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Detailed resume

  1. 1. ObjectiveTo seek opportunities in a dynamic environment to broaden professional expertise in organizationaldevelopment, human resources and change management in order to contribute to the growth ofpeople and organizations.SummaryDynamic, knowledgeable and highly trained Human Resources Development professional with extensiveeducational knowledge and practical application of adult professional training, talent and organizationaldevelopment with broad-based regional background in private, public service under academic andcommercial settings. Decisive professional with the ability to navigate complex requirements, receive buyin from key decision makers, and collaborate with internal business units to identify critical needs andability to contribute towards personnel administration.Professional StrengthsCorporate Learning, Coaching and motivation - Change management - Facilitation - Instructionaldesign infusing technology and technical writing – Talent Management and Training NeedsAssessment - Adult Learning theories and Educational Psychology – Continuous ProcessImprovement - Quality control - Competency /Capability based program design and development -Project Management and Monitoring – Multiple priority management – Learning Measurement-ROI –Strategic thinking and AlignmentEducationMA, Instructional Design and Technology,, NanyangTechnological University, SingaporeMBA., Business, Ottawa University, Kansas, USAB.Sc. Bachelor of Science, (Math), St. Joseph’s CollegeSpecialist Diploma in e-Learning Instructional Design,Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeDACE, Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education, WorkforceDevelopment Authority, SingaporeACTA, Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment,Workforce Development Authority, SingaporeCertificate in Web Design, Cambridge University/MDISPG Dip in Software TechnologyApr 2008Dec 2007Apr 1987Dec 2005Aug 2012Apr 2011Apr 2005Dec 1987Career History Civil Service College, SingaporeSenior Learning Designer / Development SpecialistAug 2011 –Talent Management Projects Sponsored and led a team of training specialists to use learning design and adult learning theoryin creating learning experiences that enhanced workplace performance to meet client’s businessgoals. Led public service learning and development initiative and codifying - ROI Studies with theobjective of re-positioning the value of training programs to the key stakeholders in Singaporepublic sector and to improve talent development and to identify the hot potentials.
  2. 2.  Developed a five-year Master Plan to seamlessly integrate and utilize the capabilities ofinformation-communication technologies and participant’s learning and translated them toperformance strategies and indicators with implementation time line to enhance the quality oflearning, training and development. Developed a bank of professional sub-competencies and aligned them to specifically designedcore competencies due to the evolving nature of learning design and curriculum developmentframework, to be used as a job aid for internal talent management protocols and templatestargeting scalability, impact, relevance and innovation. Demonstrated my ability and provided expert consultancy advice on development processes andrecommended ways to develop new talent strategy and processes.Organization Development - WOG Led Public Service Week 2012 Learning Journey and organized seventy-five journeys for thewhole of public service officers as part of transformation and change efforts, which includesaligning people, processes and systems with the business, vision and strategies. Promoted functional relationship with both external and internal stakeholders on new business,learning, training and performance consultancy services. Created and conduct focus group meetings with different business units for content developersto share best practices on development initiatives and to provide a regular communicationplatform to discuss ideas leading to improvements in talent management, organizationalexcellence and internal processes. Participated as a co-chair- collaborative content sharing/work site for internal stakeholders onKnowledge Management for the whole of government.Instructor-led and online training Introduced innovative pedagogically sound training method such as team of facilitators led –game based – authentic - simulated workshop enhancing individual and team efficacy. Led curriculum development activities, defined training strategies, developed and monitoredproject plans for course developers, led a team in identifying training needs, and allocatingtraining resources and established standards and review process on trainings Led and coached programs on Train-the-Trainer, Presentation, Facilitation and Curation skills tosenior management officers and executives for individual various business units efficacy. Co-hosted webinars with different resource persons across the continent, which weresynchronously, blended (mobile and classroom) real time combined with curation methodsleading to training transition strategies.Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT), SingaporeHead, Program Design and Development at SMRTi, Human CapitalManagement, at SMRT Corporation LtdJune 2009-Aug 2011Learning and Talent Development Developed and implemented methods and frameworks to evaluate the success of traininginitiatives and ensured value for money is attained and business requirements are met. Developed strategic and operational annual training plans, aligned and complimented thebusiness plan 2015 and was building the required competencies and skills. Ensured thatcurriculum, learning plan and learning capabilities are continuously aligned with the SMRT’sstrategic business objectives. Advised on management & soft skills, operation & maintenance, original equipmentmanufacturer training programs, consultancy service and appropriate pedagogies to supportstrategic thrusts of SMRT.
