Looking At A Home Care Franchise


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Things to consider when getting into the home care business

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Looking At A Home Care Franchise

  1. 1. Home Care---Exactly What Is It? The Way That It Works Getting Things Started Franchises---Why Use One? Looking At A Home Care Franchise www.retireathomefranchise.com
  2. 2. www.retireathomefranchise.com Home Care---Exactly What Is It? Companionship : Might include visiting neighbors and friends, helping and participating in the playing of games and having conversations to name a few things. Personal Services : Eating, dressing, grooming and bathing to name just some. Helper : Taking shopping or to appointments and assisting with normal housework. Nursing : Communicating with doctors, carefully monitoring intake of medications and changing bandages and dressings.
  3. 3. www.retireathomefranchise.com The Way That It Works There are a variety of different services that might be required. * Someone may need some assistance for a bit as they recovery from a broken limb or a recent surgery of some sort. * A member of a family needs assistance in dealing with the appointments and medical treatments a family member might be dealing with. * A family relative is in need of assistance in their housekeeping issues. * Because of decreasing decent health, a person requires full time companionship in order to remain safe and comfortable in their own home.
  4. 4. Getting Things Started www.retireathomefranchise.com Not too difficult or complicated. One must simply: * Obtain proper state and city licenses that are required. * Hire workers. * Advertise and promote the services being offered. * Sign agreements and contracts with clients.
  5. 5. Franchises---Why Use One? * Statistics available tell us that usually within the first five years, 90% of all new businesses fail. * Those same statistics also show that 90% of those that have invested in a franchise are still operating in five years. * The companies involved are familiar with exactly what will work and precisely how to make it work. * A Health Care Franchise is recognizable and familiar to those potential clients out there. * People are able to get the help needed to start and stay in good working order with the help and guidance of the franchise assisting. * Legal guidance and direction is available where needed.
  6. 6. The bottom line is that for all of these reasons and more, a Home Care Franchise is a very wise investment to be made.
  7. 7. www.retireathomefranchise.com Phone: 1-877-444-9001 Fax: 1-877-444-9002 100 - 1704 Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON K2A 1C7
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