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JANUARY 2011, ISSUE     #58Advising Tip of the Month: Applying for Scholarships   If you are planning to study in the U.S....
JANUARY 2011, ISSUE             #58Scholarships & Opportunities ListingsFor a more complete listing of scholarship opportu...
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Newsletter Jan 2011


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Learn about Liberal Arts education in the U.S. and get tips on applying for scholarships. Our book of the month guides students on how to get money for college and a special information session on the 20th provides in depth information on financial aid for graduate students. Don’t forget to check out our scholarships of the month.

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Newsletter Jan 2011

  1. 1. EducationUSA M e x i c o C i t y. I s s u e # 5 8 . J a n u a r y 2 0 1 1 . Tuesday, January 18th Liberal Arts Education Closed: FREE Information Session: Monday, January 17: Maybe you are just beginning the La licenciatura y como financiarla process of researching study options in Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday the U.S., or perhaps you have just Thursday, January 20th submitted your applications and are Community Values: waiting to hear back from universities. Liberal arts also imparts values upon stu- Free Information Session: Either way, you have probably come dents that encourage cooperation, com- Graduate Financial Aid across the term “liberal arts.” Liberal munity-building, and a general under- and Scholarships arts is an integral aspect of U.S. higher standing of what it means to engage in With Guest: education, but what exactly does liberal society at large. arts mean and what are it’s benefits? Flexibility and exploration: Tuesday, January 25th The Liberal Arts Philosophy: Also, liberal arts is flexible, encourages experimenting with new ideas and sub- Free Information Session: Liberal Arts is short for “liberal arts ject matter, and does not force students How to Choose and Finance a Grad- and sciences.” U.S. undergraduate to commit to a field of study before they uate Program education is based on this concept, have learned about all available options. which provides a well -rounded Students can “double major” by electing The above events will take place academic education that develops two areas of study, which do not neces- 16:00-18:00 in the students’ verbal, written, and reasoning sarily have to relate, or can complement Benjamin Franklin Library skills. Students begin university studies Liverpool 31, Col. Juarez their major with a less demanding con- by choosing from a wide variety of centration, referred to as a “minor.” To attend any of these events, courses in the arts, humanities, please RSVP to: languages, and the social and physical Continued Success: sciences. They then choose a subject in Many U.S. businesses and graduate With full name and area of study which to specialize (called a major) and schools prefer to hire or admit students take about 25 to 50 percent of their with a liberal arts education and trust classes in the major area. that students who have excelled in the liberal arts setting will possess the skills Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education: and concepts necessary to succeed in intellectually demanding environments. Thinking Skills: A liberal arts education develops students’ intellectual and critical thinking, and to provides them with a broad understanding of multipleBeginning the 10th of January, the disciplines. Graduates are not limited to process to obtain a U.S. Visa in Get Weekly Scholarship Information on Mexico will change. a specific vocation or profession. Instead, they are equipped with our Facebook Fan Page! Learn More by participating in a exposure to historically valued ideas Click on the PDF tab on the fan page to webchat with Consular Officers: and adaptable skills for a wide variety access EducationUSA’s Weekly Update, a of different fields and occupations. This Wednesday, January 12 allows students the freedom to explore world-wide publication with the latest 4:00 pm and pursue numerous opportunities in scholarship announcements from https:// the ever-changing workplace or in universities throughout the U.S. at graduate schools. levels of study. EducationUSA Advising Center ● Open to the public: Monday to Friday 11:00am-5:00pm Liverpool 31. Col. Juárez, México D.F. 06600 ● Tel. 5080-2801, 2802 ● PAGE 1