  3. 3.  Organized and conducted professional development programs for the respective business unitsbased on the level of competencies required and enhanced individual efficacy.Talent Management Conducted assessments to identify project scope, determined needs, and identified instructionalplans that are appropriate to the learning strategies and resources to train staff on skills andattitudes. Conducted on-site needs assessment, developed and implemented needs assessmentquestionnaires as well, to determine target audience training needs. Analyzed data, wrotesummary reports, and recommended training options. Gained familiarity of using organizational developmental tools like MBTI, FundamentalInterpersonal Relations Orientation Behavior (FIRO-B), Workplace Big 5 (WPB5), Gallups StrengthFinder for organizational gap and staff personality analysis as part of talent management anddevelopment.Succession Planning: Provided consultancy and coached on improving individual performance through the effectiveuse of IDP-Individual development plans and improving people management skills. Usedassessment tools to assist in performance management and development. Assisted in identifying and predicting possible patterns of career development for individualemployees. Designed assessment approaches to facilitate personal development and identifiedhot potentials among management interns.Organizational Development and Excellence Promoted the traditional HR division to Strategic HR services and promoted appropriate Learningand Development strategies to aligned with new business vision to bring in more revenue to theorganization. Bench marked internally and externally for both performance and process and led a team ofindustry specific training council for constructive tripartite relationship between the governmentagencies, management and unions.Learning Design and Curriculum Development Designed, developed and implemented cost effective and timely training solutions to ensuredesired learning outcomes are achieved and business requirements are met. Designed and developed ‘Train the trainer’, leadership development, technical, managerial andsoft skills programs including process, facts and concepts. Introduced social media integrating with LMS and conversion of face to face programs to blendedlearning programs Improvised the simulation based workshops into pedagogically sound training programs worthS$2.9m Created instructor/participant guides, skill exercises, role-plays and job aids ensuring materialfollows corporate format, matched course objectives, supports business strategies for a widevariety of technical and soft skills training programs resulting in classes with high standards. Designed, developed and facilitated Train-the-Trainer courses to program managers of variousbusiness units on writing performance objectives, outlines, instructor and participant guides,exercises, and job aids. Resulted in field managers’ ability to create and implement their owntraining sessions just in time. Demonstrated ability to design and develop a range of training programs based on WorkforceSkills Qualification framework – competency based training program and redesigned a range ofnon-competency trainings to WSQ’s competency based training Created an ID process flow identifying roles, responsibilities, and steps for learning designers andbusiness unit managers to streamline the content development process.
  4. 4. Human Resource Partnering Served as consultant to internal clients on training and development issues, obtained soundunderstanding of business needs and responded with professional advice and solutions that addmeasurable value to the business. Collaborated with leaders from various BU’s and BSER-HR Managers to ensure a holistic approachto training and development that are aligned to future strategic plans of SMRT. Partnered with technical SMEs to develop solutions, provided learning advice, peer reviewed andenabled resources thus by Creating SMRT workforce qualifications framework using the standardsset by Work Force Development Authority of Singapore.Legal, Compliance and QA Developed request for proposals, negotiated contracts, managed vendor to ensure productquality, deadlines met, and budget maintained on WBT and instructor-led training projects. Demonstrated ability to design and develop training materials clearly and concisely with anexpert level of skills. Edited course materials, established objectives, and ensured content wouldpass corporate required legal and regulatory reviews. Ensured continuous improvement in all aspects of learning and development – people, processproduct, perspective and policies using PDCA approaches as a team as to develop talents. Promoted good working relationship with both external and internal stakeholders and developedstrategic alliances and partnership to leverage on expertise and resources to create buy-in.Singapore Polytechnic, SingaporeEducational Technologist/Adviser, Educational and Staff DevelopmentDepartment, Division of Human ResourcesFeb 2007-June 2010 Introduced innovative learning tools, methods and provide insights on how the learning tools canbe used or adapted in various applications to align people, processes and systems with thebusiness and organizational vision and strategies of our various schools and organizations. Implemented Large-scale technology implementations, such as blackboard Learning ManagementSystem and Learning Content Management System and demonstrated track record of success inthe planning and implementation of organizational change, delivery of employee and supervisordevelopment programs, communications and assessments, resulting in improvements in teamand institution’s effectiveness Managed resources, teams for educational technology and R&D projects. Created local strategy/policy related to educational and teaching and CDIO (Conceive - Design -Implement – Operate) development, educational technologies to align the schools to the CDIOframework. Organized educational technology related events / focus group meetings in across differentschools/ teams/institution and led towards organizational excellence in teaching and learning. Collaborated and created change agents in the institution having related interests and objectives. Identified and overcome barriers to digital development / use of educational technologies. Identified needs and opportunities for development/deployment of educational technologiesacross various schoolsProjects: Evaluation of all educational projects developed by ESD Production of e blended / flexible educational exemplars and professional developmentworkshops based on TNA Development of skill matrix for Educational and staff development. Development of support benchmarking for teaching and academic staff
