Year 1 Newsletter Final


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Our First Year in business

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Year 1 Newsletter Final

  1. 1. April 1st 2010 Our First Year ! Vol. 1 Issue 1 Our Basic Approach to business had its genesis in 1980 working for a print company in Brooklyn New York A Company with Soul on a part time basis while attending Midwood High School during the day led to a love for print. The fundamentals of print were learned in the darkroom, bindery, web and offset press operation and plate making. My father was inspirational in his teachings to stay focused on one thing and strive to be better at that one area, better than anyone else! My dad lived to a ripe old age of 93, serving in World War ll as an Electronics Specialist who “defused bombs that didn’t go off” and then working as a Crew Dispatcher for the next 40 years. Our determination, drive and passion, stem from this belief “if you build it they will come” RE, A Company with Soul Sounds a little like “Fields of Dreams” if you ask me, great On March 10th 2009 Print DELETE was created OTHERWISE by Premier BOX movie by the way! All beginnings start somewhere our was 30 years ago as an afterschool program in Brooklyn which became a career From the Inception, Print-by-Premier was nothing more than a dream; however, have made this dream a reality by motivating ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary tasks. From the uniqueness of our branding to the detail of our website, combined with robust solutions combined with innovative and Year 1 creative free thinking allows our ideas and technology solutions to accomplish your goals, not ours! Since our inception one year ago, the future is exceptionally promising and full of great possibilities. We welcome your ideas, insight and suggestions about what you would like to see. The Basics Explained: OTO HERE, Did you ever just want a simple answer? Grand Central Terminal A masterpiece of design, creativity and engineering marvel. OTHERWISE DELETE BOX For travelers arriving in New York City, both sightseers and You will see “Back to the Basics” on many of our stargazers look no further but at the marvelous surroundings marketing materials, web, and technology solutions, Many people today are multi tasking and wondering how my life got so much more complicated. I have more work to do with less resources available, and last minute deadlines. If you feel this way you are not alone ANYTIME you have a question, comment or Print by Premier need any type of advice, we are here to help 357 West 36th Street New York NY 10018 E: P: 800-372-7376 x223 F: 800-481-0099 M: 917-589-8900
  2. 2. April 1st 2010 Great Free Advice Vol. 1 Issue 1 The cerebral cortex is a sheet of neural tissue that is outermost to the cerebrum of the mammalian brain. It plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual, awareness, thought, language, and consciousness. It is constituted of up to six horizontal layers, each of which has a different composition in terms of neurons and connectivity. The human cerebral cortex is 2–4 mm in size, small but a very effective collective. Print by Premier will keep you connected in today’s ever- changing and evolving world. Innovation is a new way of doing something or "new stuff that is made useful” It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. In many fields, such as the arts, economics and government policy, something new must be substantially different to be innovative. In economics the change must increase value, customer value, or producer value. The goal of innovation is positive change, to make Great Thoughts start with U someone or something better. In this economic state change is inevitable but also a time where  Foreign Languages Translated “on the fly”. new intelligent ideas can prevail, we will continue to bring these new ideas to your attention.  Print, Email, Personal Landing Pages & SMS  10 Micron Stochastic Commercial Printing  The Correct Digital Solution  100% Carbon Neutral Production Facility  Biolocity 100% Corn Oil Derived Inks  FSC Certified, Green E Compliant  Gracol 7 Certified & Linked Globally  Production in 130 Countries Every Day PHOTO HERE, As a former professional pressman, certified OTHERWISE DELETE BOX e-marketer and business consultant, my team  Web based corporate stores/solutions & I will work with you to develop the best tools to enhance your projects, while maintaining your budgets and timelines. As we evolve, and take responsibility for what is produced, we will help you achieve your goals for environmentally responsible  solutions in any cross media or print related applications. .
  3. 3. April 1st 2010 Sustainable & Translatable Vol. 1 Issue 1 Sustainable in any Language 任意の言語で持続可能な Print by Premier is committed to educating one client at a time that practicing sustainability truly does provide a competitive advantage. We compliment creativity by sharing ideas and best practice solutions which result in greener processes for your company. Our “back to the basics philosophy” is essentially a simplistic strategy designed to reduce our own ecological footprint. We implement meaningful solutions that do much more than pay lip service to the cause of environmentalism. Through these self implemented procedures we are able to suggest consultative solutions designed to make you carbon neutral. Foreign Language All your projects should consider the environmental impact they will have. As your company searches for 外 国 語 the best methods of acquisition and retention of business we feel that all holistic options should be At Print by Premier we have made managing examined. In our approach we believe that each languages very simple. With our on-line and every step of the marketing process - from forest corporate store, simply select from a hierarchy of to final product - from email to device - from pre-approved customizable marketing materials creative to proofing materials, including the monitor and corporate stationery and have the you are using to read this letter to disposal of old translation provided in “Real-Time” on line! Proofs electronics is essential for true environmental will follow your corporate guidelines maintaining understanding. To learn more search “E-Waste” for your brand identity and design standards. Costly further information. off line language conversions and the time associated with facilitation of these proofs is Sunflowers are one of our best sources for oils, and totally streamlined. The language selected will bio diesel, they are also substitutes for margarine and appear both in English and the language which peanut butter. They just like US needing a clean you have selected, sounds “easy” it is! With our environment to grow, as they look upwards towards Design-Proof-Approve-Translate-Order-Process, the Sun in the East a fact, and look to US to make a your firm will streamline processes while reducing difference, afterall who doesn’t like sunflower seeds? costs and saving time. 印刷プレミアでは我々は非常に簡単な言語の管理てき た。弊社のオンライン企業を保存すると、単純に前の 階層から選択するカスタマイズ可能なマーケティング 資料や企業、文房具や翻訳リアル"で提供される時間" の行では承認された!証明社内ガイドラインをブラン ドアイデンティティとデザインをそのまま基準に従い ます。行の言語変換をオフにし、時間、これらの届出 の円滑化に関連付けられてコストのかかる完全に合理 化されます。言語は英語で、あなたが選択した言語が 表示されます選択すると、"簡単に"ってね!しながら 、コストを削減し、時間を節約する当社の設計では、 実証を承認翻訳オーダープロセスを、あなたの会社の プロセスを合理化します。 “To boldly translate as no company has done before”
  4. 4. Coming May 1st 2010 The Future of Now. Vol. 1 Issue 2 Watch for Drip Marketing, Global Solutions and Carbon Neutrality coming in May. . printbypremier 357 West 36th Street New York NY 10018