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Childrens Day speech

  1. 1. AN ADDRESS BY EKITI STATE GOVERNOR, DR. KAYODE FAYEMIAT THE 2012 CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION HELD IN ADO EKITI ON SUNDAY, 27TH MAY 2012ProtocolI am very happy to welcome you all, particularly my friends, the children,to this year’s celebration. I am quite delighted by the opportunity providedfor us to interact on this joyous occasion which is my second celebrationwith you since I assumed office as governor of our State.I am not apologetic about my consistent belief that the Nigerian child isgetting less than what s/he deserves. As spelt out by the United NationsConvention on the Rights of the Child, the Nigerian Child, like hiscolleagues all over the world, has inalienable right “to survival, to developto the fullest, to protection from harmful influences, abuse andexploitation, and to participate fully in family cultural and social life.” TheEkiti State Child’s Right Act has domesticated these principles and they arebeing diligently implemented.It is against this backdrop that I consider the theme for this year’scelebration – Let’s Build A Culture of Peace and Security for theNigerian Child - as coming at no other better time than now to re-orientate our children and help to make them what they are destined tobe. In the process, all Nigerians, irrespective of background, would co-
  2. 2. habit peacefully with a goal of making the country a place worth living inwith an environment that makes the realization of full potentials not onlypossible but attainable.This, no doubt is a clarion call to us all to support the child in the best waypossible. A society that neglects the child has not only traded off its futurebut more importantly its values and glory. Such a society would, in just amatter of time, lose its identity. A support for the child in the real sense isfor mutual benefit and corporate survival of all.No one is in doubt that since its independence over half a century agoNigeria has demonstrated the capacity to compete favourably with theadvanced nations of the world. A time there was when the nationaleconomy was robust and had the potentials of being great. Even now, wehave the men. We have the brain. We have the resources. Along the linethe nation derailed due to deficient planning and myopia of the leaders.Today the problem has become compounded by the sustained onslaught oftwin monsters of corruption and insecurity and our children are threatenedby the vagaries of these monsters. It is important to rescue our countryand the future of our children from these detrimental but avoidable threats.From the benefits of history, no nation has become great in an atmosphereof insecurity in the mould of the one currently besetting our country. Inthis circumstance, the Ekiti child has a lot to give to the nation from Ekiti’s
  3. 3. rich cultural heritage to fight our current security challenges as a nation.You have a history of forefathers who were known for their gallantry,honesty, hard work and selflessness. In Ekiti, we are not known to raisehands against the innocent. We are a people with limitless pool of bloodwith human kindness, love, standing up for the truth, hospitality andrespect for human life flowing through our veins. This must not be allowedto dwindle at your time.Indeed the sustenance of our rich cultural heritage is of primaryimportance to this administration. This government places high premiumon human capital development with our children as a major focus. This iswhy this administration is leaving no stone unturned in investing hugeresources in child education. It is our desire to build a people with fullawareness and consciousness of not only their obligations to governmentbut also their expectations from government.Let me assure you that the State Government will continue to be proactivein making you, our children, the real asset for the growth of our Land. Bynow it should have become clearer to the skeptics that all promises madeconcerning your development through qualitative education are not merepolitical gimmicks but a policy option well articulated for enduring impact.The evidence of this abound. For instance, the first batch of 11,000 laptopcomputers, out of a total package of 118,000 units had been distributed toteachers and students of public secondary Schools. A total of 33,000 units
  4. 4. would actually be distributed in year 2012 alone. As encapsulated in our 8Point Agenda, there would be a computer on the table of each publicsecondary school student by 2014. As you would notice, many of youparticularly those in public schools now carry new school bags provided bythe State Government as another way of bringing decency to schooling inEkiti. Outside the school, the government has also instituted social welfarepolicy that protects the child from abuse, abandonment and socialenslavement. I want you to recall the message contained in my letter toyou when you got your school bags. In the message, I appealed to “you tobe passionate in serving the common good; you must be courageous byshowing commitment for equity and justice; be industrious andhardworking, honest, knowledgeable and patriotic. Above all, you all mustbe honourable. The path to greatness is not a tea party. To get to the top,you must be focused, determined, dedicated and diligent.”Let me therefore assure you that this administration will leave no stoneunturned in the quest to ensure that the State returns to its leading role inthe country as far as education is concerned. Our vision is to create aconducive environment for learning, provide all necessary incentives andencouragement that will see our children become the best in their chosenfields. For us, no sacrifice is too much to make in the bid to get the bestfrom our children. For us, no sacrifice is too much to make in the bid to getthe best from our children. It is about the future of these children, it isabout the future of the State.
  5. 5. We cannot talk about the future of the children without those saddled withthe task of moulding them – the teachers. That is why this administrationhas placed much emphasis on their welfare, condition of service andprofessional development. We have invested in their training and retrainingand provided additional incentives where possible.The Teachers Development Needs Assessment (TDNA) introduced by theadministration is also designed to enhance the capacity of the teachers andensure improved teaching quality. At the end of the day, our children willbe better for it. It is pertinent to say, however, that while many havemisconstrued government’s intention in the TDNA, we are convinced that itwill better the lots of both the teachers and those being taught.In addressing some of the agitations surrounding the TDNA, we havedecided to shift the date of the assessment by a week. It is our belief thatthe various misgivings about the TDNA would have given way for a betterunderstanding and appreciation of the assessment.I appeal to all people of good will to support the government as we bringour enviable past to bear on the challenging situations on our hands. Wemust, as a matter of deliberate personal assignment, inculcate in thesechildren the values that distinguish us unique people as they grow up. Byso doing our future would be insulated from the ravaging incursion ofnegative values fatally corroding the foundation of our common heritage.
  6. 6. I charge you, children to flee all actions that promote violence that cancompromise our security as a people and as a nation.Once again, I congratulate you on this year’s celebration. To me, thecelebration would, of course, not be seen to have achieved its purpose,until you go out from here and preach the gospel of peace, truth andsecurity to anyone you come in contact with. We do not have any othercountry than Nigeria. We must not allow some misguided individuals andgroups to make the labours of our past heroes who built the foundation ofthe country with their sweat and blood to be in vain. Nigeria must survive.Ekiti must excel.Thank you and God bless.