  5. 5. Personal Responsibility: Actively seek to keep abreast of developments in educational technologies Facilitate access to educational technology expertise and services Liase & collaborate with other departments in SP having related interests & objectives Act as consultant, mentor or change agent for other staff Advise and assist with introduction of new technology into educational & teaching programs Increase colleagues’ awareness of best practice in educational technologies Enable exchange of ideas and experience in technology-based educational and teaching Facilitate & support access to computer-based educational resources Consult with support staff on appropriate use of educational technologies. Identify needs & opportunities for development/deployment of educational technologies.Management Development Institute of Singapore, SingaporeSr. Manager, Learning and Development (Human Resources & ProductDevelopment Management)Aug 2004-Jan 2007 Developed and implemented Learning and Development framework, procedures, policies andsystems to meet the learning requirements of the organization. Conducted training needs assessments and task analysis leading towards the improvement oftalent management strategies. Facilitated training on pedagogies, developed strategies and implemented the training programsfor trainers as part of talent development and individual development plans. Managed training and development initiatives are supporting department goals and identifiedthe performance gap to organize training for the staff to attain the optimal performance oftalents. Solved internal business issues, market forces and ensured that the components of the trainingaddress them effectively Managed and implemented large-scale training programs, utilizing a variety of delivery media Formulated training policies, programs and schedules based on requirements identified fromTNA, company business processes, business systems, changes in products, procedures andservices to clients Facilitated learning through classroom, e-learning and large group presentation addressingspecified business requirements. Developed training manuals, reference library, testing tools for evaluation, multimedia visual aidsand other educational materials. Measured the progress and evaluated the effectiveness of training using Kirkpatrick’s framework. Implemented the e-Learning Project from inception to deployment Constructed e-learning instructional designs for 390 hrs of online learning and organized blendedlearning programs for trainers, managers and channel partners Consultation to associate trainers to produce the best training content for corporate trainings tocertification to degree level programmes effectively with priority given to learner’s needs andclient’s needs Managed vendor relationships and negotiated vendor contracts Developed and managed new products (PDM) by working from content providers to Universitiesacross the globe Contributed articles on a regular basis to Horizon - in house monthly magazineThe Stansfield Group Pte Ltd, SingaporeManager, E-Learning & MISAug 2001-July 2004
  6. 6.  Staff Performance Analysis, Training and Development. Assessed e-learning readiness to implement the full spectrum of e-learning implementation. Evangelized and Promoted e-learning within the group and created the e-learning Roadmap. Evaluated e-learning Solutions for LSE and UOL programs. Deployed and administrated the Bb Learning Management System. Recycled learning objectives for ease and effective online training solutions. Implemented and Integrated LMS with the School Management System.The Fourth R Inc, USASenior Regional Manager, ASIA (Curriculum and Business Development)1991-2001 Led a team of 35 and developed a theme based curriculum (Cyber city, Net Travelers) andsupported the needs of the schools and contracted with more than 52 schools and 71 franchisecenters in the region. Developed and implemented a low-cost, high-impact marketing and outreach strategies with thegoal of increasing Sub Franchise centers Developed and implemented policies, procedures and operational practices to supportcurriculum model Identified the areas for new product development, based on market gaps, emerging businessissues / practices. Collaborated with UNICEF India, and The Hindu Young World, which brought US$ 1.50 millionincrease in revenue for the year 1999-2000. Direct Marketing of 27 school implementationsincreased the profit by 22%.Earlier experiences were on Business DevelopmentComputerSkills MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Ms-Project Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Learning Director, Hot Potatoes, Camtasia Studio, Impatica, Lectora etc Deployment of SQL, Windows 2003 server, Rapid AV Encoder, Streamingservers Blackboard (LMS and LCMS), WebCT, Moodle, LAMSWorkshops Certificate in Web Design - Cambridge University/MDIS Analytical and Creative Problem Solving Skills - MDC, Singapore Effective Delegation and Empowerment - Training Edge, Singapore Engaging Customers Effectively - Training Edge, Singapore Writing For the Web - British Council, Singapore Writing for Approval – Civil Service College Professional Presentation: Becoming a Polished Presenter-Civil Service College Multimedia for Learning Professionals-Halls Multimedia
  7. 7. Membership /SubscriptionsMembershipAmerican Society for Training & DevelopmentTraining & Development Discussion GroupBrandon Hall ResearchAlumni - Nanyang Technological UniversityAlumni of MBA’s - Ottawa UniversitySubscriptions:HumaNextCampus TechnologyLearning TRENDS by Elliott MasieMyPersonalityBelow are my top five themes of talent, ranked in the order revealed by myresponses to the Clifton Strengths Finder.Input: People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving toknow more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.Learner: People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a greatdesire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process oflearning, rather than the outcome, excites them.Activator: People who are especially talented in the Activator theme can makethings happen by turning thoughts into action. They are often impatient.Focus: People who are especially talented in the Focus theme can take a direction,follow through, and make the corrections necessary to stay on track. Theyprioritize, then act.Self-Assurance: People who are especially talented in the Self-Assurance theme feelconfident in their ability to manage their own lives. They possess an innercompass that gives them confidence that their decisions are right.