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Facebook and the Toowoomba Flash Flooding
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Facebook and the Toowoomba Flash Flooding


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  • 1. Facebook & the Toowoomba Flash Flood
    • Dr Kelly McWilliam (Senior Lecturer, Media Studies)
    • [email_address]
  • 2.  
  • 3. WeatherZone Forum
  • 4. Toowoomba
  • 5. Murphy’s Creek
  • 6. Withcott
  • 7. Helidon
  • 8. Grantham
  • 9. ‘ Toowoomba Flood’ & Facebook
    • Toowoomba Flood Appeal Page (1,200 people like this)
    •   Toowoomba & Darling Downs Flood Page (36 people like this)
    •   Toowoomba Flood volunteer helpers (56 people like this)
    •   Toowoomba and Darling Flood Missing Persons (9 people like this)
    •   Hearts Go Out To The Toowoomba Flood Victims (7 people like this)
    •   We need a hand to clean up some of the flood damage in Toowoomba (10 people)
    •   R.I.P. Families who lost members in the Toowoomba Flood (group, 43 members)
    •   Help queensland on their flood crisis and donate some money!! (group, 2258 members)
    •   Help Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley district ANIMALS in FLOOD! (group, 559 members)
    •   My teacher told me ‘Toowoomba will never flood’ (group, 3 members)
  • 10.  
  • 11. Facebook - Toowoomba and Darling Downs Flood Photos and Information
    • First 24 hours: Local people searching for missing friends/relatives.
    • First 48 hours: Local, interstate and international people searching for missing friends/relatives/information.
    • Days 3-5 : The number of people searching for the missing declined and were limited largely to
      • those looking for people who were still missing, presumed dead.
      • international searchers who were not aware of which areas were hit and which were not (many non-locals thought the whole of Toowoomba had been flooded.)
    • People also began seeking information about where to buy bread and milk as well as other staples such as nappies & formula, since the floods had hit Brisbane and no supply trucks were getting through.
    • 1 week+: People began using the page to seek volunteers to help out at both evacuation centres and private residences.
    • 2 weeks +: People began organizing charity events to raise money for the flood appeal.
  • 12. Eight Socio-Temporal Stages of Disaster (Powell, 1954; Dynes, 1970) see Palen et. al Time Activity Stage/s 24 hrs Locals search for info about missing 2-3 48 hrs Locals & non-locals search for info missing 2-3 3-5 days Searches for missing friends/relatives ongoing; Searches for basic supplies (bread, milk) emerged as Brisbane supply trucks cut off. 4-6 1 week+ Organising volunteers 7 2 weeks+ Organising charity events/raising money 7