Court Decisions 2008 Last Updated 2009 10 01


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List of interesting patent related court decisions 2008

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Court Decisions 2008 Last Updated 2009 10 01

  1. 1. List of interesting patent case law of 2008 Previously updated: 1 September 2009 Last updated: 1 October 2009 New cases since the previous update is shown in RED. This document contains some interesting case law from 2008 in my opinion and in view of practical aspects for a patent attorney working in the field of electronics and telecommunications. Therefore, some interesting case law for people working in the chemical or biotech area has often not been mentioned here. The list is a censored list of a more informative list compiled for Ericsson internal use only. Links to internal documents, internal blog posts etc have therefore been removed. I started to compile this list in the summer of 2008 and interesting case law from the beginning of 2008 is therefore surely missing (except USA where I hope I got at all precedential decisions of CAFC and BPAI). I would of course appreciate any feedback on errors and interesting, missing case law. There are plenty of countries, whose case law I do not know how to follow. In fact the purpose of publishing this list is for me to become aware, via your feedback, of case law that I might find interesting. Last but not least, a special thanks to all public case law databases and public bloggers out there for keeping me updated on recent case law, especially IpKat, 271 Patent Law Blog, IP::Jur, IP Now, PatLit, and Le blog du droit européen des brevets. Best regard, Fredrik Egrelius ( Australia: High Court decisions (2008) HCA 49 Northern Territory v. Collins, Staple commercial product
  2. 2. Canada: Interesting Supreme Court decisions 2008 SCC 61 Apotex Inc. v. Sanofi-Synthelabo Canada Inc., Obviousness and double patenting China: Interesting Supreme Court decisions No 4 2008 Letter of No 3 Civil Tribunal Chaoyang xingnuo Company v. ?, no infringement if patent included in national standard No. Xingtizi 4/2007, In Re Shu Xuezhang, doctrine of double patenting Interesting decision from the Shanghai Higher People’s Court 18 April 2008, Wong Like v. Shanghai EV Fuel Injection Co. Ltd, Calculation of remuneration, which could be increased if employer in bad faith invalidates patent
  3. 3. EPO: Decisions published in OJ 2008 (although decided earlier) G 1/06 Seiko Epson Corporation: Divisional applications G1/05 Astropower, Inc: Divisional applications J10/07 Amazonen-werke H. Dreyer GmbH, Transitional provisions of EPC 2000 T1093/05 Infineon, Misinterpretation of Decision to Grant T263/05 Honda Giken Kogyo KK, Amendment of claims in Opposition T1178/04 Canada v. BASF AG, Purported new opponent party to proceedings T154/04 Duns Licensing Associates L.P., Requirement of invention Interesting decisions published 2008 T248/08 Schlumberger, Substantial procedural violations T258/06 Hirschman Electronics GmbH v. Fuba Automitive GmbH, Fax OK if OK message from fax T63/06 Hitachi v. DaimlerChrysler, shifting of burden of proof and sufficience of disclosure R1/08 Uni-pharma v. Biospray S.A. and Help S.A, first petition-to-review case France:
  4. 4. Interesting Cour de cassation decisions 07-10253, 3 June 2008, Gilbert Li v. Groupe Mafter Bourgeat SA, employee's work within framework of contract, PIBD 2008, 879, IIIB-460 07-12517, 3 June 2008, M. Rouyer et Mme Pariente v. HB Fuller France, Co-inventors with different tasks and different countries, PIBD 2008, 879, IIIB-459 26 February 2008, Jaques Bourgeois and Bourgeois SA v. Pims Orthopédie SA and Braun Corp., Scope of protection, PIBD 2008, 874, IIIB-293 06-19.149, 26 February 2008, Newmat SAS v. Normalu SA and Thierry Haguenier, knowledge of a person skilled in the art, PIBD 2008, 873, IIIB-269 Interesting case from Lyons Court of First instance 21 July 2008 Mundipharma Laboratories GmbH et al. v Medochemie Ltd Germany: Interesting German Federal Supreme Court decisions X ZB 8/08, Filing grounds of appeal by e-mail X ZR 89/07 Eli Lilly v. Teva and Dr Reddy's, reinstatement of validity and partly reversal of previous case law on novelty X ZR 6/06 X v. X, confidentiality agreements, trade secrets and damages X ZR 180/05, Ink Cartridge, injunctive relief if exclusive license X ZR 107/04, Concrete Road Finisher, priority right when technical effect not indicated in prior application X ZR 273/02, Papermaking Fabric, invention in entirety in technical context forms legal basis for assessment of obviousness in relation to prior art
