Site Visit to Riverstone Eco Resort (Edy Wijaya)


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Site Visit to Riverstone Eco Resort (Edy Wijaya)

  1. 1. This is our site visit to Riverstone Eco Resort on the 15th - 16th of April 2013. The aim ofthis site visit is to help us in our ENBE Project One. ENBE Project One is a group projecteven though in this project we also have an individual work, each group consists of 5people, and have the aim of studying about a selected site, producing a documentaryvideo and also producing an info graphic poster of the selected site as well as making anindividual work from our own portion of group work that has been divided in eachgroup(document our portion of work and make a powerpoint for it).Group’s name : PeacockGroup members’ names :1) Edy Wijaya – Group leader2) Edwin Ho Khai Vun3) Benny Tan Shiowee4) Tsang Hao Ren5) Chew Jun Ming(A picture of our group members)
  2. 2. (This is the road onto the resort from the main road)(The Riverstone Eco Resort)
  3. 3. (The dome where we stayed)(Inside of the dome where we stayed)
  4. 4. In this project, each group need to select a site for their work, and after going through a lotof consideration, our group finally decided to choose a site that is between the land andthe water/river. And we have 10m x 10m for our site,(Our group’s site)(Land)(Water/river)
  5. 5. We need to observe and do some research for our site,(Our group trying to study our site)
  6. 6. We were collecting some data(samples),
  7. 7. And so I chose the "Hoja Santa" plant for the plantand dragonfly for the animal/insect that I need tofocus on,(Elephant Ears (Colocasia) plant)(Dragonfly)In our ENBE project one, we also need tofocus on 1 (one) type of plant andanimal/insect as our individual work.
  8. 8. We also needed to take some notes and do a little sketches at oursite,(This is my site’s sketch)(This is my plant’s sketch)(This is my animal/insect’s sketch)
  9. 9. And here are some notes,(Our five senses at the site)(Our notes about whatever we can take note)
  10. 10. In this trip we dont just did some research for our project, we also had some fun with eachother and of course, our lecturer.
  11. 11. (This is our group’s logo) ->(SECRET : Actually “Peacock” became ourgroup’s name simply because our logo lookslike a peacock… I guess)And at night, we have an activity called nightactivity, in this activity we were needed to create ourgroup’s logo using material object you can find atnature,
  12. 12. The next day, we had our final siteobservation,(We went back to our site to collectany data we had missed and makesure we do not miss anything)
  13. 13. After the final site observation, we all took a little rest and had our last meal therebefore our bus came and we left the Riverstone Eco Resort. We all had fun thereand we came back with so much new knowledge and experiences about the natureand also the knowledge we need for our project.This trip was only organized to help us in our ENBE project 1 (one), to check outthe ENBE project 1 (one), please do read my blog about "Elements of Natural andBuilt Environment - ENBE".Thank You!