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  • You do not work at a gaming company and during a strategy meeting say something like – “let’s gamify the experience!”You work at a software company that has nothing to do with games…and make the magic happen!
  • Definition of ‘fun’ is very personal; each of us has a list of activities, forms of play and leisure time-passing he or she would consider as fun.At an A/B testing level, people are commonly share the same theme as to ‘what’s fun’ and ‘what’s not’.
  • ‘fun’ is a state of mind during a certain activity;You don’t really have to smile while doing it, a ‘smile’ is an attribute…one of many;‘fun’ however is all about the bigger picture.
  • In the digital domain, ‘fun’ is the user experience and user experience is EVERYTHING!It’s the graphical interface and it’s interaction, it’s the back-end data flow and server reaction time, it’s the language of the UI and even the devise the consumer uses to interact with the information.The example above is a screen from an app called ‘Clear’ which is a fresh and fun version of a…task management app.
  • Google Chrome integrated the ‘Clear browsing history’ language as part of their fun experience.“Obliterate the following items from…the beginning of time”
  • In 1987, when we were considering Apple & Windows first OS’s to be the greatest ‘fun’ examples to a human-computer interface… Yes, that was indeed ‘fun’ considering that the way we did it before was through DOS…
  • At the same year (1987), designer Michael Okuda, scenic art supervisor and technical consultant for the ‘Star Trek, next Generation’ series, created the - LCARS -Library Computer Access/Retrieval SystemIn the era of the first GUI’s for Mac & PC, this designer built an elegant GUI, clearly ahead of it’s time with a lot of touch functionality and a hint towards a touch handheld tablet.
  • In the gaming world, what gets you striving towards perfection is reward and status (aside from pure fun of blowing stuff up…).The gaming community is enormous and multi-leveled across geographies, genders & platforms – even if you don’t consider yourself as one…you probably are.The ‘achievement badge’ is a big part of it and serves as an indicator of status, rant and talent.
  • Application of the ‘status’ and ‘achievement badge’ in real life.
  • The ‘enticement’ part of Gamification is already in our day-to-day life.One example would be the smart panels introduced through the hybrid and electric car industry where you receive live feedback to the engine performance and your driving style.In the case of this one from the new Ford Fusion Hybrid, the nice green branches on the right loose leafs whenever the driver’s behavior affects the miles per gallon equation;The principle here is quite simple – you don’t want to be the one killing this beautiful plant and so you drive slower and more efficient.
  • Another good example is the heart-rate measuring devices in GYMs and on-the-go like the one above.These devices provide you with real-time reading of your endurance & vital signs (bio-feedback) which may be tracked on time vector but is used to streamline your activity.Let’s say you start running on the treadmill at your GYM and 5 minutes into it, you start feel a little dizzy…you put your hands on the device reading panels and find that your heart rate is 164. Now would be a good time to lower the device resistance or slow down a bit. The cool factor kicks in when you find your speed and still keep the measurement going – by being aware to your heart-rate you can actually control it and watch it go down or keep steady – give it a try!
  • Across many of the worlds crowded airport bathrooms, many tried to solve the problem of…men accuracy.A few years back, you started seeing in some airports the picture above – a tiny fly.This simple image at the bottom of the toilet is one of the most ingenious Gamification implementations – as most men like to shoot at things – give them something to aim at!Needles to say, bathrooms with this solutions are much cleaner then others globally!
  • Just like Google search, Gartner ‘say so’ is also a good finger on the pulse of technology.
  • Google search trending has already become a unique tool of market trend analysis.
  • Many companies have already taken the first steps in this field, some without even calling it ‘Gamification’.What’s common to all – the generated success is measurable and evident!
  • When you are able to induce this type of fun & enticement into your own software, your customers will have a tool that makes their business more successful!The fun part isn’t just about the customer using it but also you building it. Implementing innovation in your product and a source of fun disruption also on the developing side.People won’t stray to Facebook and Gmail when they’re enjoying what they do and are part of a healthy competitive scene -“Forget about the bonus…mortgage…kids…it’s me against Sara – Game On !!!”
