BPP Vetted Contracts For March 2013


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BPP Vetted Contracts For March 2013

  1. 1. PROCUREMENT RECORD IN THE MONTH OF MARCH, 2013 CONTRACT RECOMMENDED MDGSS/N TITLE PROJECT DESCRIPTION CONTRACTOR IMPLEMENTING MDAS ESTIMATE REVIEW COST SAVING Rehabilitation of Atikankan- first Baptist 1 Rehabilitation Road Hartland Nigeria Ltd. Ministry of Works and Transportation 192,638,776.46 1,084,461,301.76 Nil Rehabilitation of Old -Garage- Ojumose 2 Rehabilitation Road. Hartland Nigeria Ltd. Ministry of works and Transportation 197,802,850.69 1,039,326,301.82 Nil 3 Construction Construction of Ikogosi,Erinjinyan Road Rosco Resources Nig. Ltd. Ministry of Works and Transportation 493,276,994.66 493,276,966.66 Car Park/Internal Road Works At Resort center as additional work. Free Health 4 Mission Ekiti 7th Free Health Mission. Ministry of Health 78,488,000.00 78,488,000.00 Nil Supply of Supply of Learning Equipment to Eyiyato 5 equipment Enterprise Development Ekiti Enterprise Development 27,467,464.50 24,159,962.50 3,307,502.00 Center at Ilupeju Ekiti. Agency. 6 Supply of equipment Supply of Learning Equipment to Eyiyato Ekiti Enterprise Development 33,551,401.28 30,153,637.50 3,397,763.78 Enterprise Development Center at iloro Agency. Ekiti. 7 Supply of Equipment Supply of Learning Equipment to Eyiyato Ekiti Enterprise Development 34,842,263.40 31,134,710.28 3,707,553.12 Enterprise Development Center at Agency. Aisegba Ekiti. 8 Procurement of Instructional Materials Procurement For 187 Schools Simply Book Nigeria Ltd. Ministry of Education. 22,496,500.00 22,036,500.00 460,000.00 Including the Technical Colleges in Ekiti 9 Procurement Direct Procurement of Sound proof Ekiti State Pension Board. 3,792,751.00 3,792,751.00 Nil Generating set. 10 Procurement Procurement of Water Chemicals. Ekiti State Water Corporation 156,958,900.00 156,958,900.00 Nil www.ekitistate.gov.ng
  2. 2. Road. Extension of Extension of Electricity Supply to11 Electricity Fountain Metropolitan Motors Ekiti State Electricity Board. 1,295,866.28 1,295,866.28 Nil12 Installation of Air Conditioners to the two Installation New Building at the State Bengol Denny Nigeria Ltd. 4,000,000.00 3,500,000.00 500,000.00 Secretariat, Ado-Ekiti General Administration Department.13 The Conduct of 2012/2013 Edition of Conduct Junior Secondary School Ministry of Education. 18,456,000.00 14,000,000.00 4,456,000.00 Certificate in Ekiti State.14 Conduct of 2012/2013 Edition of Primary Conduct School Certificate and Ministry of Education. 7,438,500.00 6,500,000.00 938,500.00 Placement Examination into Junior Secondary School in Ekiti.15 Conduct Conduct of 2012/2013 of SS11 Uniform Promotion Examination Ministry of Education. 12,021,000.00 10,000,000.00 2,021,000.00 in Ekiti State.16 Preparation The Preparation of the Commission Annual Report to the State House 1,000,000.00 750,000.00 250,000.00 Assemble. Fiscal Responsibility Commission17 Conduct of 2nd Term Examination For Conduct Pupils in Primary (3-6) and Ministry of Education 12,723,000.00 12,723,000.00 Nil Common Promotion Examination In Ekiti State. Renovation of Council if Obas Chamber18 Renovation (including 5 Nos spit AC). Bureau of Chieftaincy Affairs 3,508,268.81 3,508,268.81 Nil19 Supply Supply of Furniture to Obas Chambers. Bureau of Chieftaincy Affairs 5,972,510.00 5,692,500.00 280,010.00 Purchase of 1nos Desktop and 1nos20 Purchase laptop Computer. Fiscal Responsibility Commission 300,000.00 300,000.00 Nil21 Purchase Purchase of Office Equipment. Fiscal Responsibility Commission 1,000,000.00 1,000,000.00 Nil22 Construction Construction of Students Hostel At Felog Nig. Ltd. Bureau of Special Projects. 26,466,636.00 24,233,665.05 2,232,970.95 www.ekitistate.gov.ng
  3. 3. School of Midwifery Orun-Ekiti. Construction of Administrative Block at23 Construction School of Midwifery, Orun-Ekiti Boltad Eng. Ltd Bureau of Special Projects. 26,408,490.00 24,408,490.00 2,000,000.0024 Establishment Bureau of Infrastructure & pu- 20,000,000.00 20,000,000.00 Nil The Establishment and Take-off of blic utilities. fountain Development Hub25 Supply Supply of office furniture. Goshen Xclusive Property High court of justice 7,200,000.00 6,640,000.00 560,000.00 Care Company.26 Supply Supply of Office Equipment Samfel Associates Limited High court of justice 3,467,400.00 3,396,660.00 70,740.0027 Construction Construction of Isan-Obo-Ayegunle Road Charvet nig. Ltd Mninstry of Works & Transportation 1,411,455,228.75 1,411,455,228.75 Nil28 Construction Construction of Ilupeju-Ire-Igbemo Road Rcf Nig. Ltd Ministry of Works & Transportation 1,440,873,787.50 1,440,873,787.50 Nil Construction of Iropora-Epe-Araromi-29 Construction Ijero Road. Sanju Sunny Nig. Ltd Ministry of Works & Transportation 989,676,489.38 989,676,489.38 Nil Roosco Resources Nig.30 Construction Construction of Ayetoro-Ewu-Iye Road. Ltd Ministry of Works & Transportation 804,929,186.25 804,929,186.25 Nil31 Construction Construction of Ikere Township Road. Atidolf Nig. Ltd Minstry of Works & Transportation 526,729,518.00 526,729,518.00 Nil32 Construction Construction of Ikole Township Road. Kopek Construction Ltd. Ministry of works & Transportation 757,930,162.50 757,930,162.50 Nil33 Construction Construction of Ijero Township Road. CGC Nigeria Ltd. Ministry of Works & Transportation 304,026,502.50 304,026,502.50 Nil TOTAL 7,628,194,447.96 9,337,358,356.54 24,182,039.85 SUMMARY The sum of N7,628,194,447.96 is the Cost of Projects and Services that passed through BPP for vetting and certification in the month of March, 2013 The sum of N9,337,358,356.54 is the vetted cost of the projects and services by the BPP in the month of March,2013 The sum of N24,182,039.85 is the amount saved by BPP. www.ekitistate.gov.ng