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What is computer software
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What is computer software


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  • 1. What is Computer Software?
  • 2. Hardware vs Software Got to have both to get the job done!
  • 3. How does Software work?  Algorithms have to be written  Algorithm turned into computer language  Another specialized program turned this language into something the computer understands  Software development – multi-step process  First programmer – Grace Hooper – created FLOW MATIC (later known as – COBOL)
  • 4. Types of Software  Applications Software  Systems Software  Operating systems  Utilities  Language translators
  • 5. Applications Software
  • 6. Operating Systems  Interface between user and the computer  Many brands  Windows – designed for processor Intel  Macintosh computers use processor made by Motorola - OS
  • 7. Utility Software  Helps perform housekeeping chores  Tasks include:  Antivirus programs  Copy file from hard drive to another location  Convert graphics file so it can be used by another program  Backup copy of hard drive
  • 8. Language Translators  Converts code written in English to a language the computer can understand  Translator helps computer process data I don’t understand! I need a translator.
  • 9. Operating Systems  Mac OS  DOS  Windows  Unix – portable operating system (can run on just about any hardware platform)  Networking Operating System – group of two or more computers to be connected  Window NT  Novell’s Netware  IBM’s Warp Server
  • 10. User Interfaces  Determines how user friendly the computer is  Part we interact with when using the computer  Command-line interface such as DOS  Graphical interfaces such as Windows
  • 11. Command Line  Early computers used only this  Have to memorize codes  Not very user friendly  Not colorful – usually written in black and white  No pictures
  • 12. Graphical User interfaces  Came about with menus  Graphical user interface (GUI)  Came about with Apple’s development of Macintosh Finder  Pictures (icons) represent software  Colorful  Contributed to the explosion of computer use.
  • 13. Project  Research the three operating systems:  Mac OS v.?  Windows XP or Vista  Unix  Determine advantages and disadvantages of each, create a two page report on your findings. Which one do you think would be the best for someone to use in a home business.