College Doesn't Just Happen
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College Doesn't Just Happen

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This presentation is a companion piece to our “College Doesn’t Just Happen” video. It walks students through lessons they should have learned while watching the video. ......

This presentation is a companion piece to our “College Doesn’t Just Happen” video. It walks students through lessons they should have learned while watching the video.

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  • 2009 College Access Training
  • Provide students with KnowHow2GO bookmarks and/or “Agreements for Providing College Planning Assistance” from the KnowHow2GO Playbook Activities section (available at they can give to adults.
  • 2009 College Access Training


  • 1. College Doesn’t Just Happen! What lessons did you learn?
  • 2. in – y. a pa aBe a good w Lesson 1: Lesson 1 in Find an adult to help guide you to college!Todd’s mom told him college wasn’t possible, so he neededother adults to help guide him. My mom said not to get my hopes up about going to college because there’s no way we can afford it. I beg to differ, young man – go talk to Mrs. Sanchez in the guidance office about that. And Dorfman? Well…Dorfman had adults who wanted to help, but he chose not to listen.
  • 3. in – y. pa a Don’t be like DorfmanB e a good w in a Coach, I wish I would have listened to you back in high school and gone to college.
  • 4. in – y. pa a Who will you ask? WhoB ea ood w inag • Your mom or dad? • A coach? • Your guidance counselor? • A teacher? • The parent of a friend? Name at least Name at least two adults two adults you can ask for help. you can ask for help.
  • 5. ushelf. Lesson 2: P urs yoTake courses in high school that will prepare youfor college. Look…here’s the classroom where we took Algebra ll. No…it’s where YOU took Algebra ll. Remember? I didn’t take it. It was too hard! By taking tough courses in high school, Todd earned scholarships and gained admission into college.
  • 6. ushelf. What classes should YOUP s your take to get into college?■ English – 4 years of intensive reading and writing■ Math – 4 years, including Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry■ Social Studies – 3 years of American History, World History, American Government or Geography■ Natural Sciences – 3 years, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Sciences■ World Languages – 2 years of the same language (some colleges require four years)
  • 7. th e intdit.F hf Lesson 3:rig Think about your career interests – and then research colleges that fit your interests. Do you want to sell donuts? Or do you want to be a landscape architect? Ask your teacher or counselor about career assessment tools at your school.
  • 8. th e intdit.F hf Research collegesrig that fit your interests ■ See College Profiles at That visit to the university during our sophomore year made all the difference in the world! ■ Visit colleges that interest you! – Find college visit tips at
  • 9. ands our h sh. Lesson 4:Put y e caon som Financial aid will be available to help you pay for college – but you must apply! ■ During your senior year of high school, you and a parent will complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) ■ The college will use your FAFSA information to award financial aid, which could include: – scholarships – grants – work-study (a job provided by the college) – student loans
  • 10. ands Other ways to our h sh.Put y e caon som afford college…■ Apply for scholarships■ Save your money – Personal savings account – Certificate of Deposit – Nebraska Educational Savings Trust (529 plan) –■ Start at a community college and then transfer to a four-year college■ Live at home during college■ Consider the military
  • 11. ands our h sh.Put y e ca You should see the girls look at me whenon som I pull into the parking lot in my new SUV!All the more power toyou, dude, but I’m savingMY money for college!
  • 12. Think about YOUR future…who would you rather be like?
  • 13. Remember…College Doesn’t Just Happen! 1. Be a pain – in a good way. 2. Push yourself. 3. Find the right fit. 4. Put your hands on some cash.
  • 14. Need help?Kearney – 800.666.3721Lincoln – 800.303.3745Omaha – 888.357.6300