Communism- 1848-1990


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The history of Communism from 1848-1990 (Major events only)

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Communism- 1848-1990

  1. 1. Rise and fall ofCommunismRamiro MarroquinDeonta Hawthorne12/12/12
  2. 2. 1848- Karl Marx writes the Communist Manifesto 1917- Russia pulls out of World War I 1917- The October Revolution- Bolsheviks take over RussiaAugust 1918- the U.S, British and Japanese send troops to fight the Bolsheviks and return the Russian king to power
  3. 3. 1919- The Bolsheviks formed the Comintern- an international communist organization dedicated to spreading communism 1919- Communist coups start in Hungary, Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe, but all of them soon fail 1922- The Soviet Union is formed1924- Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin dies/Joseph Stalin becomes the new leader 1928- Farm collectivization begins in the Soviet Union
  4. 4. 1928- 5 year industrial plan started in Soviet Union 1936: The Great Purge starts in Soviet Union1939- Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union sign a non-aggression pactSeptember 1939- The Soviets help the Nazi’s take over Poland
  5. 5. 1942- Hitler betrayed Stalin and invades the Soviet Union 1945- After fending off the German invasion, The Soviets push Hitler back and occupy most of the Nazi territory and proceed to occupy Germany itself February 1945-Yalta Conference- President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin meet to discuss the fate of the post-WWII world. This will be important later on 1945- Postdam Conference-Stalin, Truman andChurchill meet again and discuss postwar issues. Stalin decides to occupy Eastern Europe. The Allies don’t agree with this and this leads to hostilities .
  6. 6. February 1948- Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia June 24, 1948-Berlin Blockade- The Soviets lock off Eastern Germany to the Allies in an attempt to kick them out of Germany. July 1949- NATO ratifiedMay 12, 1949- Berlin Blockade ends
  7. 7. September 1949- Chinese Communist MaoZedong wins Chinese Civil War and takes over China. September 1949- Soviets explode their first atomic bombOctober 1949- German Democratic Republic founded in Eastern GermanyJune 1950- Korean War begins- North Korea attacks South Korea, but are defeated July 1953- The Korean War endsJuly 1954- Vietnam split at 17th parallel: North and South Vietnam
  8. 8. May 1955- Warsaw Pact is formed- the Soviets ally the Union and all its its territory in Eastern Europe under the pact Warsaw Pact. October-November 1956- Rebellion put down in Communist Hungary October 4, 1957- Soviet satellite Sputnik is launched January 1959- Cuban Communist Fidel Castro takes over Cuba 1960- Berlin Wall is formed May 1960- U.S. spy plane shot over Soviet UnionApril 1961- Bay of Pigs invasion begins- Cuban exiles try to take Cuba back from Castro, but fail and get captured.
  9. 9. 1965- Vietnam War begins 1972- Vietnam War endsMay 1972- Start of SALT talks between U.S. and USSR. July 1974- SALT II negotiations begin December 1979- Soviets invade Afghanistan June 1982- SALT talks start again in Geneva
  10. 10. March 12, 1985- Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader of the Soviet Union February 1988- Soviets start to pull out of AfghanistanMarch 1989- Multi party elections start in the USSR. June 1989- Elections start in Poland November 1989- Berlin Wall fallsAugust 12, 1990- GDR wants to unite with the FRG
  11. 11. October 1990- Germany is reunifiedDecember 26,1991- USSR is dissolved