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A Speech Delivered By The Governor Of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi At The Presentation Of Laptop Computers To Teachers And Students In Ekiti State Public Schools And Specialised Computers And Instructional Materials To The Special Schools
In Ekiti State On 14th March, 2012.

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E school speech

  1. 1. A SPEECH DELIVERED BY THE GOVERNOR OF EKITI STATE, DR. KAYODE FAYEMI AT THE PRESENTATION OF LAPTOP COMPUTERS TO TEACHERS AND STUDENTS IN EKITI STATE PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND SPECIALISED COMPUTERS AND INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS TO THE SPECIAL SCHOOLS IN EKITI STATE ON 14TH MARCH, 2012PROTOCOLSIt is a great pleasure for me to be with you. This occasion signals apragmatic step in taking a further walk in our talks on the much neededinnovative approach to reclaim the lost glory of our education sector. It isparticularly a delight that this historic occasion is taking place at theAfrican Church Comprehensive High School, Ikere-Ekiti. Chief OyewoleJegede, the pioneer of this school must be happy that his beloved school isthe proud launch-pad for this revolutionary step. This hall is a testimony tothe industry, dedication, hard-work and focus displayed by Chief Oyewolewhich turned the school a national pride.You will recall that about five months ago and precisely on 13 th October2011, this administration signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)for the procurement of Laptops to 18,000 Teachers and 100,000 Solar Netbook Laptop Computers to students in Public Schools in the State.
  2. 2. I made it very clear to the good people of Ekiti State then that thisgovernment is irrevocably committed to the promises already made tomake computers available on the desk of each student in the state’s publicschools before the end of 2014. This promise also featured prominently inthe 8 Point Agenda designed as the road map to Ekiti Recovery during mycampaign for this office. To some sceptics at the time, this was just a votecatching gimmick of a typical opportunistic and desperate politician. Evento genuine admirers, the realisation of this dream was unfathomable giventhe well-known limited resources available to our State. The realisation ofthis goal is therefore a study in leadership focus, careful planning, single-mindedness and unquenchable optimism.Now that the goal is realised, it is the beginning of the fulfilment of ourcampaign promise to make Ekiti the ICT capital of Nigeria. There areseveral components to this including, but not limited to the laying of fibre-optic cables in the state capital, the launch of the Ekiti digital platform, ourbiometric payroll and E-payment IGR system, just to mention a few.We are commissioning today 11,000 laptop computers for teachers andstudents which arrived the State courtesy of Samsung (West Africa) Ltd,our partners in this ‘first in Nigeria’ revolutionary ICT scheme. I must
  3. 3. particularly commend Samsung, Microsoft and Dual Soft for believing inour vision and travelling with us on this journey.I wish to assure you all that the manufacturers would make good theirobligations to deliver a sizeable number of these computers to us withinthe next few months – 33,000 all in the year 2012 alone. They have alsoagreed to establish a Computer Assembly Service Centre and MicrosoftResource Academy in the State dedicated to the sustainability of thescheme through training and after-sales service.Apart from the laptops for teachers and students, we are also presentingschool bags to students to enable them convey their books to and fro theirschools. My administration is also not leaving the physically challengedstudents behind as I am presenting to them today special computers andother instructional materials. It is my hope that those receiving thesematerials will make proper use of them.Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, our government has gone this far toensure that everything is done to make us stand shoulders higher thanother states by recreating our feat in the areas of academic excellence thatour land was in the time past identified with. Even then education, fromthe perspective of those who impact the knowledge (the teachers) and
  4. 4. those who receive the knowledge being impacted (the students), has gonefar beyond what it used to be. This is why it has become very imperativefor those involved in the teaching and learning processes to be computerliterate in line with global standard in knowledge acquisition.This event, therefore, is to empower our teachers and students tocompete favourably with their colleagues in other climes with a confidenceto outshine them. We are also confident that this effort will havecorresponding positive impact on the performances of our students inpublic examinations and competitions especially given the other steps wehave taken in our educational reform agenda.A lot of what we are doing in the education sector may appear to somelike an over-concentration in spite of the many challenges we face as aState. Indeed, given the huge investment on this ‘Computer for allsecondary school students’ initiative, some might even deem it as a waste.I would like to assure those who might harbour such erroneous impressionthat nothing could be further from the truth.From times past, investment in education has always been the Ekiti way.Our forebears and parents deprived themselves of many short-termbenefits and comfort to realise the goal of sending us to school. That was
  5. 5. how we produced the Ojo - Ugboles and the Aluko – Odes of blessedmemories. It was also the foundation of this Fountain of Knowledge andLand of Honour in public reckoning. Our goal is to reclaim that lost gloryand by so doing, add value through functionality of the educationimpacted on our students. The benefits will not be immediate, but wehave absolutely no doubt that it is the way to go, an objective to pursue,not a dream deferred. We cannot improve the quality of our human capitalin this age without paying adequate attention to ICT. In other words, anICT less education is no education.The government has resolved on its part to work assiduously to lift theeducation sector to a level of monumental excellence. However, I urge allstakeholders, private organisations, non-governmental organisations andpeople of goodwill to avail us their support to jointly rebuild the crackedwalls of our education structure as a catalyst of the overall development ofour land. The target of this administration is to ensure that graduates at alllevels of education system in Ekiti State are worthy to be so addressedwith proven ability to defend their scholarship. With your co-operation, thenew Ekiti of unimaginable possibilities is here.
  6. 6. I like to congratulate the recipients of this gesture of government and urgeyou to make good use of the facility to justify the huge investment in theproject. As you all know, to whom much is given, much is expected.Thank you and God bless.