  • Gamification is and added layer of innovation in the way you construct your business solutions – it is (should be) part of your DNA.
  • TheGamification checklist
  • Like everything else in life, too much of something isn’t a good thing.You have the potential to bring a world of hurt to your users by over-use of Gamification across your solution.It’s that tipping point between ‘Impressive’ and ‘Absurd’!Examine your solution offering through the eyes of the customer and infuse gamified experience responsibly. Avoid the “hammer & nail” analogy…
  • Avoid letting the user achieve the 100%...keep him hungry!
  • It’s not about the reward – it’s about all the rest!At the end of the day, your gamified experience should generate quantitative success at the customer’s end which is built upon motivated talent.
  • My badges, my name tag, number of connections…these are all my LinkedIn avatar identifiers!
  • Cool, I’m and “All-Star” but why is the cup not full?Only 5 people viewed my profile…why not 20?Share my profile – my profile is my source of pride ‘ShufuniYaNas!’ (‘look at me people’ in Arabic)
  • How do you get a user to “give up” his contact lists during sign-up – you gamify the experience!
  • Gamified Marketing!Goal - Spread the word of SAP’s BI technology offerings
  • You checked your heart rate – benchmark yourself against the world or better yet – share it!
  • Microsoft formed a way to reward and entice it’s own talent to better support it’s launched products, creating a (game) community who play – ‘I’m the Expert’ !
  • Gamification is a holistic part of a solution which goal is to make it better thought the user’s state of mind while using it!Keep that in mind during the course of any piece of your solution planning!
  • Gamification w

    1. 1. Integrating gaminginto your solution strategyEhud (Udi) Waizer, Director of UX, Verint Ehud (Udi) Waizer, Director of UX, Verint
    2. 2. what is Gamification ?WhatWhyHow
    3. 3. the definition of GAME is - fun an activity providing entertainment or amusementWhatWhyHow enticement a competitive activity or sport in which players contend with each other according to a set of rules. oh, yes…discoverability too!
    4. 4. funWhatWhyHow
    5. 5. WhatWhyHow fun
    6. 6. WhatWhyHow fun
    7. 7. funWhatWhyHow
    8. 8. Fun…?WhatWhyHow
    9. 9. Fun!WhatWhyHow
    10. 10. EnticementWhatWhyHow
    11. 11. EnticementWhatWhyHow
    12. 12. EnticementWhatWhyHow
    13. 13. WhatWhyHow Enticement
    14. 14. EnticementWhatWhyHow
    15. 15. Because Gartner said so!WhatWhyHow
    16. 16. Because it Works!WhatWhyHow
    17. 17. Because it Works!WhatWhyHow
    18. 18. Because it’s OK to enjoy your work! focus enthusiasm motivationWhatWhy excellenceHow fun performance
    19. 19. WhatWhy Gamification isn’t a KPI,How it’s part of your offering!
    20. 20. What Types of playersWhy Level of difficultyHow Feedback systems Reward systems Fun. Fun. Fun
    21. 21. Don’t over-do!WhatWhyHow
    22. 22. Keep’em wanting more!WhatWhyHow
    23. 23. Nurture wanted behavioral change; Avoid dependency!WhatWhy Dad, remember thatHow “ $1 for reading 10 pages ” deal we had ? I‟ve finished reading „War and Peace‟… Your move!
    24. 24. Gamified Marketing…?
    25. 25. I’m a gamer on . . . LinkedIn!Example 1
    26. 26. Example 1
    27. 27. Example 2
    28. 28. Example 3
    29. 29. Example 4
    30. 30. Gamified product support team!Example 5
    31. 31. Go play!so…
    32. 32. Gamification And UX: Where Users Win Or Lose (Smashing Magazine) Gamification Becomes the Norm: 7 Ways to Game Your Business (Silicon Angle)…moreresources… Search results for the word ‘Gamification’ (Mashable) Gamification: Engagement Strategies for Business and IT (Gartner) Friend Network Optimizer by SAP – Gamify a marketing effort to promote technology Gamified marketing