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  • Azam bro, before saying any think about Gilgit Baltistan plz read the history of this region, and about the people of this region.
    you will know that the Independence of this region has not required any help from Pakistani forces,
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  • I can not see any part of Pakistan to be apart from it /// I Love the Whole Pakistan as it is now ...
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  • Gilgit thinks what ?? Pakistan , India or Indipendence ?
    remember Independence will lead to the slavery of India as it is proved in case of Jamu .... think think and then decide ... Pakistan has protected GB for years and yes ofcourse hase protected itself so please be unite for the safety of all ... God Bless you all my brothers ...
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Gilgit.Baltistan ppt

  1. 1. Areas of G. B 72,496 square kilometers.Population of G.B is about 2 million Azad Kashmir >> southwest, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa >> west, Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan >>northwest, Xinjiang province of China >> northand northeast Indian-administered state of Jammuand Kashmir >> southeast.
  2. 2. Before the independence of Pakistan andthe partition of India in 1947,Maharaja Hari Singh extended his ruleto Gilgit and Baltistan.The Gilgit agency was leased by the Maharajato British Government.Baltistan was a western district of Ladakhprovince which was annexed by Pakistan in1948.
  3. 3. Immediately after the end of British rule inthe sub-continent in 1947, the people ofthis region decided to join Pakistanthrough a popular local revolt against thegovernment of Maharaja of Kashmir.In 1963, Pakistan ceded the ShaksgamValley of Baltistan region to the China.This ceded area is also known as the Trans-Karakoram Tract.
  4. 4. Importance of Karakoram Highway
  5. 5. Importance of RiverIndus
  6. 6. Importance ofSiachen
  7. 7. Gilgit, the capital of the Gilgit- Baltistan.Languages ofG.BShinaBaltiBuroshashkikhowarWakhi
  8. 8. Ranges of Mountain Historical place Lakes Lash Green Areas & Glacier Culture
  9. 9. Ranges of Mountain Karakoram Himalaya Hindu Kush
  10. 10. Karakoram AirSafariMountaineering, Trekking andHiking:Fishing WildlifeHuntingWalking excursions
  11. 11. HospitalityCultural DishesFresh Fruits Apples, Graphs Pear s, Apricots Cherries, PlumsDry fruits Nuts, DryApricot Almond,
  12. 12.  By Plane from Islamabad To Gilgit >> in 40 mints To Skardu >> in 45 mints By Road from Rawalpindi To Gilgit >> 18 Hours To Skardu >> 24 Hours
  13. 13. * GB have 119 Lakes,* 3 Mountain Ranges,* 101 Peaks are found 7000m above sea level* 5100 Glaciers 22000 sq Miles snow coveredArea,* 23 types of Reptiles
  14. 14. * 3 Wildlife sanctuaries,* 5 Ecological Zones & 281600 ha Forest* 5000MW Electricity Potential,* Biggest fresh Water source* gate way to 4 Atomic Power.....* 4 National Parks
  15. 15. We are the Subject of Peace,We are the Chapter of Freedom, ~~~~~~We are the Jewel of Mountain,We are the Ambassadors of Harmony.., ~~~~~~Sky is our Bed, Moon is our Lamp,Mountains are our home Snow is our blanket..., ~~~~~~Love is our nature, Respect is our culture...,Peace is our Identity, Freedom is our fate ..., ~~~~~~We listen the music of stars,Our homeland is like HEAVEN, ~~~~~~ We are Gilgit BALTISTAN
  16. 16. ~the end~