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Creating Mobile Apps for Legacy Back-end Systems
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Creating Mobile Apps for Legacy Back-end Systems


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Mobile App Integration for Legacy Back-end Systems

Mobile App Integration for Legacy Back-end Systems

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Creating Mobile AppsForLegacy Back-End Systems
  • 2. Businesses face many challenges when determining the best option for creatingMobile Apps with Legacy Backend SystemsChallenges Like:• Data and Business Logic spread across multiple data stores• Legacy Systems often have difficulty interfacing with modern/mobile languages• Having the time and resources available to carry out mobility initiatives• Determining the right company to partner with for the project (who has the rightlevel of experience, who will provide the best Return on Investment, who will providea solid solution that is build for the future).The Challenge…
  • 3. Transoft overcomes these challenges by working with companies to understand theirunique environments, determining the end results they would like to achieve, andoutlining the best approach for achieving these results.Transoft Benefits:• Highly Skilled Professionals (Most have greater than 15 years experience)• Value Based Pricing and Licensing Models• On-site Discovery, Planning, Implementation, Configuration & Support• Fastest Time to MarketThe Solution…
  • 4. The Outcome…App Integration Examples
  • 5. Technology Overview
  • 6. MiddlewareExisting Legacy SystemTechnology OverviewLegacy DataCOBOL, RPG, C,Basic, ISAM, FlatFiles,Indexed Files…Transoft makes creating Mobile Apps with Legacy Systems easy, scalable, reliable, andcost effective.Transoft technology accomplishes this by creating a Service Orientated Architecture,and opening up your existing environment for unlimited growth potential.MobileWebBusinessIntelligence
  • 7. Transoft exposes legacy data and business logic by creating a Service Oriented Architecture withpredefined Client Connectors. Transoft’s technology is seamless, real-time & future proof.Customer SiteLogic/Data Web ServerTransoftClientConnectorsLanguageCOBOL, RPG,C, UBL…DataSQL Services,ISAM, RDBMSScreenVT100, 52503270CompositeCICS / MQXMLObjective-C.NET (C#)JavaWeb ServicesHTML5Mobile/WebApplication Apple Android Mobile Web DesktopBrowserPHPJSONTechnology (Tech Stuff)
  • 8. What are the benefits of Transoft Technology?• Real-time integration directly into the Business Logic• Zero impact on existing “Legacy” systems• Creates industry standard Service Oriented Architecture• Clearly defined API (Application Programming Interface)• Built for the future: Client Connectors can be changed at any time withoutredefining the back-end services (e.g. .NET to Objective-C).A leading national retailer processes over 40 billion transactions per month onTransoft’s legacy integration technologyBenefits of Transoft Technology
  • 9. Case Study
  • 10. Hargreaves Lansdown• Top UK financial service provider and asset management specialist• Legacy COBOL application with 20 years of business logic• Selected Transoft technology to create Web Services• Transoft aligned with Mubaloo for mobile app development
  • 11. Quick Technology Walkthrough
  • 12. Step 1: Define the ServicesTransoft Technology
  • 13. Step 2: Generate Provider ComponentsTransoft Technology
  • 14. Step 3: Generate Consumer ApplicationTransoft Technology
  • 15. Step 4: Generate Web ApplicationTransoft Technology
  • 16. Step 5: Develop Mobile/Web ApplicationBuild app in-house… Outsource to a 3rd party developer… Engage Transoft Alliance PartnerTransoft TechnologyTransoft App Developer Alliance Partners
  • 17. Professional Services
  • 18. OptionsTransoft will work with you to find the best Professional Services option for your projectCustomer Development• Transoft installs AppIntegrate & provides training• Customer develops new mobile/web applicationTransoft Fast Start• Transoft installs AppIntegrate, provides training & develops initial components as templates• Customer uses templates to build new mobile/web applicationTransoft Complete• Transoft installs AppIntegrate, provides training, develops initial components as templates anduses the templates to build new mobile/web applicationProfessional Services
  • 19. Transoft – Delivery MethodologyProject scopingIdentify and defineservices requiredRisk mitigationProject phasingTimescales andcostsProject formallystartsConfigureenvironmentsProject reportingand controlsAgree deliverymilestonesTechnicalspecificationsDevelopAppIntegrateservicesSystem &integration testingCustomeracceptance testImplementationplanningPhased rolloutImplementationsupportUserdocumentationTrainingTransoft Project ManagementInitiatePathfinder Build ImplementProfessional Services
  • 20. Transoft – Delivery ProcessSupport & MaintenanceSoftware warranty Support SLA OS optimization Device updatesDevelopmentCode build System integration QA testing Release to marketUI DesignScreenshot design Graphics preparationSolution ArchitectureInfo architecture Wireframes Functional spec Technical spec Project planProfessional Services
  • 21. The End Result
  • 22. Transoft has created a mobile app for your legacy/existing environmentTransoft has transformed the existing business logic into a Service Oriented ArchitectureTransoft has provided an environment with unlimited options for mobile/web developmentTransoft has extended the usefulness of the existing business logicTransoft has decreased the risk to the business by eliminating the need for aplatform/language migrationThe End Result
  • 23. The Strength of Transoft
  • 24. Market Leader in Migration, Modernization and IntegrationA modernization methodology developed through more than 25 years’ experience inmodernizing existing applications across a range of platforms – Transoft’s Project Managers andLead Technical Consultants typically have over 15 years’ product development experiencePart of Advanced Computer Software – one of the UK’s largest specialist software businesses withan exceptional reputation and 1,900 staff serving 20,000 customers globallyHelping organizations evolve new solutions from existing applications, delivering improvedbusiness processes – faster, with less risk and at lower costEnabling thousands of companies to keep applications productive and relevant to changingbusiness needs for longer, providing a continued ROIThe Strength of Transoft
  • 25. Rodney TeatNorth America Technology EvangelistOffice: 678-336-5359Mobile: 678-886-5787Email: rteat@transoft.comSKYPE: Rodney.Teat TransoftEngaging Transoft is easy, and allows you to explore the differentopportunities that are available to your organization.
  • 26. Transoft Highlights• Transoft is the Market Leader in Modernization with Ten’s of Thousandsof Deployments and over 25 Years of Experience.• Part of Advanced Computer Software Group with approximately 1,900staff serving 20,000 customers globally with offices throughout NorthAmerica, Europe, and Asia Pacific.• Transoft enables companies to keep applications productive and relevantto changing business needs by providing a continued return on theirinvestmentSales Assistance & Pricing InformationRodney TeatNorth America Technology EvangelistOffice: 678-336-5359Mobile: 678-886-5787Email: rteat@transoft.comJeff ShelbyNorth America Country ManagerEmail: jshelby@transoft.comCreating and Mobile App for Legacy Back-end SystemsTransoft’s Middleware Technology exposes legacy business logic and data tomobile devices by creating web services, or presenting data in a relationalformat.Features:• Real-time integration directly into the Business Logic• Zero Impact on existing system performance• Fastest Time to Market for deploying Mobile/Web Applications• Creates Industry Standard Service Orientated Architecture• Designed to work with all Enterprise App Integration Technologies• Input from: COBOL, RPG, C, UBL, ISAM, VT100, 5250, 3270, CICS…• Output to: .NET, Java, PHP, Web Services, HTML5, JSON…• Develop App In-house, Outsource to Developer, or Engage Transoft• Professional Services provided directly from TransoftTRANSOFT TECHNOLOGYWEB SERVICESBUSINESS LOGIC / DATARDBMS