New Technologies in Environmental Management  Land and Water Resource Management  Watershed Planning Management Principles of Air Quality Management Land Use Management major.cfmhttp://www.umuc.edu/academic- programs/masters-degrees/environmental- management.cfm Certificat e 15 Hours  Fundamentals of Environmental  Environmental Auditing  Environmental Communications and Reporting  Environmental/Energy Law and Policy Development  Environmental Risk Assessment  Principles of Waste Management and Pollution Control http://www.umuc.edu/academic- programs/certificates/environmental-management- graduate-certificate.cfm Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment UK Diploma Environment al Management 210 Hours Course is designed to raise the professional competence of environmental practitioners by providing training aimed at those who have only recently become involved in environmental management or for whom environmental management  Managing Environmental Media and Issues  Sustainability for business  Strategic Environmental Management http://www.iema.net/node/2564 Associate Certificat e 80 hours http://www.iema.net/associate-certificate- environmental-management Foundatio n Certificat e 3 days or number of weeks for distance courses  Sustainable Business Thinking  Legislation  Environmental Performance  Tools for The Assessment and http://www.iema.net/foundation-certificate- environmental-management
  4. 4. is an integral part of a wide range of responsibilities. Interpretation of  Environmental Performance Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta US Certificat e (Part Time) Certificate in Environment Resource Management 2-3 Years Course includes strategies and techniques of environmental planning and management, and the biological, physical, social, economic and institutional implications of resource decisions.  Core Courses  Environmental Geology  Principles of Ecosystems  Introduction to Soils and Soil Resources  Applied Hydrology  Environmental Project Management  Environmental Law  Electives  Air Quality Modelling  Applied Vegetative Reclamation  Environmental Audits  Environmental Impact Assessments  Environmental Monitoring and Instrumentation  Environmental Stewardship  Fundamentals of GIS  Risk Communication  Wetlands Ecology, Delineation and Management  Remediation Technologies  Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Management  Environmental Law: Process & Procedures  Environmental Stewardship of Energy, Carbon and Water  Environmental Health Risk Assessment  Understanding LEED for Building Works  Environmental and Energy Policy: Climate Change and Beyond  Intermediate GIS http://www.extension.ualberta.ca/study/sciences/e rm/detail0/
  5. 5.  Contemporary Issues in Environment Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology US MBA/EMS dual degree program Environment al Management and Sustainability EMS program prepares graduates to become sustainability and compliance management professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs in the burgeoning green business space  Core Course  Building an Innovative and Sustainable Business  Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage  Business Innovation in the Next Economy (Capstone)  Environmental Policy in a Competitive World  Contemporary & Emerging Laws Governing the Environment  Environmental Pollution Prevention & Control Strategies  Industrial Ecology & Systems Thinking  Environmental Finance  Electives  Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Remediation  Environmental Risk Assessment & Management  Environmental Economics & Climate Change  Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility  Environmental Performance Analytics  Sustainable Supply Chain Management  Environmental Advocacy  Environmental and Energy Law Clinic  Managing Energy Technologies  Economics of Energy Systems  Special Topics in Environmental Management & Sustainability  Independent Study in Environmental http://www.stuart.iit.edu/graduateprograms/ms/en vironmentalmanagement/
  6. 6. Management & Sustainability University of Calgary Canada Certificat e Environment Management Certificate 150 hours Learn systems, processes, tools, strategies, risk management techniques and legal requirements that help you assess and manage air, water, soil and waste. The Environmental Management Certificate program blends theory and practice while focusing on the need for sustainable development and the use of market-driven solutions  Core Course  Ecosystems: Functions and Impacts  Environmental Law  Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability  Introduction to Environmental Management  Auditing of HSE Management Systems and  Compliance  Management Tools and Techniques for  Environmental Issues  Optional  Community  Corporate Social Responsibility  Design and Analysis of Ecological Field Experiments  Environmental Impact Assessments and Reporting  Environmental Issues and Canada’s Aboriginal  Communities  Environmental Management Systems and Standards  Environmental Risk Management and Communication  Environmental Site Assessment  GIS: Introduction to Geo-Information Systems  Global Warming and Climate Change  Learning Online  Occupational Hygiene: The Basics http://conted.ucalgary.ca/environment/env_brochu re.pdf
