Storytelling and Content


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FSAP "Hikaye Anlatımı ve İçerik" çalışmasını sizler için yeniden düzenledi. tadını çıkarın! / FSAP, redesigned its "Storytelling and Content" case for you. Enjoy It!

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Storytelling and Content

  1. 1. Transmedia Storytelling Tips Truth is perfect
  2. 2. Story AudienceContent Transmedia Storytelling When you reach the perfect reality, you’ll see that the audiences share your story, Because they know that actual facts can be repeatable. Conclusion: “if i were you” & internalization & interactivity For a strong relation with your target audience you need to make them feel instinctively. Interconnections which will be formed by experiences and real benefits that you provide are necessary ! what we say in brief is: ! In the new communication era, there are so many different ways to communicate with audiences. Is this an opportunity? ! ! it depends on context, content and strategy PLEASE SAY YES
  3. 3. You can imagine a product as story and/or a story as product. We have to choose the right strategy and it depends on the context. Transmedia Storytelling
  4. 4. communıcatıon? audio video radio tv internet cinema text mobile book picture pics from
  5. 5. “media” screens where mass find what they want online . printed . digital . mobile . traditional . social “media” mediums which transmit the message to mass pics from Transmedia Storytelling
  6. 6. multimedia . crossmedia , transmedia , 360media . allmedia SOINTHIS NEW ! ! PLANAND CONTENT “Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience” - H. Jenkins COMMUNICATIONERA WORLDYOUNEED “Transmedia storytelling uses multiple media platforms tell a narrative across time. Each media piece—whether it’s a comic, novels, video games, mobile apps, or a film —functions as a standalone story experience—complete and satisfying. Like a giant puzzle, each piece also contributes to a larger narrative.” Pamela Rutledge Transmedia Storytelling
  7. 7. ask your questıons for a good plan and story pic from Transmedia Storytelling
  8. 8. Content tells your story through a plan which is created according to the context. tell your story wıth… rıght content ın rıght context Content is messages and information packages in a diverse range of formats which makes you communicate with your target/audiences. pic from Transmedia Storytelling
  9. 9. analyse the purpose SALES MARKETING AWARENESS LOYALTY PR WHOM pic from solutıon : content marketıng Transmedia Storytelling
  10. 10. targetsourceproductstory pic from provıdıng ıntellıgently content ıs A benefıt and never endS Transmedia Storytelling
  11. 11. PRODUCT STORY SOURCE CONTENT BIG STORY TARGET pic from plan Transmedia Storytelling
  12. 12. pic from Hopeful, reminiscent, encouraging and impressive contents LOVE continUous, familiar, inspirational, spreadable and intriguing stories. Transmedia Storytelling
  13. 13. pic from Transmedia Storytelling
  14. 14. pic from Open Happiness Mc & King Battleredbull medıa house bono red motorola bıng deco de jay-z Transmedia Storytelling
  15. 15. thank you . merci . grazıe . tesekkurler . danke . gracias