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Commissioning Of Rural Information Technology Centers In Ido-Osi And Omuo-Ekiti Local Government Areas.
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Commissioning Of Rural Information Technology Centers In Ido-Osi And Omuo-Ekiti Local Government Areas.


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  • 1. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ICT PROJECTS IN EKITI STATE: COMMISSIONING OF RURALINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CENTERS IN IDO-OSI AND OMUO-EKITI LOCAL GOVERNMENTAREASThe Honourable Minister of Communication Technology (Mrs. Omobola Johnson, hereinpresent or her representative)The Director-General, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) – Prof.C. AganyeAll Accompanying Permanent Secretaries, Directors and other officials from the FederalMinistry of Communication Technology, NITDA and other Federal MDAs herein presentThe Honourable Chairmen of Ido-Osi and Ekiti East (Omuo) Local Government AreasTheir Royal Majesties and Highnesses herein presentOfficials of the State Government herein presentDistinguish Ladies and GentlemenAppreciation of FGN ICT Projects in Ekiti StateOn behalf of my beloved people of Ekiti State and in particular of Ido-Osi and Ekiti East LocalGovernment Areas specifically we will like to thank the Federal Government for this project,which is worthy of commendation. There is no doubt in the mind of anyone who is duly aware ofevents and happenings around the world today that the importance of information andcommunication technologies (ICT) for socio-economic transformation and development our anysociety cannot be overemphasized. This transformation has manifested itself as we can see in thegrowth and worldwide expansion of social network media such as Facebook, Twitter; businesssocial networks such as LinkedIn and many others all of which provide great opportunities foranyone connected to the Internet or having Internet access to better their lives through joiningappropriate “network of prosperity”, which will ordinarily not be possible in their localenvironment. It is no longer acceptable for anyone to be left behind by not being connected orhave access to the globalized world/information society. ICTs provides opportunities in differentstrata of our lives be it education (e-learning), health (e-health services, telemedicine, e-medicalrecords retrieval system and remote physician support system, hospital management etc),
  • 2. communication (IP Telephony/Voice-over-IP that helps to reduce cost of talking to our lovedones and business partners, friends and associates etc) and many other great applications toomany to mention.It is therefore commendable that these ICT Projects are being commissioned today in our Statefor the benefit of our people. We are therefore very grateful to the Federal Government in thisregard.Observation – Pending FGN/NITDA ICT Projects in Ekiti StateHowever, we note that there are more of these interesting projects that still needed to be executedin our State and these include similar Rural ICT Centers in some other local governments ofEkiti State as can be seen in the table below, which is an extract from the FederalGovernment/NITDA Budget of 2012 Provision. FGN - RURAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECTSS/n FOR EKITI STATE (2012 BUDGET PROVISION) BUDGET CONSTRUCTION OF ICT AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE AT ADO LGA SECRETARIAT, ADO EKITI, EKITI1 STATE 32,001,125.00 CONSTRUCTION OF ICT AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE AT IBEDOYIN QUARTERS, IYIN EKITI,2 IREPODUN/IFELODUN LGA, EKITI STATE 32,001,125.00 CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENT OF ICT CENTRE IN IJERO3 EKITI, EKITI STATE 50,000,000.00 CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENT OF ICT CENTRE IN4 ARAMOKO EKITI, EKITI STATE 50,000,000.00 CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENT OF ICT CENTRE IN EFON5 ALAAYE, EKITI STATE 50,000,000.00 ACQUISITION /EQUIPING OF ICT CENTRE AT ODE-EKITI,6 GBONYIN LGA, EKITI STATE 79,750,000.007 ICT CENTRE AT EMURE EKITI, EMURE LGA,EKITI STATE 30,000,000.00 323,752,250. GRAND TOTAL 00
  • 3. There is no doubt that budget provision of over three hundred and twenty-three million naira willgo a long way to complement the effort of the State Government to deliver ICT services to thepeople of Ekiti State and will therefore appreciate the intervention of the Honourable Minister ofCommunication Technology/Director-General of NITDA to see to the completion of theseprojects in this fiscal year.Ekiti State Government ICT StrategyEkiti State Government has a two prone strategy to use ICT for development of the State andthese are: 1. Internal-to-Government ICT Strategy (I2G-S) and 2. External-to-Public ICT Strategy (E2P-S)While the I2G-S is designed with the goal of transforming the State’s Civil Service System forhigher productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in government’s operation through reduction incost of service delivery to the people, the E2P-S strategy is designed to address the ICT needs ofthe general public in Ekiti State through appropriate ICT for Development (ICT3D) framework.It is in this second strategy that the FGN/NITDA projects in our local governments/communitiesfits squarely into our approach, which include our Digital Ekiti Project and Broadband AccessPlan. In the course of the year, the State Government will put in place appropriate legislations(ICT Laws and Regulations) to ensure fair, and appropriate use of ICTs in Ekiti State such thatknowledge acquired through these infrastructure provisioning will be channelled to good use andnot toward cybercrime. We have already developed appropriate ICT policies and guidelines toaddress this area and this will become available to members of the public in due course.Our 3C’s PrinciplesSequel to the above, the State Government believes in the principle of cooperation, collaborationand coordination at all time especially in the areas of strategy formulation and implementation,project and programme design and implementation and public policy formulation, design,implementation and evaluation such that it is always the people that benefit at all time while cost
  • 4. of governance is drastically reduced to the participating entities including the FederalGovernment, the State Government, Local Governments and their development partners andNonProfit Organizatons such as local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) within the localcommunities and those that are national and international in character.Expectation of Ekiti PeopleOur people in Ekiti State there expect that these ICT Projects just like other projects beingexecuted by the Federal Government are not only maintained but sustainable in the long term.Consequently, we will like to request that the Federal Government/NITDA domesticate andlocalize support and maintenance of these facilities and infrastructure with appropriate provisionmade for them in subsequent year budget allocation/provision. The State and Local Governmentsin Ekiti State are fully ready to work with Federal Government to achieve this goal and meetexpectation of our people. The above indicated 3Cs’ principles become very useful in this regard.We are therefore willing and very ready to engage the Federal Government through NITDA andappropriate department of the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology for efficientprogramme and project design, implementation and sustainability. The State’s ICT Departmentand Bureau of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Office of the Government will be contactingand engaging the Honourable Minister and Director-General of NITDA in earnest to kicks-startthis process.ConclusionOnce again, I will like to thank the Honourable Minister for the invite to be a special guest ofhonour in this event and look forward to strategic cooperation, collaboration and coordination ofprojects and programmes in all areas of ICT4D in Ekiti State.Thank you all and God bless.This presentation was made by the Director-General, ICT, Ekiti State Government on behalfof the Ekiti State Governor at the commissioning of Rural Information Technology Centers inIdo-Osi and Omuo-Ekiti Local Government Areas.