  7. 7.  Oil Sands: Overview, Environmental Impacts, and Regulations  Renewable Energy Technologies  Waste Management Systems  Water Management for the 21st Century  Water Quality University of London UK MSc/ PG Diploma/ PG Cert Environment al Management 1-5 years Programme provides the necessary multidisciplinary training and is relevant to those concerned with the management of natural resources and the formulation and implementation of policies that create environmental improvements at local, national and international levels, and in community, corporate and government organisations.  Core Module  Environmental science and management  Environmental auditing and environmental management systems  Environmental assessment  Introduction to environmental economics and policy  Elective modules  Climate change and development  Environmental valuation: theory, techniques and application  Ethics for environment and development  International environmental law  Sustainable forest management  NGO management  Sustainable land management  Water resources management http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/courses/post graduate/soas/environmental-management-msc- postgraduate-diploma-postgraduate-certificate University of Bath UK MSc/ PG Diploma/ PG Cert Integrated Environment al Management by Distance Learning 1 year full- time, 2-5 years part- time. The programme is structured for working people with focus on Environmental Management and Assessment, Sustainable Development, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment/ PPR,  IEM  Cost benefit analysis  Policy Planning and Regulation  IEMA  Environmental Risk Management  Environmental Impact Assessment  Environmental Audit http://www.bath.ac.uk/engineering/distance- learning/iem/msc/
  8. 8. Clean Technology , Carbon Management UC Berkley Extension US Certificat e Professional Program in Leadership in Sustainability and Environment al Management 120 Hours Courses Covers sustainability leadership and change management, environmental law and policy, compliance management systems and climate change risk- mitigation strategies.  Environmental Law and Regulation  Environmental Management SystemsISO 14000  Introduction to Climate Change, Environment and  Sustainability  Sustainability Leadership: Strategies and Paradigms http://extension.berkeley.edu/upload/sustain_envir onmental.pdf Imperial College of London UK MSc Environment Technology 1 year The degree combines the natural and social sciences with engineering and medicine in a truly interdisciplinary manner.  Core course  Ecology  Environmental pollution and control  Environmental policy and management  Environmental law  Environmental economics  Research methods  Risk assessment  The eight specialist options currently offered on the course include:  Business and environment  Ecological management  Energy policy  Environmental analysis and assessment  Environmental economics and policy  Global environmental change and policy  Pollution management http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/pgprosp ectus/facultiesanddepartments/centr eforenvironmentalpolicy/postgraduat ecourses
  9. 9.  Water management University of New South Wales Australia MEM, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificat e Environment al Management The program offers students a solid grounding in the frameworks, tools and basic knowledge relevant to this field. The program particularly emphasises sustainability in environmental management. Fundamental Knowledge Courses  Ecosystem Management  Environ Management: Economics  Environmental Law Fundamentals  Environ Mgmt: Physical Science  Env. Eng Fundamentals http://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/ postgraduate/programs/2013/8619.h tml University of Surrey UK MSc Sustainable Developmen t and Environment al Management This programme provides both a theoretical and practical grounding for evaluating technical, social, economic and organisational elements of environmental problems. These include life cycle assessment and other analytical methods to understand how to use resources and manage materials and waste  Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility  Ecological Economics  Environmental Auditing and Management Systems  Environmental Law  Environmental Science and Society  Foundations of Sustainable Development  Integrated Assessment  Life Cycle Thinking  Life Cycle Assessment  Sustainable Development Applications  Transitions to a Low Carbon Economy  Water Policy and Management http://www.surrey.ac.uk/postgraduat e/courses/environment/envstrat/ Lancaster University- Environment Centre UK MSc Resources and Environment al Management Full time 12 Month(s), Part time 24 Month(s) Course focuses on critical understanding of the key management issues and challenges, as well as developing your problem- solving skills and practical  Core modules  Dissertation Project  Environmental Justice  Environmental Management  Geoinformatics  Research Methods http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lec/postg raduate/courses/all/resource-and- environmental-management-msc/
  10. 10. knowledge for future employment in the environmental field.  Optional modules  Climate Change and Society  Ecology Conservation and Culture  Environmental Auditing  Environment and Culture  International Environmental Law  Perspectives on Environment and Development  Right to Adequate Food as a Human Right  Sustainable Water Management: Concepts, Governance and Practice University of Hertfordshire UK MSc Environment al Managemen t  Full Time, 15 Months  Part Time, 5 Years  Full Time, 1 Years Environmental Management course you get a firm grounding in the essentials of environmental management including environmental auditing, the choice, design and use of a range of environmental tools and methods including EIA, ERA, Lifecycle Assessment and knowledge of environmental policy and legislation  Core modules  Environmental Management Tools and Methods  Environmental Policy and Governance  Foundation in Environmental Auditing  Management Skills for Environmental Management  Optional modules  Crop Pathogens, Pests and Weeds  Crop Protection; Principles & Practice  Ecology and Conservation  Environmental Management Individual Research Project  Foundation in Environmental Auditing  Integrated Waste and Pollution Management  Research Methods  Sustainability and Environmental http://www.herts.ac.uk/courses/envi ronmental-management
