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Edward Alderson Portfolio 2013

  2. 2. EDWARD ALDERSON About / Edward Alderson My career in fashion design, spanning 8 years, began in Melbourne, Australia and has brought me to live and work in Southern California, the heart of the action sports world. My love for design, travel, and vintage cars provides me an abundance of creative inspiration.
  3. 3. EDWARD ALDERSON DESIGN Design / Development / Production DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION My career centers around design, development, and production of apparel and accessories. I also hold experience in brand mangement and creative direction. I invite you to explore a selection of my work and trust it will give an insight into the breadth of the skill set gained throughout my career.
  4. 4. Home: Armourdillo Belt Co. © 2013 http://armourdillobrand.com/ ABOUT | CONTACT | © ARMOURDILLO BELT CO. 2003 - 2013 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | ANTICS | DEALER INQUIRES Creative Direction / Brand Mangement Conceptualize, create and implement creative direction for Armourdillo Belt Co. in a cohesive way through product, point of sale, web presence, communications, and in-store brand desitinations. I have worked closely with graphic and web designers, photographers, and team riders. I am familiar with integrating the creative side of the brand with in-house sales, reps, and key accounts.
  5. 5. HOLIDAY 2011 BROADCASTERS: COREY DUFFEL CHRIS PASTRAS CHAD BARTIE KEVIN STAAB KAZUHIRO KOKUBO CAMERON SINCLAIR ADAM BANTON ASHER PACEY ARMOURDILLO PTY LTD ©2011 ARMOURDILLOBRAND.COM ADC008 11C HOL 2011 Cover 01.indd 1 BACK COVER FRONT COVER Seasonal Catalogues / Brand ‘zines Maintaining the yearly calendar and detailed line plans were key to on time delivery of seasonal catalogues. I shot, re-touched and supplied print ready product photography to the graphic designer and worked closely on layout. The catalogues shown were off-set printed, perfect bound, and press checks performed to ensure accurate color reproduction. 3/28/11 3:12 PM
  6. 6. Product Design / Development Experienced in Apparel design and development with a recent focus in the Accessories category. Provided is a small selection of the 1000+ styles I have designed and developed from sketch phase to sale ready product for Armourdillo Belt Co. Exploring new materials, creative construction, and pushing the boundaries visually and functionally is a valuable part of the process. I love the challenge of meeting target margins and timelines with trend relevant, quality products.
  7. 7. Production / Shipping I have worked closely with in-house production managers and also independently as the direct liason with local and off-shore vendors to coordinate shipping for complete seasonal ranges. I am experienced with pricing structures, margin calculations, price negogiations, and problem solving production issues. I have performed off-shore manufacturer visits for quality control and vendor relationship building.
  8. 8. Sales & Marketing / Communications Collaborating with our web developer, the internal and external communication calendar allowed our sales department, outside reps, and newsletter list to stay up to date with relevant brand information. .
  9. 9. Retail System Design / Development / Implementation Creating in-store brand destinations was acheived in multiple ways. From hand-built wallet crates, to professionally developed, large run floor racks. These were fundamental in the implementation of a count and fill sales strategy and retail brand presence. .
  10. 10. Signature Collection Development I had the pleasure of working directly with many professional athletes on their Signature Collections for Armourdillo Belt Co. Design meetings and concept reviews solidified the materials, silhouettes and unique features that represented their style. Their collections also served as valuable additions to the range as a whole. What a great project to be a part of.
  11. 11. Signature Collection / Lizard King Lizard King’s Signature line is a result of incorporating trend driven aesthetics while at the same time making it ‘his’. Vintage hawaiian fabric was sourced, scanned, and manipulated to create workable yardage artwork with Lizard’s trademark colors. Soft shirting cotton with sublimation print in was created for construction into the final pieces.
  12. 12. Armourdillo x Osiris / Bartie Collaboration Working with the Osiris designer we collaborated with Chad Bartie to link both his Signature lines and the two brands. Inspiration came from Chad’s favorite tie-dye shirt and formed the basis of his signature models. All styles were finished with a custom Armourdillo x Bartie metal label.
  13. 13. Design / Range Architecture / Artist Collaboration The Mother Universe Collection was developed in collaboration with UK based artist Jim O’Raw. His artwork was a perfect match for inclusion in our range and allowed us to utilize fantastic full color digital printing across multiple materials that really captures the intensity of his artwork.
  14. 14. Product Photography / Retouching / Materials & Sourcing The Hunter Collection features perforated cowhide, one piece construction and custom three-dimensional molded hardware. Photo shot with Canon 7D and studio soft box lighting. Two exposures were required, with the final image composited and re-touched in Adobe Photoshop.
  15. 15. OEM / Antics Accessories I had the opportunity to spearhead the Antics OEM program. This was designed to capitalise on our strong supply chain and development experience. Liasing with large and small clients provided a variety of projects that spanned boutique, small run releases through to large deliveries with strict vendor compliance guidelines.
  16. 16. Linksoul Category Design Following a creative discussion and breifing I created a design language for Linksoul as they entered the accessory market. Initial concepts solidified our direction and development of styles, hardware, and packaging commenced. It is important we represent the brand aesthetic and values in every aspect of the product. Sourcing the right materials, refined hardware, and precise construction are fundamental to it’s success.
  18. 18. DQM Development and Production What a pleasure working with well respected New York brand DQM. Key to a successful relationship is timely development, consistent communication with client and vendor, and ultimately providing a quality product. Shown below is The Chinook, a 16oz double layered waxed cotton canvas tote with hidden zippered cooler section.
  19. 19. Full grain leather key fob with heat pressure emboss and raw finish sides on brass hardware. Custom packaging.
  20. 20. Denim / Patternmaking / Fitting My expertise includes a complete understanding of apparel development. I have pattern making, grading, garment construction, fitting, and machine sewing skills. My apparel experience developed with seasonal range creation at Armourdillo. The full apparel line included denim, shorts, jackets, woven shirts, and non-woven sweaters. Complete trim and hardware packages were also developed to compliment the range.
  21. 21. Garment Construction / Trims / Print Completion of fit and material comments, strike-off approvals, and sample tracking were vital in ensuring ranges arrived inline with the sales schedule. Through the production process I have developed strong relationships with local and offshore garment manufacturers, print and dye houses, leather tanneries, trim & hardware suppliers, and freight forwarders.
  22. 22. Thank you Ph: 760 201 6991 edwardjalderson@gmail.com