  5. 5. Düsseldorf Appelate court decisions I-2 W 47/07 Eli Lilly v. Teva and Dr Reddy's, Preliminar injunction despite "invalid" patent Great Britain: House of Lords decisions (2008) UKHL 49 Conor Medsystems, Inc v. Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc and others, Inventive step Interesting England and Wales Court of Appeal decisions (2008) EWCA Civ 1161 Thorn Security Ltd v Siemens Schweiz AG, registering of transfer of right (2008) EWCA Civ 1066 Symbian Ltd v. Comptroller General of Patents, patentable subject matter for CIIs Interesting England and Wales High Court decisions (2008) EWHC 1311 (Pat) Alan Nuttall Ltd v. Fri-Jado, patent valid and infringed, blog post here (2008) EWHC 518 (Pat) Symbian Ltd v. Comptroller General of Patents, patentable subject matter for CIIs (2008) EWHC 85 (Pat) Astron Clinica Ltd and others v. Comptroller General of Patents, computer program claims
  6. 6. India: High Court of Dehli I.A. 642/2008 IN CS (=S) 89/2008 F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd and Anr. v. CIPLA Limited, Conditions for interlocutory injunctions Japan: Interesting Supreme court decisions 24 April 2008: Knife processing device, inequitable conduct in relation to arguing infringement in amended claims where the previous claims have been invalidated Sweden:
  7. 7. Supreme Court decision 2008 T4705-08 Pfizer v. STADApharm, Infringement due to preparation for sale Supreme Administrative Court decision 6984-04, Ex parte AA, right to reestablishment according to 72 § of the Swedish patent law Court of Patent Appeals - Guiding decisions 06-272 Ex parte Mölnlycke Health Care AB: Broad claims in view of description and sufficiency of disclosure 05-261 Ex parte Mölnlycke Health Care AB 05-217 Ex parte Reddy US Therapeutic, Inc (En Banc) Court of Patent Appeals – Other interesting decisions 06-206 Delphi Technologies, Inc; restitutio in integrum when validating EP patent in Sweden 04-075 Easycontact AB; patentable subject matter for CII 04-059 OMX Technology AB, patentable subject matter for CII Court of Appeal - decisions of 2008 T10333-06 Tele P. v. Mint (Tnim), Interpretation of claims if deviating translation 90§ T-4867-06 Protista. v. Essentys, interpretation of license agreement T...from 10 March 2008, Lely v. DeLaval, doctrine of equivalence and interpretation of "predetermined time" Ö-1722-08 Henkel Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien v. ....., preliminary injunction against contributory infringer District court of Stockholm - some decisions T-1560-08 Formcook AB v. ....., preliminary injunction withouth hearing defendant T5654-07, T11137-07 Dustcontrol v. Pullman, valid and infringed patent
  8. 8. Taiwan: Fair Trade commission decision ???, X v. X, exclusive licensee needs to register license USA: US Supreme Court decisions 06-937: Quanta Computer, Inc. v. LG Electronics Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit precedential decisions Misc 888 In re TS Tech USA Corp. Misc 854 In re Roche Molecular Systems, Inc et al 2008-1263 Netcraft Corp. v. eBay, Inc 2008-1199, -1271, -1272 Broadcom Corp. v. Qualcomm Inc. 2008-1178 Ilor, LLC v. Google, Inc., with errata paper here 2008-1169 Welker Bearing Co. v. PHD, Inc. Structure of Equivalent v. Doctrine of Equivalents 2008-1140 ExcelStor Technology v. Papst Licensing 2008-1130 Cooper Technologies Co. v. Dudas and Tomas & Betts Corp. 2008-1124 Acumed LLC v. Stryker Corp.