  11. 11. Systems  Sustainable Energy  Transport Policy & Travel Planning University of Technology, Sydney Australia MEEM - Master of Environm ental Engineeri ng Managem ent Environment al Management of Land  2 years This course is designed to enable engineers and other technical specialists to take a leadership role in the field of environmental engineering  Environmental Assessment and Planning  Ecology and Sustainability  Waste and Pollution Management  Geographic Information Systems  Environmental Risk Assessment  Environmental Management of Land  Contaminated Site and Waste Remediation  Decentralised Water and Wastewater Treatment  Air and Noise Pollution  Engineered Natural Water Treatment Systems  Judgment and Decision Making  Managing Projects  Economic Evaluation  Local Government Powers and Practice http://www.handbook.uts.edu.au/course s/c04098.html#F17 Bircham International University Spain Master- Faculty of Business & Media 15 hours/30 hours This program shows how such skills can and have been applied in a wide range of settings for all important aspects of the environment.  Environmental Science  Natural Resource Economics  Environmental Policies  Habitat Conservation Planning  Natural Ecosystem Management  Environmental Impact  Ecology & Human Impact  Environmental Risks  Water & Waste Sanitation  Solid Waste Management http://www.bircham.edu/environmental- management.html
  12. 12.  International Environmental Law  Environmental Health  Pollution Management  Environmental Management UNEP- Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development Profession al Course Environmental Management & Sustainable Development 3 hours/ week Course focuses on economic progress, social systems and environmental protection and resource conservation  Environmental Ethic  Environmental Sociology  Environmental Science  Environmental Economy & Circular Economy  Social Practice  Framework & Tools for Sustainable Development  Environmental Management & Policy  Environmental System Analysis  Global Environmental Changes  Environmental Project Management  Atmospheric Science and Climate Change  Thesis http://unep- iesd.tongji.edu.cn/index.php?classid=900 University of Hongkong China M.Sc Sustainability, society and environmental management Research Methods and  Core Modules  Environmental Economics and Analysis  Sustainability, society and environmental management  Environmental Quality Management  Research Methods and Report Writing in Environmental Management  Environmental field studies  Environmental Policy  Environmental Law in Hong Kong  Intensive residential field studies  Dissertation  Environmental Impact Assessment  Electives http://www.scifac.hku.hk/pg/current/tpg /envm/programme
  13. 13.  Conservation Biology and Management  Earth Science and Environmental Management  Environmental Auditing and Reporting  Environmental Risk Assessment Air and Noise Pollution Control and Management  Special Topics in Environmental Management  Directed Studies in Environmental Management  Conservation and Management of Freshwater Ecosystems  Conservation and Management of Marine Resources  Urban Planning and Environmental Management  Corporate Social Responsibility
  14. 14. National Courses Institution City Degree Course Time duration Key Feature Modules Web-link Indian Institute of Ecology & Environment New Delhi MBA Distance Learning in Master in Business Management (Environmental Management) 2 Year Course is designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of environmental experts in the specific fields of human resource development, green marketing, finance, green production and operations besides depolluting technologies.  Introduction to Environmental Science  India’s Environment/Global Environment Issues  Environmental Education  Population and Community Ecology  Natural Resources Conservation  Environmental Protection and Law  Environmental Impact Assessment  Pollution Monitoring and Control  Research Methodology http://www.ecology.e du/iiee/masterofbusin essadministration.htm WWF India New Delhi PG Diploma Distance and Online Diploma course on Urban Environmental Management & Law Programme is aimed towards strengthening the professional capacity and developing a human resource pool of efficient urban managers and administrators by providing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the existing urban laws, by-laws and policies.  Introduction to Urban Governance  Concepts and Practices  Laws and Policies pertaining to Environment  Laws and Policies pertaining to Urbanisation  Urban Legal and Policy Frameworks  Urban Development and Environment  Protection Mechanisms in India  Project and Practical Training http://www.wwfindia. org/about_wwf/enable rs/cel/tcapbuilding/urb an_environmental_ma nagement/ Amity Institute of Energy & Environment New Delhi Diploma Environment Management 1 year Full Time/2 year part time PG The subjects to be covered are: Fundamentals of Environment Management, Biodiversity and Sustainable development, Social aspects of Environmental Management, Industry and Environment Interface,  Fundamentals of Environment Management.  Biodiversity and Sustainable development.  Social aspects of Environmental Management.  Industry and Environment Interface. o Pollution. http://www.amity.edu /aiee/courses.htm# MBA MBA in Environment Management. 2 year full Time/3 year part time degree
