Sealand Air Logistics, S.A.


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Eduardo Jose Ruiz
Sealand Air Logistics, S.A.
Plaza Comercial Oriental II Mod. MR3
Managua, Nicaragua
Tel. 505 2277-7089 / Cel 505 8464-6950

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Sealand Air Logistics, S.A.

  1. 1. Sealand AirLogistics, S.A. Managua, Nicaragua
  2. 2. Sealand Air Logistics, S.A. / SALSA• Sealand Air Logistics, S.A. Began with a clear mission: put the customer first, deliver quality, and be the best at what you do. Today.• SALSA Provides customers around the world with container transportation services through a network combining high quality intermodal operations with state of the art information technology.• Complex transportation problems can be solved in the hands of the right people, with the right tools and the right experience.
  3. 3. Sealand Air Logistics, S.A./ SALSA• Over land, on the water, in the air or in any combination SALSA has been helping customers solve transportation problems. Operating in any challenging area as well as other areas around the globe, SALSA has built a reputation of superior service to diverse industries including over load and over weight cargoes
  4. 4. Sealand Air Logistics, S.A. / SALSA• The SALSA family of companies delivers a completely integrated freight transportation package. Our people have the knowledge to quickly respond and solve your multi-modal transportation problems. From origin to destination, over any terrain, managing freight movement, as well as the flow of information, SALSA provides innovative solutions to meet your unique needs, keeping you in control while providing you with services no other company can match
  5. 5. Sealand Air Logistics, S.A. / SALSA´S Divisions• Air Freight• Ocean Freight• In Land Freight• Insurance Cargo• Custom House Broker (CHB)• Moving and Storage• NVOCC (Non Vessel Operator Commun Carrier)• Maritime Agency
  6. 6. Our Goal• Because we know our customer necesities, we try to get the best answer to his neccesesities, his problems are our problems, his success are our success, his bankrupt are our bankrupt. Due to that every day Sealand Air Logistics, S.A. / SALSA prepare ourselve to be more efficient in order to provide our customer the best of the services in the Nicaraguan´s market
  7. 7. Ocean Freight• Our Services are join with the best alliance of steam shipping lines in the market because we want to offer the best rate and the best choices of route throuout the world• Maersk Lines• APL• NYK• Crowley Liner• Seaboard Marine• ZIM Container Line• Costa Container Line (AIMI)• CMA-CGM
  8. 8. Air Freight• We are authorized agent of::• TACA Cargo• UPS• Arrow Air Line• Delta Air Line• Continental• Copa
  9. 9. Air Freight• Our Commitments with our • Our Policy in Sealand Air customer is to offer the same Logistics, S.A. is: rate that Air Line offer to us • Honesty, Confidenciability, S as cargo agent , because our ervices, successful, Security goal is to move the more and Agility; that is our volumme of air cargo, that mission, that is our goal, to will give us the opportunity facility them the logistical to get the benefit given by support to put his cargo in Air Lines companies to its the right way, in the exact agent cargo and not to get point in the correct date. the benefit from our customer.
  10. 10. In Land Freight• The More economical alternative is the inland freight within the Central american region are the LLTL y FTL (Less Truck Load y Full Truck Load) No matter the measurement of the goods you have, Sealand Air Logistics, S.A. will place where you want, from Panama to Mexico through the economical route like is the over land transportation and in the shorter time
  11. 11. Custom House Brokerages• Our custom division allow our customer do not spend time looking for alternative that help him to solve his custom problems. Our experts will help him to nacionalize his import and exportation• We put in our customer´s hands of supply chain solution since the origin of the goods until his warehouse in the place of delivery, we manages with profesionalist every international commerce terms (INCOTERMS) and also we give them assesory about the best way to buy his product or goods, that will mean a save of money, time and warranty him that his goods arrive always in time
  12. 12. Insurance Cargo• As well we warranty our customer a 100% security to transport his cargo with us, since we offer a full cover policy of insurance No matter the place of loading of the goods. We always warranty our customer obtain a insurance policy to prevent any inconvenien during the transprotation process until the end destination• We are representatives of Assekuransa, it is a prestigious German company of insurance cargo.
  13. 13. Maritime Agency• We warranty to the crew of the vessel are attended very good in our ports of entries• We warranty to the crew of the vessel spend good time and the shorties possible. In order to save money the contractor or charter• We warranty the operations of the vessel are issued as per the law and rules of the DGTAN (dirección General de transporte Acuático Nacional)• We warranty that the National Port Entreprice (ENP) gives the conditions for the operation of the vessel, and ensure they charges just the established by law and for the government of Nicaragua
  14. 14. NVOCC• We are registered in the Ministery of Transportation of Nicaragua like Carrier operator, consolidator, desconsolidator and authorized to issue our own house Bill of landing• We take care of the integrity of our customer´s goods, which need to be handled with special care in order to avoid damages and future claim of our customer.
  15. 15. Sealand Air Logistics, S.A.• We feel satisfy to cumply with our clients´ commitments, we feel pround to know that every day our customer feel satisfy for the kind of services they are getting from our side, those are the reasons that make us improve and to be every day the best option, the best choices in the market. Being efficients, confidents, capables, and over all proffesionals in the logistics support.• Our main focus is to become the lider company in the market of Nicaragua
  16. 16. Contacts:• Eduardo José RuizPresidentTel. 505 277-7089 Cel. 505 464-6950e_ruiz@sealandairlogistics.comIvette Sánchez CerdaVice-PresidentTel. 505 277-7089 Cel. 505
  17. 17. Sealand Air Logistics, S.A.Global Logistics to the reach of your hands Thank you for give us the opportunity to serve you better