Taking Twitter to the Next Level: A Hands-On Workshop


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Twitter for Advanced Beginners. Moving from occassionally tweeting to tweeting regularly. Targeted at professionals in medical education and clinical care. MDs, MD-PhDs, MPH and other healthcare professionals. Follow us @EinsteinMed and on our blog www.thedoctorstablet.com

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  • co-founder Jack Dorsey explains:"We wanted to capture that in the name -- we wanted to capture IN A NAME the feeling of the physical sensation that you're buzzing your friend's pocket. It's like buzzing all over the world."So we did a bunch of name-storming, and we came up with the word 'twitch,' because the phone kind of vibrates when it moves. But 'twitch' is not a good product name because it doesn't bring up the right imagery."So we looked in the dictionary for words around it, and we came across the word 'twitter,' and it was just perfect. The definition was 'a short burst of inconsequential information,' and 'chirps from birds.'"And that's exactly what the product was."Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_is_Twitter_called_twitter#ixzz1y5Mo5srs
  • Comms firm of WCG…Key points – the tweet REGULARLYMost fit twitter in their work dayMost DO NOT have hundreds of followersMany are highly connected to others
  • John HopkinsEinsteinMayo ClinicWeill Cornell SUNY Upstate
  • Transition to David, here. Starts off with quick review of Twitter then moves toward live demo.
  • Need to check with Mayo about framing Farley this way. Our point here is that different styles work well – depends on objective.
  • Transition to David
  • David goes to live demo…Explains what going to be covered…
  • Search is window W (SEARCH)Hashtag – symplur, healthcare hashtag W (HCHASHTAG)Hootsuite (go to Einstein’s) W (HOOTSUITE)Tweetchat W (TWEETCHAT)Lists (hootsuite)Commun.it W (COMMUN.IT)Block/Report (Hootsuite)
  • Back to Paul here.. Tweeting on the go.
  • Back to Paul
  • Taking Twitter to the Next Level: A Hands-On Workshop