  15. 15. Pollution, Carbon Trading and its effect on developing / developed nations, Climate change, Energy and Environment Interface, Case studies – National / International o Degradation & Restoration. o Vocational diseases & Management.  Kyoto Protocol - Carbon Trading and its effect on developing / developed nations.  Forestry and Ecological balance (Habitat & Wild life).  Climate change o Global warming. o Ozone Layer Management  Energy and Environment Interface.  Baseline data requirement & Environmental clearances for Projects.  Environmental Conservation law and its implication.  Case studies – National / International.  Policies of World Bank / ADB / & other financial institutions on developmental projects. Centre For Science & Environment, Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute Certificate Challenge of the Balance: A Course on Policies, Politics & Practices of Environmental Management in the Developing World 1 Month The program module includes,  Overview of the environment-development debate  Resource governance  Sustainable growth  Climate policy & development challenges  Field visits to experience climate linkages and adaptation techniques  Overview of the environment- development debate  Resource governance  Sustainable growth  Climate policy & development challenges  Field visits to experience climate linkages and adaptation techniques http://cseindia.org/no de/1259
  16. 16. Indian Management School and Research Centre Mumbai MBA E-Learning in Master in Business Management (Environmental Management) 2 Year Course is designed to meet the demand of the specialization in Environment Management along with business management  Principles & Practices of Management  Economics  Human Resources Management  Organization Behaviour  Business English  Finance Management  Marketing Management  International Law  Managerial Economics  Strategic Management  Management Information Systems  International Business Management Specialization  Environment Management  Leadership Skills  Specialization Subject Part I  Specialization Subject Part II  Specialization Subject Part III http://www.imsrindia. com/mba.html#durati on Safety Training India Pvt. Limited Mumbai NEBOSH Diploma E- learning in Environmental Management Short Course Course is designed to equip health and safety practitioners with an appropriate professional level qualification to undertake responsibilities in relation to the risks of damage to the environment posed by work activities.  Principles of environmental risk management  Environmental risk evaluation  Control strategies for environmental risk  Monitoring, review and audit  Developments in environmental legislation  Environmental legislative framework and methods of enforcement  Public access to environmental http://www.safety- training- india.com/nebosh- diploma-in- environmental- management.html
  17. 17. information  Civil liability in relation to environmental pollution  Solid and liquid wastes  Gaseous and particulate releases to atmosphere  Water resources management  Control of environmental nuisance  Hazardous substances  Environmental implications of development and land use  Energy use and efficiency Bharathidasan University Tiruchirapalli MBA in Environmental Management 2 years Course cover topics like, Principles of Environmental Management, Environmental Impact and Risk Analysis, Environmental Governance, Environment Law, Ecological Economics, GIS, Waste Management and Industrial Ecology, State of India’s Environment, Statistics and Environmental Modeling, Corporate Environmental Management, Environmental Pollution and Assessment, in addition to certain foundation courses like Operations Research, Micro and Macro economic policy analysis  Introduction to Ecology and Environmental Sciences  Principles of Management  Micro and Macro Economics  Statistics and Quantitative Techniques  Energy and Environment  Corporate Environmental Strategy  Environmental Pollution and Assessment  Operations Research  Environmental Economics  Extra Disciplinary Course  Forest Resource Management  Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment  Bioremediation –Management tool for cleaner Environment  Waste Management and Industrial Ecology  Environmental legislation and Justice http://www.bdu.ac.in/ schools/environmental _sciences/environmen tal_management/prog rammes.php
  18. 18.  Research Methodology  Project Work Indian Institute of Cost & Management Studies and Research Pune PG Diploma in Introduction to Environment Management , Environment Management & EIA Part Time-1 year The course covers Principles & Practices of Management, Basics of Management Accounting, Environment Pollution & Disaster Management, Environmental Economics & Indian Environmental Scenario, with an emphasis on Cases.  Core Course  Principles & Practices of Management  Natural Resource Management  Introduction to Environment  Introduction to Environment Management  Basics of Management Accounting  Environmental Legislation  Environmental Management & EIA  Environment Pollution & Disaster Management  Environmental Economics & Indian Environmental Scenario  Corporate Social Responsibility  Elective on Environmental Management 2 years  Principles of Environmental Management  Environmental History  Environmental Economics  Introduction to Sustainable Development  Ecology of Environmental Management  Environmental Protection Laws and Policies  Environmental Pollution-I  Challenges in Environmental issues in 21st Century  Clean Technology  Relious Belief and Environmental Ethics  Environmental Pollution –II  Projects http://www.indsearch.or g/Parttime-PGDEM.htm
  19. 19.  EIA  Environmental Pollution –III  Environmental Design  Project (Solution Based)  Advanced Investigative Technology In Natural Resource and Research paper writing  Management Endemic of Resources  Developing Environmental Programme  Project Report Submission (National Park/ Sanctuary/Tourist place/Laboratory)  Project