  2. 2. JANUARY 2011, ISSUE #58Advising Tip of the Month: Applying for Scholarships If you are planning to study in the U.S., you should begin to look for scholarships RIGHT NOW.These competitive awards are for students who exhibit special characteristics, suchas country of origin (Mexico!) or financial need, or talents such as skills in arts/athletics/academics, or studying a particular major. Enjoy these tips on how you canmake your scholarship application stand out:1. Contact the EducationUSA Advising Center for resources to aid in your search.2. Write an excellent essay! Write several revisions and ask for feedback regarding your academic focus, passions, and goals. EducationUSA can help.3. Request good letters of recommendation! Ask a teacher, employer, or coach for a letter that describes your personal qualities, interests, motivations, and work ethic.4. Send only the required materials. The committee is going to receive many applications and will not have time to read additional paperwork.5. Contact the committee if you have any questions! Don’t be afraid of the sponsors. They want to help you finance your studies. Are you a Mexican professional EducationUSA Online Individual Advising Sessions! or student who has studied in Can’t come to the Benjamin If you have already attended one the U.S.? Join our Ex-Alumnos Franklin Library? Join one of our of our orientations, and still social networking groups! EducationUSA Alumni Network! have questions about how to Twitter choose a college major and find Mexican Alumni of U.S. educational Facebook scholarships in the U.S., we institutions are invited to: educationusa.mexico invite you to schedule an Meet other professionals in their field individual advising session with Learn about employment opportunities one of our Educational Advisers. Online Advising Individual appointments are free Discover professional development MSN Messenger and available from 2:30 p.m. to programs 4 :0 0 p.m ., Mo n da y to Explore scholarships for U.S. study Skype educationusa.mexico Thursday. Please send an email Take part in a mentoring program to to Share experiences from the U.S. EducationUSA Video Podcasts schedule your appointment today! For more information or to register, EducationUSAtv communicate with the Mexico City EducationUSA Advising Center: Tel: 5080-2801,-2802 EducationUSADF For more helpful hints on applying for scholarships, our alumni network, online tools, or individual advising sessions, send questions to the EducationUSA Advising Center at PAGE 2
  3. 3. JANUARY 2011, ISSUE #58Scholarships & Opportunities ListingsFor a more complete listing of scholarship opportunities, log on to Facebook or Twitter and be-come a fan or friend of EducationUSA Mexico City!1. Undergraduate Scholarships: BOOK OF THE MONTHKalamazoo College How to Get Money for College:Kalamazoo College offers a wide range of financial Financing Your Future Beyond Federal Aidassistance to applicants who do not hold US citizen-ship or US permanent residency. Two kinds of finan- Published by Peterson’scial assistance are available: Need-based– For families that cannot cover the Peterson’s How to Get Money for College is a compre- hensive guide filled with valuable information about costs associated with attending Kalamazoo. Appli- college costs and financial aid opportunities. You will cants must submit the International Student Fi- find a breakdown of need-based and non-need based nancial Aid Application form as they apply for ad- scholarship aid, loans, work-study, and athletic mission. If admitted, Kalamazoo will attempt to awards. It includes a quick reference chart for at-a- meet the applicant’s financial need with grants glance comparisons of over 2,100 four-year institu- and work aid. tions. Peterson’s will also walk you through analyzing financial aid award letters, searching for scholarships Merit-based– Based on academic and/or co- online, and answers to students’ and parents’ fre- curricular achievements in high school without quently asked questions. regard to financial need. There are two opportuni- ties to receive merit based scholarships: Call number: IIE 378.3025 HOW Merit Scholarships– Up to $18,500 per year. All With a free membership card, check out this book from the Benja- admitted applicants will automatically be consid- min Franklin Library. If you need a library card, please visit: ered. No additional forms are required. Enlightened Leadership Awards- $5,000 a year. 2. Graduate Scholarship: Application due February 1st. Washington College of LawFor more information visit: The International Legal Studies Program at American Univer- sity (AU) in Washington DC is a Master of Laws program inRandolph College international law. AU offers scholarships awards based upon a combination of academic merit and financial need consid-Randolph College is pleased to offer international erations. Scholarship applications require some combinationstudents academic scholarships, which range from of the following: personal statement, current resume, and a$4,000-$18,000 per year as well as need-based aid scholarship application form.which comes in the form of college grants and cam- For more information visit: work study. scholarly_competitionsRandolph invites you to learn more about financialaid offerings by visiting their website. You are alsowelcome to contact them via email or phone withany questions.For more information visit:www.randolphcollege.eduEmail: jmcgrath@randolphcollege.eduPhone: +434-947-8996 PAGE 3