Greek Gods, Heroes and myths


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Greek Gods, Heroes and myths

  1. 1. Greek Gods,Goddesses, Mythsand Heroes.By Eilish Dillon and Kyrah Mendes
  2. 2. Zeus: God of the sky, winds,clouds,rain, thunder andlightning.
  3. 3. Zeus was the chief god of greekmythology.His Roman name was Jupiter.
  4. 4. Zeus had a wife namedHerathey loved each other.
  5. 5. One power that Zeus had washe could sound like anyone orlook like anyone.
  6. 6. Zeus was important because he was the mostpowerful thing alive and he could do justabout anything.
  7. 7. Zeus is famous today because he was the topmost known person in greek mythology .
  8. 8. Where you see Zeuss name today:In ancient greece movies.Zeus company.Zeus recording company.
  9. 9. Greek Myth: MeduseMeduse was once a lovely young girl whohad a boyfriend she loved very much.
  10. 10. One day Meduses Boyfriend brought to acave but the did not know it was a temple ofthe gods.
  11. 11. Athen (the goddess) was looking at Medeuseand her boyfriend kissing; Athen got mad.
  12. 12. Athen turned Medusa ugly, Athen gave hersnakes for hair and an ugly face.
  13. 13. Greek Hero
  14. 14. Hercules= Roman name for the greatest heroof greek mythology.
  15. 15. Hercules is considered a hero for his heroicdeeds he did. This includes him doinglabors.
  16. 16. One day Hercules was driven mad by hismom Hera. Keep into consideration thathercules is very, very strong.
  17. 17. In a frenzy he killed his own 2 children,Doing this he had to perform tasks in a formof punishments.
  18. 18. These tasks he had to perform where calledlabors. And these labors were near toimpossible to perform.
  19. 19. These labors included......
  20. 20. Hercules fighting a super lion, Tacklinghydra, capturing the cernitian and muchmuch more.
  21. 21. Where you see Hercules nametoday.● There was a major Disney film "Hercules"● Hercules is known for his heroric deeds.
  22. 22. Greek God: AtheneDaughter of Zeus.
  23. 23. Athene was the goddesses of wisdom.
  24. 24. Athene is a powerful defender but also awilling peacemaker.
  25. 25. Stories say that Athena was born fully armedfrom the forehead of Zeus. According to onestory this is because Zeus swallowedAthenas mother.
  26. 26. The people say that the city of Athens wasnamed after her.
  27. 27. Why people remenber Athene:● Her story is intersting● The city of Athens is named after her.
  28. 28. Greek God: AresGod of welfare and murder
  29. 29. Ares is the sole son of Zeusand Hera.
  30. 30. Both parents were notfound of their irritableson.
  31. 31. If Ares had a little more love and neuteringfrom both parents it probably would haveresulted in Ares being the god of minorconflicts.
  32. 32. Ares is the God of war, His strength is thather is decisive, determined and fearless.
  33. 33. Ares had an affair withAprodite; and was father tomany children.
  34. 34. Ares is often portrayedas a vigorous andhandsome young man.
  35. 35. Ares was not a wellliked god or welltrusted.
  36. 36. Greek Goddess:AphroditeThe goddess of beauty, love, pleasure andprocreation.
  37. 37. Aphrodite had great powerover love.
  38. 38. Aphrodite was apparently bornin seafoam.
  39. 39. Aphrodite was in manyaffairs and had manychildren.
  40. 40. Some of her children where:● Aeneas● Anteros● Beroe And she●● Deimos Deimos had many●● Eros Harmonia more●● Hermaphroditus Herophilus children. :)● Himeros● Phobos
  41. 41. Where you see her nametoday/why do we know about hertoday.● There are famous paintings of her● She did lots of memorable things as a god.● She was in alot of affairs.
  42. 42. Greek God:HephaestusGod of fire and forge.
  43. 43. Hephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera.Some say hera hated him and flung himover mount olympus into the sea breakingboth his.
  44. 44. Hepheatus was the smitharmour of the gods.
  45. 45. Hepheatus is known to bepeaceful and loving.
  46. 46. Hephaestuts built thing for the gods atop ogmouth Oylmpus.
  47. 47. Hephaetus is often an overlooked god, butthe gods armory is very important.
  48. 48. Greek Hero:Oedipus
  49. 49. Oedipus was the heroof thebes.
  50. 50. Oedipus solved the riddle of theSphynx.
  51. 51. It is like a miracle that Oedipus solved theriddle of the Sphynx.
  52. 52. This is because the riddell ofthe sphinx was very hard andwhen people ansewerd itwrong they died.
  53. 53. When he answered the question the Sphinxdestroyed itself.
  54. 54. Oedipus married his mother.