    1. 1. Science at the heart of medicine Taking Twitter to the Next Level: A Hands-on Workshop Paul Moniz, Managing Director, Communications and Marketing David Flores, Social Media Manager @EinsteinMed January 16, 2013Science at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed
    2. 2. Why Twitter is a Free “Knowledge” Buffet!Heaps of useful informationSharpens knowledge,broadens connectionsGlobal networking Science at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 1
    3. 3. Why Twitter is a Free Buffet • Ability to self-select choices (“That one looks good”) • Sampling = engagement (“I want to try more”) • Curiosity fuels sense of adventure • Free ticket: only cost: your time • Yes, you should be EXCITED!Science at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 2
    4. 4. Learning Objectives 1. Why Twitter is a Critical Learning Platform 2. How Your Peers Find Value in Twitter 3. Mastering Twitter Tools to Engage/Save TimeScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 3
    5. 5. Survey Says…What You Told Us • M.D., PhD., Asst. Prof., 50-75% Clinical, 25% MedEd • 63% Twitter novice, 13% expert, 13% intermediate, 1 person has never used Twitter • Main goal today: gain familiarity, expand prof. opps • No one has used social media to connect with patients • BUT… 86% use SM to discuss work • Other goals: Raise profile, recruit patients, learn “language of Twitter”Science at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 4
    6. 6. Main Reasons YOU Don’t Use Twitter: NO Time (66%) NO Value (33%) WE ARE HERE TO:Science at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 5
    7. 7. Twitter as Learning Platform • Topics relevant to YOU • Connect with EXPERTS and like-minded • Find relevant studies, resources, contacts • Establish thought leadership • Increase knowledge…FASTScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 6
    8. 8. Finding Value: Analysis of 1400 Doctors on Twitter • 400,000 Tweets over 5 months by WCG (2012) • Active users. They tweet over 2x per day on average. • Twitter part of their workday. More than 50% of tweets are sent between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (in the physician‟s local time zone). • They have an audience. 2/3: at least 150 followers (median 306). • They connect to each other. More than 1/3 followed by at least 20 other doctors. • The most-followed physician: Kevin Pho - @KevinMD (Followed by nearly half) • Source: MedCity News http://ein.st/SandNmScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 7
    9. 9. What Your Peers Say About Twitter (Thank you, Tweeps!)Science at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 8
    10. 10. What Your Peers Say About Twitter • “An extraordinary stream of tailor-made info from a robust scalpel-sculpted community. Cant be better.” Jacob J. Steinberg, M.D. @jjsteinberg Professor, Pathology, Einstein College of MedicineScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 9
    11. 11. What Your Peers Say about Twitter • “New professional opportunities have arisen for me solely as a result of my involvement with Twitter, e.g., giving talks, asking for commentary, invited to participate in research studies, etc.” Robert S. Miller, M.D., FACP @rsm2800 Breast Cancer Program Oncology Johns Hopkins Green SpringScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 10
    12. 12. What Your Peers Say about Twitter • “I find Twitter useful for knowing the medical news, for links to articles and new ideas that interest me, and for networking.” Elaine Schnatter, M.D. @ElaineSchattner Clinical Associate, Professor of Medicine Weill Cornell Medical CollegeScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 11
    13. 13. What Your Peers Say About Twitter “Twitter is the primary communication tool for the current era, and a core element of your personal digital brand identity. Regardless of your focus, your patients are there, in growing numbers, and your competition is there, in growing numbers.” Farris Timimi, M.D. @farristimimi Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Social MediaScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 12
    14. 14. In Sum… “I find Twitter to be the greatest communication tool available to man. I’m struck by how useful it is. You can tailor it to your exact needs.” Robert West, Ph.D. @westr Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Upstate Medical University at SUNYScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 13
    15. 15. Twitter for Thought Leadership: Different Styles (all valid) Dr. David Farley, Mayo Clinic Surgeon and Educator ONE TO MANY 262 Tweets 0 Following 157 FollowersScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 14
    16. 16. Using Twitter for Thought Leadership: Different Styles Dr. Robert Miller, Breast Ca. Oncologist, Johns Hopkins CONVERSATIONALIST 5,619 Tweets 575 Following 2,640 FollowersScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 15
    17. 17. Set Attainable Goal: 300 Followers • Average doctor in Twitter survey: 306 followers • Experts suggest “300” is the tipping point • IGNORE number of followers initially • Participate. Give someone a reason to follow you • Engage. Value attracts followersScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 16
    18. 18. Quick Recap: Tweet and Retweet • Tweet refers to a short message (140 character max.) • A retweet is a “rebroadcast” of your message to all of one‟s followers. “RT” generally appears before post. Tweet RetweetScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 17
    19. 19. Lingo: Do you Speak Twitter? • Handle: Your username: @EinsteinMed • Hashtags (#): Symbols used to organize Tweets/find content • Feed: Everything on your Twitter homepage • Following: People/orgs you choose to follow • Followers: People/orgs who follow your account • Mentions: Messages addressing you using your handle: @EinsteinMed „”Good point!” • RT vs. MT: Sharing vs. Modifying a tweet • Direct Message: Private message sent only to youScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 18
    20. 20. Mastering Twitter: Lingo and Tools Live Demo • Twitter Search: Your content ticket • Using Hashtags, finding Twitter chats (#) • Using Twitter Apps – Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc. • Monitoring and Participating in twitter chats: Tweetchat • Why Lists are Critical • Assessing a Profile (Commun.it, SocialBro) • Block/ReportScience at the heart of medicine 1/17/2013 | 19
    21. 21. Twitter apps on Mobile (Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Twitter) PROS • Very convenient: tweet on the run • Monitor events/engage in real time CONS • Typing a challenge, “send” too easy! • Challenging to monitor multiple streams for newbiesScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 20
    22. 22. Promoting Einstein Clinical Trials on Twitter • Einstein Twitter Account for Clinical Trials • All language approved by IRB • HIPAA: Direct all traffic to web landing page • Consider: Separate Twitter account about research topic to drive interestScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 21
    23. 23. Twitter: Flight List Do  Follow interesting people/topics  Share and RT info that matters  Say “thank you”  Tweet daily (or 2x/day) Don’t X Share detailed personal information X Engage in heated arguments publicly X Focus only on yourself X Obsess over number of followersScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 22
    24. 24. SHAMELESS PLUG…..TheDoctorsTablet.com We‟re looking for bloggers! Have a blog idea? Submit a post to: blogs@einstein.yu.eduScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 23
    25. 25. Connect with Us @EinsteinMed socialmedia@einstein.yu.edu einstein.yu.edu/administration/communications-public- affairs/media/twitter-resources.asp einstein.yu.edu/social-media einstein.yu.edu/newsScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 24
    26. 26. Additional ResourcesUSING TWITTERTwitter 101:https://support.twitter.com/groups/31-twitter-basics/topics/104-welcome-to-twitter-support/articles/215585-twitter-101-how-should-i-get-started-using-twitterHealthcare Hashtagshttp://www.symplur.com/healthcare-hashtags/Twitter myths and tipshttp://futuredocsblog.com/top-twitter-myths-tips/ALBERT EINSTEIN COLLEGE OF MEDICINE - SOCIAL MEDIAMacy Grant to Teach Social Media Professionalism in Medicinehttp://www.einstein.yu.edu/news/releases/830/einstein-faculty-receive-grant-to-teach-social-media-professionalism-in-medicine/Healthcare Social Media Learning from Einsteinhttp://onlineitallmatters.blogspot.com/2012/12/healthcare-social-media-learn-from-best.htmlScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 25
    27. 27. Additional Resources FROM LIVE PRESENTATION Twitter Search search.twiter.com Hashtags/Twitterchats http://www.symplur.com/healthcare-hashtags/ Hootsuite www.hootsuite.com Tweetchat www.tweetchat.com Commun.it http://www.commun.itScience at the heart of medicine - @EinsteinMed 1/17/2013 | 26