Newsletter April 2011


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Newsletter April 2011

  1. 1. EducationUSA M e x i c o C i t y. I s s u e # 6 1 . A p r i l 2 0 1 1 . Thursday, April 7th The GRE Revised General Cerrado: How to Choose and Finance a Test, Coming August 2011 Jueves, 21 de abril: Jueves Santo Graduate Program, with Viernes, 22 de abril: Viernes Santo The Graduate Records Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is a common admissions requirement for  The quantitative section includes graduate programs in the U.S. On Jueves, 14 de abril multiple-choice questions that may August 1, 2011, the GRE will change. La licenciatura en los EUA y have more than one correct answer cómo financiarla *New design features, including:  Numeric entry questions requiring Jueves, 14 de abril students to enter their answer in a  Tasks such as numeric entry and box instead of selecting an answer Feria: La Asociación highlighting a sentence in a pas- de Internados (TABS) sage to answer a question  An on-screen calculator 18:30-21:30 SAVE MONEY  Preview and review capabilities Four Seasons Hotel within a section *Special, limited-time 50% savings: Paseo de la Reforma #500 Colonia Juárez, D.F. 06600  A ‘mark and review’ feature to tag Students save 50% on their test fee, if To register click this TABS link: questions, allowing test takers to they test from August 1 to September skip and return to a section 30, 2011. Please note: these results will be available by mid-November.  The ability to change/edit answers within a section *Free test preparation material: Get official prep materials, including POWERPREP II software, the Practice Tuesday, April 26th *New types of questions: Books for the Paper-based GRE revised  No more antonyms or analogies; General Test, and access sample ques- Get Acquainted with the GRE with TestPoint Standard Test no more out-of-context vocabulary tions at and Admissions Preparation  Text completion questions omit Thursday, April 28th crucial words from short passages, Get Acquainted with the GMAT requiring students to fill them in by with Steve West, selecting words or phrases Test Preparation Specialist  New sentence equivalence ques- IMPORTANT DATES tions test a students’ ability to March 15: New GRE registration opens reach a conclusion about how a April 26: “Get Acquainted with the sentence should be completed GRE” To register, send your name, while focusing on the meaning of area of study, and the name of the the whole sentenceUnless noted otherwise, the above information session to: events will take place  More reading comprehension ques- from 16:00-18:00 in the tions, including selecting multiple EducationUSA Advising Center August 1: First day of revised GRE test correct answer choices instead of Located in the just one, or high- Aug-Oct: Students should check the Benjamin Franklin Library Liverpool 31, Col. Juarez lighting a sen- score reporting schedule online to know tence within a when their scores will be sent out To attend any of these FREE reading passage to events, please RSVP to: December: Normal score reporting re- answer questions sumes. Scores will be sent out 10-15 EducationUSA Advising Center ● Open to the public: Monday to Friday 11:00am-5:00pm Liverpool 31. Col. Juárez, México D.F. 06600 ● Tel. 5080-2801, 2802 ● PAGE 1
  2. 2. APRIL 2011, ISSUE #61Advising Tip of the Month: Studying for Admissions Exams Studying: Choosing a Prep Course Contact schools and teachers Inquire about: Make a detailed study plan Pre-assessments and expected outcomes Study consistently: e.g. 1 hour every day Cost and class size Form study groups Course’s length and intensity Study questions slightly above your level Instructor’s experience Take as many practice tests as possible. Academic level of classmates Request to sit in on a free session The night before: Sleep, don’t cram! Resources The day of: List of prep schools and instructors available: Eat breakfast Contact EducationUSA Wear comfortable clothes Wear layers to adjust to room temperature EducationUSA/IIE/Benjamin Franklin Library: Pace yourself and complete the exam check out exam guides with a library card. Make sure you’ve answered the question Look for wrong answers. Watch out for traps! Exam companies often offer free practice up- on registering for the exam.Are you a Mexican profession- EducationUSA Online Individual Advisingal or student who has studied Can’t come to the EducationUSA Sessions! Advising Center? Find us online! in the U.S.? Join our Ex- If you have attended one ofAlumnos EducationUSA Alum- Click these icons: our general undergraduate or ni Network! graduate orientations and still have questions, request an in-Mexican Alumni of U.S. educational dividual advising session with institutions are invited to: an EducationUSA Adviser. OR Meet professionals in their field Appointments are free and Find employment opportunities available from 14:30 to 16:30, Explore scholarships for U.S. study Monday-Thursday. To sched- educationusa.mexico ule your appointment, email Take part in a mentoring program to Share experiences from the U.S. propose two days and times. Discover professional development Include your name, projected programs degree and area of study, and the questions you would like toFor more information or to register, address.communicate with the Mexico City EducationUSA Advising Center: OR EducationUSA Spanish Tel: 5080-2801,-2802 Language TV Podcasts For more helpful hints on the college search, our alumni network, online tools, or individual advising sessions, send questions to the EducationUSA Advising Center at PAGE 2
  3. 3. Scholarships & Opportunities Listings APRIL 2011, ISSUE #61For a more complete listing of scholarship opportunities, log on to Facebook or Twitter andbecome a fan or friend of EducationUSA Mexico City!1. Boarding School Scholarship BOOK OF THE MONTHFor talented international students interested in aone-year high school exchange in an independent Game Plan for Getting into Graduate Schoolday school or boarding school 2012/2013: By: Peterson’sThe ASSIST program consists of full and partial In this book, current graduate students fill youscholarships towards tuition, room and board at in on how to pick a school, plan, and prepare.member schools. All students and their families You’ll learn about selecting a program, the ap-pay a program fee ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 plication process, writing a personal essay, andUSD. financing your education. Specific information is provided regarding the admissions process in-Interested students should visit the website below cluding: interviewing, applying, and essay writ-and sent an academic history and CV to Kristen ing. The book includes worksheets on self-Sullivan: assessment, program selection criteria, and an expense budget worksheet. You’ll also about adjusting to graduate school and what the life of a graduate student is all about. Call number: IIE 378.161 With a free membership card, check out this book and others from the Benjamin Franklin Library. Click here if you need a library card. 3. Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship:2. Undergraduate ScholarshipWestern Wyoming Community College (WWCC) University of RichmondSuperior Scholarship Each year, a limited number of need-based financial aid grants are offered to incoming non-U.S. citizens. Grant recipients will generally continue to receive aidWWCC located in Rock Springs, Wyoming, a safe, in the following years. The average award this yearrural environment offers associate’s in arts, uni- was $34,460.versity transfer degrees, as well as associate’s inscience, nursing, and fine arts degrees. Interna- In addition, non-U.S. citizens can be considered for alltional Students may be awarded academic schol- merit scholarships, except for the Army ROTC scholar-arship, which provide full-time state tuition, fees, ship program and National Merit Scholarships.textbooks, housing and meal plan costs for fourconsecutive semesters. Candidates must have a For more information:minimum composite of 27 on the ACT or 1820 on SAT. international.htmlSubmit the Superior Student application, WWCCapplication for admission, official ACT or SATscores, personal essay, and two letters of recom-mendation along with all international applicationrequirements.Deadline: April 8 for the fall semester.For more information visit: PAGE 3