  9. 9. 2008-1120 In re DBC 2008-1109 The Campbell Pet Co. v. Theresa Miale and TY-LIFT enterprises 2008-1105 Procter & Gamble Co. v. Kraft Foods Global, Inc 2008-1097 In re Ciprofloxacin HCl Antitrust Litigation 2008-1085 DSW, Inc. v. Shoe Pavilion, Inc. 2008-1079 In re Alonso 2008-1075 Serdarevic v. Advanced Medical Optics, Inc, et al 2008-1068 Sundance, Inc. v. Demonte Fabricating, Errata here 2008-1062 Janssen Pharmaceutica v. Apotex, Inc. 2008-1029, -1030, ... Cohesive Technologies v. Waters Corp 2008-1027 Helmsderfer and Brocar Products, Inc v. Bobrick Washroom Equipment et al 2008-1021 Roche Palo Alto LLC v. Apotex, Inc 2008-1016 Aristocrat Technologies . v. International Game Technology and IGT 2008-1001 Jacobsen v. Katzer 2007-1568 E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company v. Macdermid Printing Solutions, LLC 2007-1567 Ricoh Co. LTD v. Quanta Computer Inc. 2007-1565 Net MoneyIN, Inc. V. Verisign, Inc, aspects of novelty 2007-1560 Rentrop v. The Spectranetics Corp. 2007-1554 Asyst Technologies, Inc. v. Emtrak, Inc. et al 2007-1553 Avocent Huntsville Corp. v. Aten International Co., LTD 2007-1546, -1580 Lucent Technologies, Inc. v. Gateway, Inc. 2007-1545, 2008-1162 Qualcomm Inc. v. Broadcom Corp., Enforcability of Standard patent, errata here 2007-5140 Blueport Co. v. United States 2007-1539 Predicate Logic, Inc v. Distributive Software, Inc 2007-1534 In re Swanson, Substantial new question of patentability
  10. 10. 2007-1530 The Johns Hopkins University and Arrow International, Inc. v. Datascope Corp. 2007-1524 Prasco, LLC v. Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. with Errata here 2007-1515 Leggett & Platt, Inc. v. Vutek, Inc. 2007-1513 Impax Laboratories, Inc v. Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc 2007-1512 PSN Illinois, LLC v. Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. et al 2007-1504 Burandt v. Dudas 2007-1493, -.... Kyocera Wireless Corp. et al v. ITC and Broadcom 2007-1490, -1491 Minks v. Polaris Industries, Inc. 2007-1485 Muniauction, Inc. v. Thomson Corp, Direct infringement and joint infringement, blog post here 2007-1483, -1509 Praxair, Inc. v. ATMI, Inc. 2007-1456 Dominant Semiconductors SDN. BHD. v. OSRAM 2007-1450 In re Basell Poliolefine Italia S.P.A 2007-1449 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation v. Buffalo Technology Inc 2007-1448 Star Scientific, Inc v. R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company 2007-1443 Cat Tech LLC v. Tubemaster, Inc. 2007-1441, -1463 Technology Licensing Corp. v. Videotek and Gennum Corp 2007-1434 Judkins v. HT Window Fashion Corp. 2007-1432 Nasalok Coating Corp. v. Nylok Corp. 2007-1428 Proveris Scientific Corp. v. Innovasystems, Inc 2007-1424 Innovation Technologies, Inc. v. Spalsh! Medical Devices, LLC 2007-1414, -1416, -1458, -1459 In re Omeprazole Patent Litigation; Astrazeneca et al v. Apotex Corp et al. 2007-1419 Aristocrat Technologies v. International Game Technology and IGT 2007-1415, -1421 Agrizap, Inc. v. Woodstream Corp. 2007-1409, 1436 Mars Electronics International, Inc. et al v. Coin Acceptors, Inc. 2007-1404 Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd v. Forest Laboratories, Inc et al
  11. 11. 2007-1399 Scanner Techs. v. ICOS Vision Systems 2007-1397, -1398 Eisai Co. LTD v. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories and TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc 2007-1391 Solomon Technologies, Inc. v. ITC 2007-1388 Board Of Regents of the University of Texas System v. Benq America et al 2007-1385 Jang v. Boston Scientific Corp. and Scimed Life systems, Inc 2007-1363 Howmedica Osteonics Corp v. Wright Medical Technology, Inc 2007-1334, -1337, -1376 Lucent Technologies, Inc. and Multimedia Patent Trust v. Gateway, Inc., Dell, Inc, and Microsoft Corporation 2007-1328, -1329,..... In re Cygnus Telecommunications Tech. 2007-1327 Trimed, Inc. v. Stryker Corp. 2007-1317 DataTreasury Corp. v. Wells Fargo & Co. 2007-1314, -1467 Chamberlain Group, Inc. and Johnson Controls Interiors, LLC v. Lear Corp. 2007-1312 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. v. Bancorp Services, LLC and Benefit Finance Partners, LLC 2007-1311 Yingbin-Nature Wood Industry Co. and Jiangsu Lodgi Wood Industry Co., LTD v. ITC 2007-1302, -1303, -1304 O2 Micro International Ltd v. Beyond Innovation Technology Co. LTD et al 2007-1300 Abbott Laboratories v. Sandoz, Inc. 2007-1297, -1343 Voda v. Cordis Corp. 2007-1288, -1321 Zenith Electronics Corporation v. PDI Communication Systems, Inc 2007-1280 Aventis Pharma v. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, inc and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc 2007-1277, Inc v. Federated Dept. Stores, Inc et al 2007-1272, -1356 800 Adept, Inc. v. Murex Securities, Ltd. et al 2007-1271 Pfizer et al v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA 2007-1269, -1270 Takeda Chemicals Industries, LTD. v. Mylan Laboratories 2007-1266 Carnegie Mellon University and Three Rivers Biologicals, Inc. v. Hoffmann-La
  12. 12. Roche et al 2007-1265 Poweroasis, Inc. v. T-Mobile USA, Inc., entitlement to priority only when obvious over expressly disclosed 2007-1262 Baldwin Graphic Systems v. Siebert, Inc. 2007-1250 Mangosoft, Inc and Corp v. Oracle Corp. 2007-1249, -1286 Micorporcessor Enhancemnt Corp et al v. Texas Instruments, Inc, and Intel Corporation 2007-1241 Tip Systems v. Phillips & Brooks/Gladwin et al 2007-1236, -1255 Amado v. Microsoft Corp. 2007-1223 Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc v. Mylan Laboratories, Inc., and Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc 2007-1215 Golden Bridge Technology v. Nokia, Inc. and Lucent Technologies, Inc 2007-1214 Oatey Co. v. IPS Corp. 2007-1211 DDB Technologies, LLC v. MLB Advanced Media, L.P. 2007-1201, -1239 Symantec Corp. and Hilgraeve, Inc. v. Computer Associates International, Inc 2007-1198, -1348 Nilssen v. Osram Sylvania, Inc. 2007-1188 Atlanta Attachment Company v. Leggett & Platt, Inc 2007-1184 Akazawa and Palm Crest, Inc v. Link New Technology International, Inc 2007-1174 Sitrick v. Dreamworks, LLC et al (revised) 2007-1169, -1316 Computer Docking Station Corporation v. Dell, Inc and Gateway, Inc 2007-1168 Erico International Corp v. Vutec Corp. et al 2007-1164 Broadcom Corp. v. ITC 2007-1163 Medical Solutions Inc. v. C Change Surgical LLC 2007-1149 Halliburton Energy Services v. M-I LLC 2007-1145, -1161 Innogenetics, N.V. v. Abbott Laboratories 2007-1130 In re Bilski (en banc), Machine or transformation test 2007-1115 Acumed LLC v. Stryker Corp. 2007-1112, -1135 American Seating Co. v. USSC Group, Inc
  13. 13. 2007-1109 Monsato Co. v. Bayer Bioscience N.V. 2007-1104 Monsato Company and Monsato Technology LLC v. David 2007-1080 Micron Technology, Inc v. Mosaid Technologies, Inc 2007-1065 SRI Int’l, Inc. v. Internet Security Systems et al 2007-1063, -1141, 1165 Int’l Rectifier Corp. v. Ixys Corp. 2007-1050, -1051, -1052, -1053 Hyatt v. Dudas 2007-1023 Finisar Corp. v. DirecTV Group, Inc., willful infringement and CII and means- plus-function 2007-1014 Amgen, Inc. v. ITC, reissue from 2009 here, order here 2006-1646 Litecubes, LLC and Vanderschuit v. Northern Light Products, Inc 2006-1628 Miken Compos. v. Wilson Sporting Goods 2006-1602 Honeywell International v. Hamilton Sundstrand 2006-1579 Samsung Electronics Co., LTD v. Rambus, Inc. 2006-1574 TIVO, Inc. v. Echostar Communications et al 2006-1562 Egyptian Goddess, Inc. v. Swisa (en banc) 2006-1393, -1394... Cordis Corp. v. Medtronic AVE, Inc. and Boston Scientific 2006-1371 In re Nuijten (Order) 2006-1334, -1452 Regents of the University of California v. Dakocytomation California, Inc 2006-1275 Research Corp. Technologies v. Microsoft Corp Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit Interesting nonprecedential decisions 2007-1527 Tavory v. NTP, Inc, Reduction to practice not enough for inventorship 2007-1417, -1462 Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH v. Industrial Dynamics Co., LTD. Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences precedential decisions 2008-1619 Ex parte Jella 2008-1175 Ex parte Ghuman 2008-0601 Ex parte Fu 2007-4423 Ex parte Whalen II, Double patenting and lack of obviousness
  14. 14. 2007-4412 Ex parte Yamagushi, Prior art effect from provisional filing date 2007-3300 Ex parte Miyazaki, USPTO may deem feature ambiguous more easily than civil courts 2007-1823 Ex parte Nehls 2007-1392 Ex parte Letts Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences nonprecedential decisions 2008-1496 Ex parte Wacynzuk et al, CII and § 101 2008-1213 Ex parte Li, computer program product claims still valid